Crisis Management

Monitor. Respond. Report. Prevent

Most businesses experience crises. And most crises are identified, managed, and addressed online. So do you have the right tools, people and plan in place?

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Powerful Crisis Management Technology

Understand what consumers, customers, and competitors are saying about your business online.

Pre-identify issues that could flare, monitor crises as they unfold, and monitor progress as you implement tactics to extinguish the fires.


Complete Coverage

Get complete coverage without any data throttling. Plus top-notch data accuracy means you can be confident you never miss a mention!


Real Time Alerts

Alerts straight to your phone and email, through 24/7 monitoring. Stay informed informed so you can act quickly and proactively to respond to potential issues.


Next-Generation Social Listening

Go beyond boolean searching and dashboard analysis. Make social data available to all your teams. 

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Build a Strong Crisis Management Plan.

A well-defined crisis management plan is crucial for addressing issues that can potentially harm your business's reputation, operations, or employees. By effectively monitoring your brand online, you can minimize the impact of a crisis and expedite recovery.

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