May Product Release - The Next Gen of Social Media Performance

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It’s time for another round of product updates. 

We’re thrilled that Talkwalker is now a part of Hootsuite, and already our team has been hard at work to help you leap into the next generation of social media performance.

This time around, we’ve added more innovations like increased data, improved Reddit coverage, classifications, Location Insights, and an extra widget to make your alerts even more customizable. Plus, there’s a quick update on an upcoming evolution of our very own Yeti. Let’s dive in.

Yeti Studio

If you’ve not yet met Yeti, your AI assistant will help you with your social listening needs. You can ask product questions, get help with queries, or tap into your social data with some predefined questions.

Now, Yeti can become a part of your business too. Yeti Studio allows you to customize your Yeti to fit your business needs.

You can feed your Yeti knowledge about your business, to make answers more relevant and valuable for your business. This can include - 

  • Company knowledge base
  • Brand guidelines
  • Internal processes
  • FAQs

Following the quick and easy set-up, you’ll have your very own Yeti, built to help you. You can ask questions based on the data provided, or dive into Quick Search to pull brand insights from live social data.

Your custom Yeti can be shared across projects and teams, providing everyone with the same source of insights and intelligence.

We also have a set of custom Yetis readily built to help for specific use cases - 

  • Social Media Assistant
  • PR & Comms Assistant
  • Insights Assistant

Yeti Studio is currently on early access to select clients. Look out for more updates in the future.

Yeti Studio Social Media AssistantYour Custom Yeti Social Media Assistant can leverage your online presence by suggesting emerging content and trends in your industry, reviewing competitors, and maximizing brand visibility & audience engagement

Access the most complete and relevant data sets

Data is the lifeblood of social listening. That’s why we’re constantly investing in new and improved data sources, to ensure Talkwalker offers the most comprehensive data coverage on the market.

Here’s some of what we’ve added in this release.


As an X Official Partner, Talkwalker provides you with the complete X Firehose. X is still the town square of the internet, where consumers come together to discuss the latest goings-on as they happen. The typical X user increased their activity by an average of 40 minutes per month at the end of 2023.

The new X API adds expanded insights, to learn more from this intriguing audience. These include - 

  • Twitter verification checkmarks - quickly distinguish between Premium Subscribers, Official Accounts & Government. Or segment your data using new Booleans
  • New metrics - Add advanced metrics including impressions, video views, and bookmarks
  • Cashtags - Track the performance of stocks and cryptocurrencies on X, using Cashtags as a text filter or in your query
  • Long-form tweets - Analyze the entire content of long-form tweets (those longer than 280 characters). These can now be included in Blue Silk™ AI Summaries, Smart theme detection, and more!

X Official PartnerOur X API V2 adds data enhancements to provide you with expanded capabilities and richer insights

Expanded Instagram insights

With 2 billion monthly active users, Instagram is the third most popular social network in the world. Making it a valuable source of consumer insights.

Instagram Reels coverage amplified

Reels are now a major part of the platform - prominently shown in people’s feeds, these mini-videos are a great way for brands and users to engage.

You can now monitor brand-related content within Reels (and find key influencers) through our amplified coverage. We’ll find when your brand channel is mentioned or tagged in a Reel, to provide a better understanding of audience engagement and interaction.

These mentions include Like, Comment Count, and Follower Count metrics, as well as comment content, to help you identify the most relevant content for your brand.

Instagram Comments enhanced with Likes & Replies

Instagram Comments are the way for consumers to connect with your brand. And for you to engage them in a conversation. But on busy channels, it’s hard to identify the comments most worth responding to.

In this update, we’ve added additional insights to Instagram comments to include -

  • Likes on Comments - Identify the comments other consumers connect with, to find where your response will have the most impact
  • Replies to Comments - Get a more comprehensive understanding of the context of comments, and follow the chains of conversation consumers are engaging in

Instagram reelsGet a more comprehensive understanding of audience interactions with expanded Instagram Insights

Extended Reddit Partnership

Reddit has a community for everyone. Whatever your interest, hobby, or passion, there’s a community for you.

