Talkwalker Customer Feedback Analytics

Real-time insights from a unified customer feedback stream

The leading insights product to analyze customer feedback across all digital channels and get the actionable insights you need to improve customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty

increase in net sentiment score


increase in CSAT scores

increase in trend identification efficiency


increase in customer retention

increase in influencer marketing ROI


increase in NPS scores

Location Insights

Location Insights is a key feature of Customer Feedback Analytics. 

By gathering all your Google My Business reviews in one place, you can enhance your customer experience, and know what your consumers think at a local, regional, and global level.

Location Insights Regional Insights

Boost digital marketing campaign ROIs

Gain insights on customer preferences and pain points, allowing for targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with the audience and increase conversions

Identify successful marketing strategies by analyzing feedback on various channels, optimizing campaigns for better ROI and audience engagement


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Talkwalker customer preferences data

Inform marketing, R&D and CX strategies

Understand customer needs, trends, and preferences by analyzing their feedback, enabling the development of data-driven product and service improvements

Leverage audience insights to identify new market opportunities and tailor offerings to meet the specific needs of potential customers


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Design a delightful customer experience

Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by addressing pain points, ensuring that the customer journey is seamless and tailored to their needs

Use customer feedback to prioritize and streamline support processes, resolving issues efficiently and improving the overall customer experience


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Differentiate yourself to your clients

Help clients identify and resolve critical issues by analyzing customer feedback, delivering actionable insights that improve brand reputation and customer satisfaction

Develop data-driven marketing strategies for clients based on customer insights, leading to more effective campaigns and measurable results


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Experience industry-leading customer feedback analytics

Advanced capabilities


300 feedback sources

Access data from 300 diverse sources, including reviews, surveys, and support tickets, providing a comprehensive view of customer sentiment


Instant summarization

Utilize Blue Silk™ GPT for rapid summarization of thousands of customer feedback tickets, reviews, and surveys, enabling quick insights and action


Time-saving automation

Efficiently automate processes, reducing time spent on manual tasks, and increasing productivity in analyzing and addressing customer feedback


A single window view

Streamline data by consolidating social, review, survey, call, and customer care feedback in one location, simplifying analysis and decision-making


Proprietary frameworks

Leverage Talkwalker's unique frameworks, delivering streamlined workflows that improve productivity and collaboration from day one


Seamless collaboration

Enhance teamwork with customer-facing teams, ensuring smooth communication and the ability to act on insights derived from customer feedback


Data democratization

Provide easy access to insights for all team members, fostering a data-driven culture that encourages informed decision-making and collaboration


Aspect-based sentiment

Gain deeper insights with aspect-based sentiment analysis, understanding specific factors driving customer sentiment and areas for improvement


Multilevel hierarchies

Organize and analyze customer feedback using multilevel hierarchies, making it easier to identify trends, patterns, and areas of concern


Intent detection

Identify customer intentions in their feedback, allowing for proactive engagement and personalized communication to address concerns or upsell opportunities


Custom scoring

Implement custom scoring systems to evaluate and prioritize feedback, focusing on the most impactful insights and facilitating data-driven decision-making


Integration with other platforms

Seamlessly integrate with customer care software, review sites and customer survey software for centralized feedback data and streamlined analysis


Analysis of support tickets and emails

Analyze support tickets and emails to identify common customer issues, enabling targeted improvements in customer support and product/service enhancements


Communities analysis

Examine feedback from online communities to gain insights into customer opinions, allowing for targeted engagement and strategy development


Call center transcript analysis

Analyze transcripts from call center interactions, identifying customer concerns and opportunities for improving support processes

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