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Media insights to amplify your brand

The leading insights product to measure brand presence across news media, blogs, print, broadcast and social media forums and get the actionable insights you need to amplify your brand in the media

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increase in net sentiment score


increase in media coverage quality

increase in trend identification efficiency


increase in share of earned media

increase in influencer marketing ROI


decrease in crisis response time

Drive targeted media relationships

Identify trending topics and influential journalists to create compelling, targeted PR campaigns

Monitor media coverage in real-time to proactively manage brand reputation and swiftly address potential crises


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Boost client satisfaction through data-driven media strategies

Provide clients with comprehensive media monitoring reports, showcasing their brand's presence and earned media impact

Develop data-driven PR and content strategies for clients, leveraging insights on top publications, authors, and industry trends


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Experience industry-leading media monitoring

Advanced media monitoring capabilities


Comprehensive media coverage

Access an extensive range of sources, including online, print, broadcast, and social media, ensuring a complete view of your brand's presence across various channels


Custom scoring

Tailor the measurement framework to align with your specific goals and KPIs, allowing for more accurate evaluation of media performance and impact


Panels of top journals & authors

Identify and track the most influential publications, authors, influencers, and journalists in your industry to optimize your media outreach


Smart alerts

Receive real-time notifications for critical media updates and emerging trends, enabling proactive responses and strategic decision-making



Consolidate important media updates in a digestible format for easy sharing and communication within your organization


Sync with media monitoring sites

FTP/RSS upload from media monitoring platforms: seamlessly integrate data from other platforms, offering flexibility and interoperability.


Sentiment analysis

Gauge the tone and sentiment behind media coverage, enabling a deeper understanding of how your brand is being perceived and discussed


Advanced filtering options

Narrow down search results by applying various filters such as date range, language, and location, allowing for more focused and relevant insights


Visual analytics

Utilize data visualization tools to easily interpret complex media data, identify patterns, and communicate findings to stakeholders

Superior data for sharper insights


187 languages

supported, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your global consumer base and enabling actionable insights across diverse linguistic markets


196 countries

covered, providing unparalleled global reach and empowering your business to stay informed, engaged, and competitive in markets worldwide

Talkwalker has allowed us to unlock access to a much larger conversation around our brand

Jordan Schultz
Social Media Manager

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