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Stay relevant, every moment

Analyze online conversations about your music, television, news, games and media brand.

How you’ll use Talkwalker

Anticipate consumer trends to craft content that truly resonates with your audiences.
Gain unparalleled insights into shifting consumer preferences, to develop compelling narratives that stay ahead of the curve.


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Talkwalker Sports IP Rights
Quantify the impact of your marketing endeavors with precision and clarity. 
Track brand sentiment, and optimize your strategies to maximize ROI with data-driven decisions.


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Talkwalker Sports Brand Reputation
Benchmark your performance against your competition.
Identify what’s working, and what’s not working for your competitors to make informed decisions on our actions.


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Measure all of your linear and streaming programming. 
Understand the efficacy of the social content investments you are making to engage with your program audiences across the biggest social platforms. 
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With leading AI and natural human search to get you to the insights that matter fast.

Real-time Social Listening with Talkwalker

Real-time trends

Stay relevant with real-time trend analysis to better understand your audience.

Talkwalker is the best Social Listening platform available in 2024 FY 2025-2

Advanced Demographics

Evaluate your audience based on advanced demographic segmentation, to understand and deliver to their interests.

Social Content Ratings - Social Listening Talkwalker

Social Content Ratings®

Measure social engagement & video performance with the solutions trusted by the world’s best sports brands.


Work with experts

We understand the complexities of the media industry, and we are here to provide your team the specialized solutions to meet your exact needs.

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Understand the competition

Identify what’s working, and what’s not working for your competitors to make informed decisions on our actions.


Engage the fans

Engage your superfans online, and build loyalty by leveraging the positive sentiment around your brand, products and services.

Multi-Media Brands

Track earned measurement: Gain insights into organic conversations, competitive analysis, and sentiment.

Social Listening: Leverage AI-powered Conversation Clusters, sentiment analysis, and custom filters for streamlined workflow and data analysis.

Television Networks

Understand the sentiment around programs, audience resonance, and trend spotting.

Social Content Ratings: Benchmark social performance around programming and talent accounts.

Streaming Platforms

Benefit from Talkwalker's affordable solutions, including Social Intelligence and Social Content Ratings, for social benchmarking.

Benchmark Partner Performance: Benchmark the performance across the US and European marketplaces, and track fan sentiment around them to tell powerful stories around your campaigns 

Online and News Media

Use Talkwalker to tell macro and micro stories.

Be an Insights MVP: With Talkwalker you are offering the most valuable insights, both quantitative and qualitative, powered by Next Gen Social Listening.

Whatever you do, use Talkwalker

Talkwalker for Media

Social Content Ratings TV®

The leading, standardized social performance and benchmarking measurement solution for TV