Talkwalker for Trend Research

Uncover and analyze emerging trends

Identify rising opportunities and predict which trends will endure versus quickly fade with AI-powered consumer intelligence

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Manifest the true potential of your brand

Identify trends

Leverage Conversation Clusters to contextualize emerging conversations and reveal the themes gaining traction related to your business

Analyze trends that have increased or decreased over specified timeframes to gain clarity on why momentum is shifting

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Segment trends

Blue Silk AI seamlessly classifies trends by granular topics and subtopics with over 90% accuracy

Strategically tailor marketing campaigns or product innovations to specific audience segments revealed through AI-enabled analysis

Analyze trends

Leverage proprietary frameworks to uncover the core factors driving trends, like demographics, competitor activity, and geo-political climate

Derive actionable insights into the key themes around trends, associated sentiment, and how momentum is evolving over time


Forecast trends

90-day predictive modeling leverages AI to forecast a trend’s likely trajectory and sustainability

Make smarter, data-driven improvements to product roadmaps, marketing plans, and investment strategies

Evaluate trends

Prioritize responding to the trends demonstrating the strongest alignment to your business goals, innovation initiatives, and target capabilities

Drive accelerated growth by capitalizing early on emerging trends with high relevance to your strategic objectives


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