Talkwalker Audience Insights

Know your audience like never before

The leading insights product to understand audience behaviours, interests and affinities and draw out the insights you need to get to top of mind

Talkwalker Audience Insights sport data


increase in audience growth rate


increase in audience engagement score

Talkwalker Audience Insights sport data


increase in conversion rate

Engage audiences with tailored social content

Discover your audience's interests, demographics, and sentiment to tailor content and campaigns that resonate and engage

Collaborate with other teams to create targeted initiatives that expand reach and improve brand advocacy


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Talkwalker audience preferences  insights

Run audience-centric digital campaigns

Uncover granular insights on audience preferences and conversion patterns to optimize digital campaigns for higher ROI

Identify high-converting audience segments for targeted messaging, promotions, and remarketing efforts


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Unlock audience insights to inform strategy

Utilize AI-powered clustering to identify new potential audience segments and understand their unique behaviors and interests

Inform product development and marketing strategies with data-driven insights on audience preferences and sentiment


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Talkwalker audience segmentation platform

Empower clients with targeted audience strategies

Provide clients with comprehensive audience analysis, including demographics, interests, and sentiment, to enhance campaign performance

Leverage audience insights to create tailored strategies for clients, improving audience growth, engagement, and conversion rates


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Experience industry-leading audience insights

Advanced audience analytics capabilities


Built-in audience libraries

Explore pre-built audience libraries to discover segments relevant to your industry and objectives, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their preferences


Audience segmentation

Effortlessly segment your audiences by demographics, interests, and behaviors, allowing for hyper-targeted marketing campaigns and improved understanding of consumer needs


AI-powered audience clustering

Leverage AI to identify and group similar audience members, uncovering patterns and insights that inform marketing strategies and enhance customer targeting


Audience comparisons

Compare audience segments side-by-side to identify key differences and similarities, guiding your efforts in creating targeted messaging and campaigns for each group


Twitter Ad integration

Seamlessly integrate with Twitter Ads to analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns, understanding how various audience segments respond and convert


New audience discovery

Efficiently locate and analyze new audience segments through an intuitive, dedicated workflow designed specifically to simplify and streamline the discovery process


Integration with Audiense/Affinio

Connect with advanced audience segmentation platforms like Audiense and Affinio to further enhance your understanding of audience preferences, behaviors, and interests


Content preferences

Dive deep into your audience's content preferences to create and distribute engaging, relevant content that resonates with their interests and needs.


Sentiment analysis

Understand the sentiment of your audience toward your brand, competitors, and industry topics, guiding your messaging and campaign strategies for maximum impact


Audience behavior tracking

Monitor audience behaviors across social channels and other platforms, allowing you to identify trends and opportunities for improved targeting and engagement


Demographic insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your audience's demographics, enabling you to create more relevant and effective marketing strategies tailored to their needs


Interest analysis

Analyze your audience's interests to inform content creation, product development, and marketing strategies that align with their passions and preferences


Conversion pattern analysis

Uncover conversion patterns for specific audience segments, helping you optimize marketing efforts and targeting strategies for improved conversion rates and ROI


Audience growth tracking

Track the growth of your audience segments over time, enabling you to measure the success of your marketing initiatives and adjust as needed


Customizable reporting

Generate customizable reports to showcase your audience insights, making it easy to share your findings with stakeholders and inform data-driven decision-making

Talkwalker has allowed us to unlock access to a much larger conversation around our brand

Jordan Schultz
Social Media Manager

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