Because of this, Reddit provides valuable insights for any brand wanting to dig into the niches and audiences within their industry.

That’s why we’ve expanded our Reddit Partnership, to provide additional metrics from this channel. These include -

  • Additional Post metrics - Upvotes, Downvotes, Total votes, and Subscribers count help find the most engaging consumers
  • Addition of Karma for authors - Quickly find the most influential authors in your sector
  • Improved search - Find polls, posts, and more relevant data for your brand

New Semrush metrics

To help you measure the impact of news, blogs, and forums, Talkwalker uses Semrush data to measure potential reach. The Semrush monthly unique visitors metric gives you a better understanding of how big an audience the content can reach.

This way, you can track if a mention is at risk of creating a crisis, or is influencing consumers.

In this release, we’ve added additional Semrush metrics -

  • Desktop vs. mobile visitors
  • SEMRush Traffic Rank #
  • Time on Site and Bounce rates

These can be used to get a further understanding of how consumers engage with your brand-related stories, and how they impact your customer journey.

Glassdoor + Indeed employee reviews

Employees are your biggest brand advocates. If they’re not happy, you may be in trouble.

Our new Employee Reviews package allows you to monitor employee feedback from Indeed and Glassdoor. To help you track the sentiment around work issues, and tackle the issues that matter most to your team.

You can also include reviews from competitors or industry leaders, to help benchmark the satisfaction of employees.

Doubled podcast data

Talkwalker’s Podcast Monitoring was already a game changer, finding brand mentions hidden within the most popular podcasts. By using Blue Silk™ AI, we instantly transcribe podcasts into text, for complete analysis and valuable insights.

In this release, we’ve doubled our podcast coverage. Meaning we now index over 140,000 podcasts in languages including English, German, and Spanish. With more languages to come.

If consumers are literally talking about you, you can listen.

Automatically easily classify content

The joy of social listening is that every conversation comes from many perspectives. Every story is told from different angles, and a single topic can be categorized in numerous ways.

To help you segment data more effectively, and create granular views around topics, we’ve added over 300 new automatic classifications. These filters can be used to view a topic through a specific lens.

Segmenting data this way helps with -

Audience insights

Get granular with your audience data, and focus on the topics that matter most to your brand. Filter out the irrelevant noise, or automatically segment into core categories for deeper analysis.

Influencer marketing

Find the influencers that are most relevant to your audience. Boost your influencer strategy by identifying influencers within subcategories, to ensure all of your brand-related angles are covered.

Content ideation

Find the category topics that resonate most with your audience (and your competitors’ audience). Then create related content you know will work hard for your strategy.

Trend monitoring

Dive into the data to find the trends that are driving buzz. Filter your analysis to focus on mentions tagged within a category, to see exactly what’s getting people excited within your industry or niche.

Content categoriesQuickly categorize data into 300+ categories for additional insights

In the example above, we looked at conversations around what people were watching, then segmented the data by genre categories. We can see that Comedy is a popular choice in Brazil, while Science Fiction is a strong genre for France.

These segmented trends help adapt your content to match consumer preferences at a regional level.

And bonus tip! You can also use the categories within your Boolean queries, to target more relevant data for speed of use.

Location Insights

Want more from your Google My Business reviews? Our new Location Insights IQ App helps you analyze them in detail, to find your wins on a local, regional, or global level.

We’ve covered Location Insights in more detail in our blog.

Unlike other tools, Location Insights can also analyze your competitors’ reviews. Now you can uncover just what your competition is doing right (and wrong).

How Location Insights analyzes competitors’ reviews

New Reports & Alerts customization

Our Alerts and Reports are used to share insights across your business. Providing key information to the right people at the right time.

We’ve now added a customizable text widget, that can be used to add additional perspective or analysis to your emails. Helping you share your social insights more effectively across your enterprise.

Continued innovation

We have even more planned in the coming months, designed to provide you with more insights. And to drive improved performance using your social media data. To learn more about Talkwalker Social Listening, just click below.


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