Legal Terms

Talkwalker has consistent terms for its globally used Talkwalker service. This pages lists our policies, data processing and terms of service for using our Talkwalker service.

Privacy Policy

Privacy policies for using the Talkwalker service and website, including Talkwalker’s privacy policy towards the users of social and web media platforms:

Terms of Service

Our terms of Service govern the usage of the Talkwalker service. The Terms of Service governed by the laws of the State of New York applicable for USA and Canada and the Terms of Service governed by Luxembourgish law applicable to the Rest of the World (Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, and South America).


Content restrictions & basic limitations

The content restrictions defines specific restrictions attached to the useage of the Talkwalker service and is of higher rank of any contractual document entered into with our customers and is to be complied with by our customers throughout their use of the Talkwalker services. The basic limitations provide a list of certain prohibited use of the Talkwalker Service that applies to all the users of the Talkwalker Service.


Service Level Agreement

The service level agreement defines the service levels applicable to the Talkwalker Service in terms of agreed availability, support conditions and consequences.


Data processing agreement

Talkwalker is fully GDPR compliant. Talkwalker’s data processing agreement for the processing of personal data: