Blue Silk™ GPT

The next generation of social listening

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The power of Generative AI in the leading consumer intelligence platform

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Spend less time analyzing data and more time on actions that drive brand impact

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Purpose-built to help you accomplish your use cases faster and get to the next level

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Uncover the stories behind the numbers

Blue Silk™ GPT goes beyond volume metrics to reveal consumer narratives within data cuts

Understand topic drivers without sifting through thousands of posts

No more tinkering with crazy booleans

Next-gen Social Listening is revolutionizing the way you gather insights

You can now effortlessly define your data segmentation in plain language, letting the AI handle the rest. This not only saves time but also enhances the precision of your insights

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Get expert guidance from Yeti, your AI assistant

Powered by Blue Silk™ GPT, Yeti understands how to get things done on our platform

From optimizing boolean queries to providing precise insights, Yeti ensures you have the accurate, trustworthy data you need to make informed decisions

You can also personalize Yeti to suite your brand and role needs

Get quick answers to plain language business questions

Get answers through plain language business questions. Ask questions like "How do I filter results?" and Yeti will provide clear, step-by-step instructions

Rely on Yeti Data Insights, to get answers and complete summarization of your data results, without the complexities of dashboards that are often difficult to read

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Instantly uncover what's driving conversation spikes

Blue Silk™ GPT analyzes social data and generates summaries explaining what is causing real-time spikes

Monitor trends proactively and understand momentum shifts as they occur.

Focus on critical brand mentions faster

Blue Silk™ GPT's summaries allow instant triage of alerts to prioritize relevant content

Spend less time reading noise and more time monitoring what matters

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AI Classifier

Classify millions of social media conversations instantly with simple natural language descriptions instead of complex boolean queries

AI Summaries

AI Summaries, powered by Blue Silk™ GPT, transform extensive data and conversations into clear, condensed and insightful content in your dashboards, reports & alerts

Conversation Clusters

Understand precisely what your consumers are saying and group them accurately into actionable clusters to be able to target them effectively

And this is just the beginning

The Talkwalker team of machine learning scientists is hard at work powering all of Talkwalker’s consumer intelligence platform with Blue Silk™