Beyond Dashboards - Your social listening dashboard made easy

Beyond dashboards - You social listening dashboard made easy


In today's digital age, social listening is essential for global businesses. It allows companies to tap into millions of social media conversations and informs crucial marketing strategies.

However, traditional social media dashboards can be challenging to interpret as they are typically heavy with data. At Talkwalker our next-gen social listening solves these challenges!

Next-generation social listening 

Welcome to our Next Generation Social Listening series! Check out the page to explore our comprehensive collection of related content. Watch our short video below to see how we’re going Beyond Dashboards here at Talkwalker. 

The challenge of social listening dashboards

Social media dashboards are popular as a main tool for monitoring social media conversations. Yet, navigating these dashboards can present challenges for users. 

Traditional dashboards primarily focus on quantitative data, under-serving users by focusing on the "what" without providing the "why." 

This means that users often need to invest time and effort in additional analysis to find meaningful insights from the data. This is especially true of businesses that monitor a high volume of social media conversations.

Lyft mentions over time Mentions of ride-hailing company Lyft in social media posts over the last 3 months. Talkwalker Consumer Intelligence Platform.

Including the above graph in your social media dashboard gives some insight, but only presents partial information. While it reveals spikes in brand conversations, it lacks detailed explanations on why those spikes are happening.

This provides several roadblocks.

  • Analysis of the data requires more time to understand the underlying reasons.
  • This situation can create an insights bottleneck. Not everyone with access to the dashboard will possess the expertise to interpret the data and take prompt action

By addressing these challenges, you can unlock actionable insights and drive informed decision-making.

The next-gen dashboard solution - understanding the ‘why’

Talkwalker's next-gen social listening offers a game-changing solution to these challenges. By leveraging generative AI technology, Talkwalker's next-gen social listening provides deeper insights into social media conversations.

This goes beyond quantitative data to uncover qualitative insights such as analyzing conversations, sentiment, and context. Talkwalker's AI-powered solution helps uncover the "why" behind social media metrics. This helps democratize data and dashboards across your business, with no one stuck on data analysis.

We are doing this in two ways:

AI Summaries

We've now added AI Summaries to our platform. You can seamlessly incorporate these summaries into dashboards, reports, and alerts. Helping you get more insights, more quickly. 

Powered by Blue Silk™ GPT, AI Summaries transform extensive data and conversations into clear, concise, and insightful content. They do the heavy lifting of reading and interpreting mentions from all your social media channels. Turning them into easy, actionable insights.

AI SummariesAI Summary for Lyft’s mention spike for October 10, as seen in the graph above.  Talkwalker Consumer Intelligence Platform.

Continuing with the Lyft example, this AI Summary quickly uncovers the why behind the spike of brand mentions. In this case, a small social media crisis happened because of a lost cat. By including this summary into your dashboard, stakeholders can quickly understand the situation and build a real-time response.

With unlimited flexibility to meet your needs, you can add summaries based on:

  • Markets,
  • Locations,
  • Target audience segments,
  • Sentiment drivers,
  • Competitive analysis,
  • Industry topics,
  • And more.

They provide a quick understanding of the situation for all stakeholders. Enabling dashboard users to focus more time on action and less time on analysis.

Yeti Data Insights

Talkwalker's Yeti AI Assistant has leveled up. Making it easier to interpret your own social data within the Talkwalker platform.

Yeti can now use a selection of pre-defined prompts to answer questions about your social listening data. These include:

  • News summaries - To find your main brand news mentions,
  • Word of mouth - Find brand conversations across social media accounts,
  • Potential crisis - Uncover negative mentions that could damage your brand,
  • Customer satisfaction - Find customer opinions around your products and services,
  • Pain points - Discover the main issues customers are facing.
    Yeti pain points

Yeti Data Insights makes interpreting social data easy. Talkwalker Consumer Intelligence Platform

This powerful summary gives you faster insights, and again, allows users to focus more on turning insights into results.

And Yeti keeps on evolving. We're adding the ability to create customizable Yetis, built around your brand style and needs. Check out this video to learn more...


Going beyond social media dashboards

Of course, Dashboards are still an important asset for social listening and social media analytics and they will remain a part of the Talkwalker social listening tool.

But these latest innovations are here to make the role of social media teams and data analysts easier. Less time-consuming analysis of social media platforms, and more time to focus on data-driven results.

It also enables Talkwalker to create better data democratization within your business. Users can now understand what’s happening quickly and easily, without the need for additional data analysis. This enables everyone across the business, from intern to CEO, to focus on the ‘why’ of an event. Allowing them to quickly respond with decisive actions, engaging marketing campaigns, and elevated customer service.

Next-gen social listening

At Talkwalker, we are revolutionizing insights gathering with the power of generative AI. 

With our AI-powered technology, you can effortlessly tap into your audience's online conversations, and uncover valuable insights. Join us as we pave the way in the social listening industry. Democratizing data at scale and leading the charge in generative AI.

Discover how Talkwalker is transforming the game and propelling your business forward.


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