Blue Silk™ AI

The secret behind the magic of Talkwalker

Decode the actionable insights in real time from the true voice of the consumer to drive the success of your brand

3 trillion 

data points used to train Talkwalker’s machine learning modelses.

40% time saved 

for client teams every week

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Explore the next great evolution of Talkwalker technology

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Predict the future, ace your strategy

Predict future KPIs and associated topic volumes over the next 90 days with high accuracy to make informed decisions and optimize strategies
Optimize content creation and distribution strategies based on anticipated audience engagement and reach

They can see your brand. Now you can too

Effortlessly identify and analyze your brand logo in all visual media on the Internet including video, memes, GIFs and more
Monitor product placement and competitor placement across all channels

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Talkwalker speech to text

Hear every word, understand every sentiment

Never miss a mention with Talkwalker. Extract relevant text from audio social media posts for deeper analysis and insights
Save time and effort by automating the process of transcribing visual content

Decode consumer sentiment in any language

Targeted sentiment and 7 different emotions in 192 languages to help understand audience sentiment and improve brand perception
Identify key emotions expressed in audience feedback to uncover underlying attitudes and motivations

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Talkwalker cluster audience

Cluster your audience by conversation

Nuanced topic segmentation to identify distinct and insightful groupings of documents, using semantic AI technology
Identify the most relevant conversations and trends to inform data-driven decision making

Get instant help with your customized Yeti AI Assistant

Our Yeti assistant helps you get more from your social listening. With instant answers and Boolean support, you have a helping hand to get more from your data.

Plus, our new Yeti Studio means you can customize Yeti around your brand. To speed up workflows, and provide all your team with actionable insights.


90 day forecasting

Accurately forecast and plan for future performance metrics such as #hits, reach and engagement, allowing for data-driven decision making and improved ROI

Logo recognition

Track visual brand identity and protect your brand reputation by detecting brand logos, scenes, and objects in images at any scale with advanced AI and deep learning technology

Video recognition

Detect and identify your logos within video content, to better understand how your brand is being represented across different platforms and channels

Speech to text

Quickly and easily analyze the data transcribed from audio and video social media posts for sentiment, keywords, and other valuable insights

Sentiment and emotion analysis

Get targeted sentiment and emotion analysis of every entity occurrence in a document, in 7 different emotions across 192 different languages

Spam, bot and fake news filtering

Only receive and act on relevant and safe content by detecting and removing harmful and irrelevant content such as spam, NSFW material, and fake news spreaders