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<b>Recognized by Forrester</b> - hitting the top rank in product offering</b>

Recognized by Forrester - hitting the top rank in product offering

In its first ever participation, Talkwalker has been recognized as a strong performer by Forrester in its Forrester Wave: Social Listening Platforms, Q3 2018 report. Up against a 40-strong criteria and the 10 leading social listening tools in the world, we received the highest score in current offering, data quality, reporting and customer growth.
Forrester stated that our “road map aligns with its vision to create a highly technical and flexible product with broad data access, a sophisticated data engine, and advanced analytics for its Quick Search feature and core social listening platform.”

<b>Exceptional data coverage</b>

Exceptional data coverage

Customer journeys happen on many channels. That's why we listen to social media. And print. And online news. Blogs. Forums. Broadcast. TV. In 187 languages. Wherever your customers are on social, digital and traditional channels, that's where we are too. We routinely win clients because they know we don't cut corners on data.

We do all crawling in house. Have niche blogs or websites you want to add? We think you shouldn't have to wait weeks. Or pay for that. Ever.


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<b>Powerful Image recognition</b>

Powerful Image recognition

Today, 80% of social posts contain images. Building an effective social strategy is impossible without image recognition. Use our revolutionary technology to stay on top of every mention of your brand.

With Talkwalker, you can uncover business opportunities through visual insights on your brand logo, scenes and objects, as well as 30,000+ brands in our database.


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<b>Advanced AI-Powered Sentiment</b>

Advanced AI-Powered Sentiment

Customer opinions matter. Analyzing them at scale is not just a pipe dream anymore. With our AI-powered sentiment technology, you can understand customer opinions for any topic in seconds.

It’s the first sentiment technology that truly understands the meaning behind a message. Including basic forms of sarcasm and irony.

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<b>Unique Virality Map & Trending Score</b>

Unique Virality Map & Trending Score

Your customers aren’t just demographics and sentiment numbers. Your campaigns are much more than reach and engagement. Find an edge with our unique features such as the Virality Map and Trending Score.

Our one-of-a-kind Virality Map enables you to replicate viral campaigns and analyze how a message spreads, so you can be in the right place at the right time. And our unique trending score enables you to latch on to trends at the right moment.

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<b>Groundbreaking Business Impact Metrics</b>

Groundbreaking Business Impact Metrics

We know businesses have more than one source of data. That’s why we make it as simple as possible for you to unify those data streams inside and outside of Talkwalker. Combine website traffic and goal completions from Google Analytics with social engagement or influencer campaign results.

With business impact metrics, you can see how your campaigns led to traffic/led to sales and find correlations that were previously hidden.


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<b>Digital Excellence Center</b>

Digital Excellence Center

Designed for both new and advanced users, the Digital Excellence Center is a centralized self-service hub which gives our clients easy access to the best practices on how to protect, measure, and promote their brands.

The DEC is aimed at supporting users on their journey towards becoming Talkwalker experts. Dive into a searchable knowledge-base of Talkwalker product guides, inspirational use cases, new release updates, tutorials, and much more. It’s the one place for all things Talkwalker.

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