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[Webinar] - New Narratives of Financial Inclusivity

on 24/10/2022

In the midst of a cost of living crisis, content from banks and financial services institutions continue to appear online. With some experts saying the rise in sustainability content poses a risk of greenwashing, many communicators agree that, now more than ever,  we must get to the heart of the things consumers really care about. Customer-centric, insight-led communicators in banking & finance can drive the conversation in a truly authentic way, when equipped with the right data.

Join our experts to understand how you can employ a data-driven approach to better understand your audience, to aid content ideation, and win and retain more customers.

Join us as we explore:

  • The rise of the cost of living conversation online
  • How this has impacted financial inclusivity
  • Getting to the heart of what matters with consumers in this space
  • Using social intelligence to drive comms ideation
  • and more besides!

Presenter: Charlotte Clemens, Managing Director / Jack Richards, Marketing Manager / Stephanie Triau, Senior Partner Vision at Talkwalker and Vic Thrift, Client Development Director at

Tune in now!