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Convert real-time customer conversation into your next marketing campaign

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Talkwalker Alerts
Talkwalker Alerts

Talkwalker Alerts is the only free alerts system that follows your digital footprint across the internet and Twitter!

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Talkwalker’s Free Social Search
Talkwalker’s Free Social Search

Talkwalker’s Free social search monitors every conversation about your brand, hashtags and competition on social media

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We can’t give you a formula for kickass marketing campaigns, but our free tools aka social media tracker(s) CAN help you every step of the way and make social media monitoring easy

Get in on every single conversation about your brand with just one click

Tired of tearing your hair, manually monitoring social media and following every conversation around your hashtags? Let us do the frustrating bits and collate all your brand mentions so you can concentrate on the fun stuff.

  • With our free marketing toolkit, we trace your social footprint online.

  • Provide insights on posts that drive the most engagement. 

  • And tell you what social channels work best for your brand.

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Identify your next big hashtag BEFORE it starts trending

Take the load off your content team. Discover and monitor social media trending topics before they go viral.

  • Target your audience better by giving them content they really want to read.

  • Find out what makes your audience tick and turn it into your next cash cow.


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Turbo-charge your SEO by finding backlink opportunities you didn’t even know about ... for FREE!

Find a never-ending list of backlink opportunities and have them delivered right to your inbox!

  • Boost your SEO by knowing who is talking about you and when to reach out to them.

  • Identify emerging influencers with a social media tracker that actually gets the job done and capitalize on their growing fanbase.

  • Monitor and keep track of how your keywords evolve on the internet and shape your content accordingly.


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Get ahead of the competition by keeping a close eye on them with our free social media tracker 

Ever wanted to know exactly what the competition has been getting up to? Well now you can.

  • Know everything about your competition across the internet – the good, bad and the ugly

  • Manage and monitor your brand reputation by taking timely action – before your competition can


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