Location Insights

Harness the Power of Google Reviews

Get the insights you need from your and your competitors' Google My Business reviews across locations.

Built for:

Want to stay ahead of customer needs across your stores?
Location Insights empowers you to unify customer feedback, both nationally and internationally.
Gain actionable insights on competitor locations, optimize store performance, boost customer engagement, and pinpoint ideal locations for new markets.


Location Insights Conversation Drivers
Ensure best-in-class branch experiences for your customers. Gain insights into your competitors' branch operations and enhance your own branch experiences.
With Location Insights, you can understand customer sentiments not only at your own branches but also at your competitors, allowing you to refine your strategies and maintain leadership in the financial services sector.


Location Insights Global view
In today's review-driven world, hotels, restaurants, and event venues need a powerful edge.
Whether you manage a single, high-profile venue or a global hospitality chain, Location Insights unlocks actionable intelligence from your Google Reviews.
Stand out in the competitive hospitality industry by understanding not only your own venue's performance but also your competitors.
Location Insights Regional Insights
Amplify the impact of your targeted launches and sponsorships. Location Insights seamlessly integrates with your social listening strategy.
Gain granular insights into what customers are saying about your brand at the launch locations and also understand how your competitor events are being reviewed.
Measure success, optimize campaigns, and maximize the return on your investment.

Get the detail on what you’re customers are thinking

Location Insights Identify pitfalls and opportunities

Uncover hidden opportunities and emerging threats

Leverage AI-powered summaries to gain a clear understanding of customer sentiment across locations.

Identify key factors influencing your reviews, allowing you to capitalize on positive feedback and address areas for improvement.

Location Insights Visualize and compare your locations ratings

Uncover the secrets of location-based performance

Drill down by region, country, city, or even street level. Identify high-performing locations and pinpoint the factors driving their success.

Conversely, diagnose challenges faced by underperforming locations and develop targeted interventions.

Location Insights Understand your key locations’ performance

Gain a global view of performance

Visualize and compare location ratings across the world in a single, intuitive map.

Benchmark performance and quickly identify areas needing attention, allowing you to focus resources effectively.

Location Insights Benchmark against competitors

Stay ahead of the curve with competitive benchmarking

Analyze your performance against local competitors, uncovering new opportunities for growth and strategic expansion decisions.

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Proactive issue management with real-time alerts

Stay on top of your review health with instant notifications for significant changes in sentiment or traffic volume.

Identify and address emerging issues before they escalate.

AI Summary

Unlock faster insights with AI-powered summaries

Gain a swift grasp of key conversation themes within reviews, reports, or dashboards.

No more sifting through hundreds of individual entries – prioritize your time and focus on what matters most.

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Go beyond the score: Uncover conversation drivers

Complement review ratings with rich qualitative data.

Identify the key themes influencing positive and negative customer sentiment, empowering you to take targeted action.


Tailor your insights with 1-Click Classifiers™

Effortlessly categorize reviews by any criteria you choose – product quality, staff service, store layout, you name it.

Gain laser-focused feedback on specific business areas in minutes, allowing you to make data-driven decisions quickly.

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