Talkwalker Social Benchmarking

Benchmarking insights for you to win at social

The leading insights product for comparing your brand's social media performance against competitors and industry standards, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and capitalize on opportunities

Talkwalker Social Benchmarking forecasted conversations data
increase in net sentiment score


increase in social engagement

increase in trend identification efficiency


increase in social share of voice

increase in influencer marketing ROI


increase in follower growth

Emulate industry-best content ideas and get ahead

Uncover top-performing content strategies and tactics among competitors to create highly engaging organic social campaigns

Adapt your social media content calendar to include proven formats, themes, and messaging that resonate with consumers


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Optimize owned and earned social with competitive intelligence

Leverage insights on audience preferences and competitor organic content performance to create highly relevant landing pages, web content, and email campaigns that drive conversions

Utilize competitor organic social performance data to inform your social strategy, ensuring your content aligns with audience interests and preferences


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Elevate brand strategy with comprehensive competitive insights

Gain a deep understanding of how your brand is perceived in comparison to competitors in terms of organic social presence and consumer engagement

Inform product development, messaging, and communication strategies by identifying consumer needs and preferences uncovered through social benchmarking data


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Deliver winning solutions to clients from benchmarking insights

Provide clients with data-driven recommendations for optimizing their organic social media presence and surpassing competitor performance

Utilize competitive insights to develop comprehensive and tailored marketing strategies that address specific client goals and industry trends, focusing on organic social performance


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Experience industry-leading social benchmarking

Advanced social benchmarking capabilities


Social performance reporting

Understand your brand social performances across paid, owned, and earned media on social channels

Allocate resources effectively by focusing on high-performing channels, optimize content strategies for each media type, and adjust ad spend for better ROI


Competitive benchmarking

Assess your brand's performance relative to your competitors on owned and earned media on social channels

Identify areas of strength and weakness and adjust marketing strategies to outperform competitors


Industry benchmarking

Understand your brand's social media performance within the context of industry standards and best practices

Implement tactics and strategies used by top-performing industry players to enhance your brand's social media presence and reach


Social channel benchmarking

Analyze your brand's performance across various social media platforms in comparison to competitors, e.g. Facebook vs Facebook, Tiktok vs Tiktok, etc.


Sentiment benchmarking

Evaluate consumer sentiment towards your brand and its content relative to competitors on social media

Adjust messaging, creative elements, and targeting based on sentiment analysis to improve content performance and audience reception


Audience benchmarking

Gain a deeper understanding of your target audience's preferences, demographics, and behaviors compared to your competitors' audience

Tailor content, messaging, and marketing strategies to better resonate with your audience and address their specific needs and interests

Superior data for sharper insights


30% more relevant data

leads to improved insights, enabling more confident business decisions and a competitive edge


150 million data sources

for a comprehensive and diverse data pool for unparalleled insights and well-informed decision-making


30+ social platforms

supported, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your global consumer base and enabling actionable insights across diverse linguistic markets


187 languages

supported, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your global consumer base and enabling actionable insights across diverse linguistic markets


196 countries

covered, providing unparalleled global reach and empowering your business to stay informed, engaged, and competitive in markets worldwide

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Social Content Ratings®

The social engagement & video performance measurement solution trusted by the world’s biggest media & sports brands

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