Blue Silk™ GPT

Instant insight into the true voice of the consumer

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Built on the latest and greatest large language models that exist today

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Built using very large volumes of up-to-date data from credible sources

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Purpose-built for the depth and complexity of consumer intelligence

Dear world,

Over a decade in the making, we are thrilled to give you Blue Silk™ GPT,
the greatest innovation in natural language processing purpose-built for consumer intelligence.

The era of information overload, lack of actionable insights and inefficient manual processes is over. You now get to work with lightning fast, accurate and sophisticated analyses of vast mountains of consumer data.

The true voice of your consumer is now literally one click away.

Talkwalker’s tireless team of
AI scientists

Talkwalker insights platform bluesilk

Uncover hidden insights with just a click

Instantly synthesize 1000s of pieces of consumer conversations and feedback to identify prevalent themes and extract the most actionable insights in real time
Vastly improve decision-making through deeper understanding of relevant themes

Simple language,
no crazy booleans

Classify millions of social media conversations instantly with simple natural language descriptions
No more boolean operators, no more manual annotations: classify millions of social media conversations instantly

Talkwalker  insights categories bluesilk
Talkwalker bluesilk conversation clusters

The insight behind the conversations

Cluster millions of individuals in your target audiences into accurate groups to extract a deeper understanding of your audiences
Understand precisely how individuals in your target audience feel about your topics of interest


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AI Classifier

Classify millions of social media conversations instantly with simple natural language descriptions instead of complex boolean queries

AI Insight

Grasp the core insights in 1000s of pieces of customer feedback across surveys, reviews and support tickets

Conversation Clusters

Understand precisely what your consumers are saying and group them accurately into actionable clusters to be able to target them effectively

And this is just the beginning

The Talkwalker team of machine learning scientists is hard at work powering all of Talkwalker’s consumer intelligence platform with Blue Silk™ .