Talkwalker for Customer Experience teams

Elevate customer experience to new heights

Harness the power of real-time insights to craft exceptional customer journeys, foster loyalty, and skyrocket satisfaction across every interaction

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Talkwalker is the platform of choice for over 2,500 brands

The insights you need for confident action on your top use cases

Customer Satisfaction

Optimize customer satisfaction for long-term loyalty

Leverage Talkwalker's Customer Feedback Analytics to analyze reviews, surveys, and support interactions

Drive strategic improvements in product quality, customer support, and overall customer experience to enhance loyalty and retention

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Employees experience

Employee Experience

Foster a positive work environment for high employee satisfaction

Monitor employee sentiment and feedback using Talkwalker's data sources and analytics capabilities

Implement strategic initiatives to improve company culture, enhance internal communication, and boost employee engagement

Reputation Management

Protect and enhance your brand's reputation

Identify and address potential reputation risks using Talkwalker's Social Listening and Media Monitoring

Take confident steps and proactively address issues to maintain a positive brand image

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talkwalker sentiment management

Crisis Management

Respond quickly and effectively to crises

Use Talkwalker's real-time alerts and media coverage monitoring to detect emerging crises

Make informed decisions on crisis response, minimizing potential damage to the brand

Brand Health Tracking

Continuously monitor and improve brand health

Assess brand health through metrics like sentiment, share of voice, and engagement using Talkwalker's platform

Inform leadership's strategic initiatives to strengthen brand equity and maintain a positive market presence

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