Social Listening

Pioneering the Future of Insight Discovery. Are you Ready? 

Better technology, better data, and better engagement. We want social data to be exciting to all teams within your business. Buckle up, because next-gen social listening is here and it's a game-changer!

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Always On, Real-Time Social Data Insights and Analysis

Beyond Booleans

Define your data segmentation in plain language, letting our AI handle the rest. Saving time and improving insight precision.

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Beyond Dashboards

Get answers through plain language questions, using Yeti Data Insights. One prompt. Full Data Results. No more complicated dashboards.

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Banish Bottlenecks

No more waiting, no more bottlenecks. It's like having your own social insights team on demand. Change the game, be a social insights pro, and democratize data at scale.

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The Benefits 


Data Segmentation in Plain Language

No more complex jargon. Define your data segmentation using plain language. Giving you a faster and better user-experience. 


Data Becomes Democratized

No matter your team's technical prowess - the move to human and intuitive prompts makes the insights and analysis on your social data easily accessible to all. 


Instant AI Summaries

Condense your data into clear, concise summaries. Meaning less time reading reports and more time acting on insights.


Speed. Speed. And more Speed. 

Our powerful AI Assistant, Yeti, is like having your own 24/7 'always on' social data analyst. Delivering answers Fast. 



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What is Generative AI?

We use Generative AI as one of the main technology pillars driving next-gen social listening. But what is it? Read our short overview here.

Learn about Blue Silk™ AI

Blue Silk™ GPT is the heart of our technology. It analyzes social data and generates summaries. Find out more here

A Short Brochure

We've written a short brochure explaining the 'old' way of social listening and how we're leading the charge on the 'new' way. Read it here.

Press Release

Download the press release here. If you are a media outlet and would like more information on Talkwalker's approach to and future vision for next-gen social listening please contact us. 

The Talkwalker way

Revolutionize your social listening with Talkwalker's Next Generation Capabilities.