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Slice and dice, analyze and export data with deeper social media analytics

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Track consumer behavior with <b>advanced audience insights</b>

Track consumer behavior with advanced audience insights

Understand how conversations on social, digital and traditional channels evolve and track emerging trends. Divide your audience into meaningful segments with demographics data like interests and occupations. Understand customer opinions with our unique AI-Powered Sentiment and predict trending stories.

If you'd like to find out more, check out our Customer Intelligence Guide. It demonstrates why you need a CI strategy, how to do it, and the tools for the job.

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<b>Export analysis results</b> into your BI solution

Export analysis results into your BI solution

Talkwalker’s open platform makes it easy for you to export data and use it in other technologies you’re already using.

Or share your insights easily in the form of dashboards and reports with other team members right out of Talkwalker.

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Analyze customer life cycle stages

With Talkwalker, you can build robust queries that help you analyze brand awareness, consideration and intent to purchase for different audience segments. Advanced metrics enable you to view customer sentiment for any topic.


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<b>Uncover and predict trends</b>

Uncover and predict trends

The internet moves at lightning speed. Whether you're in the fashion or the pharma industry, there's always something that has consumers talking. With Talkwalker you can research key trends and shape your industry with innovative products, unique positioning and thought leading content.

Talkwalker helps you predict future volumes of trending topics and enables you to analyze customer opinions with the most advanced AI-powered sentiment technology on the market.

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Use flexible dashboards to <strong>share insights across teams</strong>

Use flexible dashboards to share insights across teams

Use advanced customizable dashboards to distribute insights, and tell a visual story by adding images, videos and annotations.

Easily share your dashboards and reports with relevant team members to keep everyone in the loop with up-to-the-minute insights.

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