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Wunderman & Microsoft - Making great campaigns
"With Talkwalker we're efficiently analyzing presence and perception of campaigns online. Talkwalker gives us insights in real time - an added value that our client Microsoft really appreciates."
Edelman - Keeping clients one step ahead
"Talkwalker have helped us transform the way our clients do business. We're able to find insights that keep our clients ahead of the market - whether it's helping a financial institution find the link between social media activity and reputation or using social data analysis to provide a global fashion brand with the most effective approach for a new campaign." 
Wunderman & Microsoft - Making great campaigns
Edelman - Keeping clients one step ahead
Angelika Riedhofer
Social Media Analyst of Wunderman GmbH
Jonny Bentwood
Chief Innovation officer at Edelman Intellgence

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What makes Talkwalker unique

Leading Global Data Coverage

Leading Global Data Coverage

Tap into the full spectrum of social conversations. Listen to your customers on every channel, in every language, online and offline!

  • Get the most comprehensive coverage of owned and earned media across 150 million websites, 10+ social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Weibo and YouTube
  • Track print outlets, TV and radio broadcasts globally
  • Monitor results in 187 languages with automated in-platform translation
Proprietary Image Recognition Technology

Proprietary Image Recognition Technology

Today, 80% of social posts contain images. Building an effective social strategy is impossible without image recognition. Use our revolutionary technology to stay on top of every mention of your brand.

  • Leverage the only solution that lets you analyze both images and text in one platform
  • Uncover business opportunities through visual insights on your brand logo plus the 30,000 brands in our database
  • Act instantly when people engage with your brand image
Superior Analytics Capabilities

Superior Analytics Capabilities

Your customers aren’t just demographics and sentiment numbers. Your campaigns are much more than reach and engagement. Find an edge with our unique features such as the virality map, pre-defined use case dashboards, smart theme detection, social channel analytics and much more.

  • Replicate a viral campaign with our one-of-a-kind Virality Map
  • Latch on to trends at the right moment with our Trending Score
  • Benchmark performance against competitors and identify social best practices with in-depth social channel analytics



-         Learn how to replicate a viral campaign with our one-of-a-kind Virality Map

-         Latch on to trends at the right moment with trending score

-         Benchmark performance against competitors and identify social best practices with in-depth Social Channel Analytics 

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"When we first start with a client our main goal is to make sure they can start finding insights from day one.  We know that it can be daunting working with new technology and getting everyone in the team up to speed. So we take a look at each clients specific needs and guide them through the elements that are most important for them, step by step."
Get Operational Within 1 Day!
Helene Aguirre
Account Manager, Talkwalker

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