Talkwalker for Product Insights

Optimize your product experiences

Harness comprehensive review data and AI-powered analytics to elevate product competitiveness


Manifest the true potential of your brand

Access comprehensive review data

Draw from expansive product review data encompassing top markets on leading platforms like Amazon, Walmart, Google Play to gain a holistic perspective

Analyze highly comprehensive data to derive deep insights that enhance product competitiveness and strategic positioning

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Analyze granular aspects

Our advanced NLP precisely detects sentiment associated with specific aspects of products and services, not just generic overall scores

Uncover a detailed view of public sentiment surrounding each individual component or feature

Streamline your workflow

Radically simplify and accelerate the process of gathering, consolidating, and analyzing customer feedback data from all relevant sources

Our AI rapidly synthesizes key patterns and themes to draw out specific, actionable insights

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Ensure precision analytics

Achieve unmatched accuracy through Blue Silk AI's automatic summarization of key product issues and precise multi-label classifiers

Detect subtle but important nuances like changes in sentiment, user intent, and onset of sensitive topics

Configure data flexibly

Easily setup thousands of product SKUs and locations within customizable hierarchies for efficient management

Tailor the data configuration to enable experiences that align precisely with your business needs


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