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Great customer service is critical to every business. Get it right, and people will spend, recommend you more, and stay more loyal to your brand.

But, one rogue store or one localized incident, can bring your scores down. If not fixed, those issues can spread.

That’s where Talkwalker’s AI-powered Location Insights comes in. Track your reviews at every level, to fix problems, boost customer service, and learn where your pitfalls and opportunities are. Read on to learn more.

What are Location Insights?

Location Insights is Talkwalker’s latest innovation to monitor your ‘Google My Business’ review. Designed to create better experiences across locations easily. It gathers your reviews in one place and allows you to view them at a global, regional, or even store level. This provides valuable insights that you can use to quickly enhance all your customer experiences.

You can also include competitor reviews, to benchmark your performance, and uncover new opportunities. Find the mistakes they’re making that you can resolve, or learn what they’re doing right that you can improve on.

If you want to know what your customers think at every level, you’ve come to the right place.

What can Location Insights do?

Understand your overall performance

By gathering your local reviews in one place, you can quickly identify review topics and trends. Is there an issue only impacting a few stores, or is it a global problem that needs resolving?

You can also track the number of reviews and average ratings over time. This will detect anomalies or sudden negative spikes. Did a local event, campaign, or supply issue cause a sudden increase in negative reviews?

We’ve also included AI Summaries for the best and worst reviews. These help summarize the major points raised in all your reviews. For less time analyzing and more time for taking action.

Location Insights OverviewLocation Insights gives you a quick and easy view of your reviews

Identify pitfalls & opportunities

You can then dive deeper into your data, to uncover insights at a country, regional, or street level. By comparing these demographics, you can see which areas are underperforming, and which over exceed expectations.

Go as granular as you want, by comparing reviews over time. Do your results drop over weekends or busy periods? 

Discover conversation drivers

Location Insights also brings qualitative data to your dashboard, to uncover why results are falling or rising. Key drivers reveal the main topics behind positive or negative reviews. To give you a quick understanding of the core conversation.

You can customize this with 1-Click Classifiers™. If there are specific review categories you want to focus on, you can set up custom filters in minutes. These can include areas like product quality, stock levels, customer service, pricing, or other critical business areas.

Location Insights conversation drivers (2)Quickly identify negative and positive topic drivers

Get alerts for rising problems

The last thing you want is a negative review turning into a full-blown crisis. To prevent this, you can stay ahead of a problem by creating location alerts.

They’re simple to set up and customizable for different stakeholders (your CEO, customer service team, etc). Alerts can focus on any KPI, activity, or smart spike, to quickly inform anyone of review changes. Plus, you can include AI Summaries in your alerts to make sharing information easier.

How can Location Insights help your business?

With all these granular review insights in one place, there are numerous use cases that Location Insights can help resolve. Including-

Create better customer experiences

By adapting your strategy at a local level, you can create more personalized experiences for your customers. And target specific region or area needs.

By identifying your store pain points, you can focus your budget accordingly. Highlighting your best performers enables you to expand on what consumers already love.

Keep an eye on your competition

Analyzing competitor reviews can boost various brand strategies.

  • Focus your local marketing efforts on areas where you’re outperforming
  • Uncover competition weak spots to uncover potential new store locations
  • Benchmark and improve your local weaknesses, to encourage more customers through your doors.

Prevent brand crises

Prevent a negative review from becoming a headline, by staying ahead of the conversation. Shape your crisis response effectively by incorporating the phrases and terminology naturally used by consumers.

A global view at a local level

With Location Insights, you are better equipped to create a more personalized and positive experience for your customers. Ensuring that each interaction is as effective and enjoyable as possible.

A global brand success starts with localized wins. And they come from location-based insights. To learn more, click below.


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