Talkwalker Social Benchmarking

Get ahead of the pack

Identify marketing, brand, product and engagement opportunities by benchmarking how your social media strategy is performing against competitors and industry standards.


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Understand the content strategies that are working for your competitors.  
Build a stronger social strategy with themes, formats, and messages that connect with your consumers and give you a competitive edge. 


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The competitor intelligence you need to improve your owned and earned performance.
Make your landing pages, web content, and email campaigns more effective.


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Inform your brand strategy with rich competitor insights. 
Use social benchmarking data to understand consumer needs. Shape your product development, messaging, and communication strategies.


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Use benchmarking insights to boost your client's social media presence and outperform their competitors.
Create detailed marketing strategies that meet your client's goals and identify trends that inform organic social opportunities.


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Your Social Benchmarking Partner

With leading AI and natural human search to get you to the insights that matter fast. 



Benchmark Against Competitors

Assess performance relative to your competitors on owned and earned media.

Identify areas of strength and weakness and adjust marketing strategies to outperform competitors.


Benchmark Against Industry Standards

Know how your brand's social media performance measures up to industry standards and best practices.

Use the right tactics to boost your brand's social media presence and reach.

Social Benchmarking Talkwalker

Benchmark by Sentiment

Understand how people feel about your content on social media compared to your competitors.

Improve your message, design, and audience based on detailed sentiment analysis. 


Benchmark by Social Channel

Compare performance on specific social platforms against your competitors.

Use these insights to put in place refinements and improvements to make incremental gains on each channel.  


Benchmark by Audience

Learn what your target audience likes, their demographics, and habits compared to your competitors.

Improve your content, messages, and marketing plans to match your audience's needs and interests.


Optimize and Refine

Understand your performance on social media across paid ads, your own posts, and shares by others.

Tweak your content plans for each type of media, change your ad spend and get a better return on investment.