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Drive excellence with data-driven decisions

Get actionable insights in real time to adapt to rapid change, gain a competitive edge, protect sensitive IP, attract top talent, and stay compliant in the Information Technology industry

Talkwalker tech insights data platform

The insights you need for decisive action on your strategic priorities

Transform and innovate at the speed of change

Unleash the power of Talkwalker insights to stay ahead of industry trends, emerging technologies, and competitor strategies

Ignite cross-functional initiatives that foster a culture of innovation and agility throughout your organization

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Talkwalker growth analysis platform

Dominate the market with a competitive edge

Harness Talkwalker's intelligence to craft irresistible content and targeted marketing campaigns based on customer feedback and sentiment

Unite sales, marketing, and product teams to revolutionize product offerings and customer experiences

Guard your intellectual property against cyber threats

Dive into the depths of online communities with Talkwalker, unveiling potential cybersecurity risks on blogs, social media, and vertical forums

Assemble a powerhouse task force of IT, security, and legal teams to proactively shield your intellectual property from cyber threats

Talkwalker cybersecurity platform
Talkwalker colleagues collaboration

Become the employer of choice for top talent

Tap into Talkwalker insights to gauge employee sentiment, pinpoint areas for improvement, and elevate your company's employer brand

Launch talent acquisition and retention initiatives that engage HR, leadership, and departmental teams

Master compliance with ever-changing regulations

Employ Talkwalker to track industry news, discussions, and expert opinions on regulatory shifts impacting the IT sector

Mobilize cross-functional teams to revamp policies, processes, and communication strategies in response to new compliance requirements

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