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What does this mean in practice? Talkwalker now has:

  • The most complete access to Twitter, with up to 5 years of historical data.
  • Early access to any new Twitter products before they go live.
  • The chance to work with Twitter on co-developing our respective products to bring the most value to customer-centric brands.

"Twitter is a unique and powerful source of consumer intelligence for brands. We at Talkwalker look forward to working closely with Twitter to drive even more value for marketers all over the world," said Jeremy Bernier, VP of Partners & Alliances at Talkwalker.

Talkwalker: Official Twitter Partner badge

Official Twitter Partner badge received by Talkwalker.

What is the Twitter Official Partner Program?

For our clients, this partnership program is just one more guarantee of the excellence of Talkwalker’s Social Intelligence product, as it recognizes the proven success Talkwalker has had on the social media platform.

"Only 13 companies from across the world have received this partner accreditation, with Talkwalker now positioned to further help brands to tap into the world’s public conversation on Twitter and turn insight into action," said Lauren Jenkins, Head of the Twitter Official Partner Program.

Talkwalker becomes a Twitter Official Partner

Here are the criteria that were used for this most recent selection of Twitter partners:

  • Quality: partners are recognized as quality platforms.
  • Relationship: partners must be in good standing with Twitter.
  • Scale: partners must be a growing business.
  • Compliance: partners must comply with Twitter’s guidelines.
  • Health: partners must meet technical and business standards.

How do Talkwalker clients leverage Social Intelligence?

Here are some examples from the 2,500 brands and agencies that use Talkwalker to extract valuable consumer intelligence from social media platforms such as Twitter.

Grubhub's services became an essential lifeline for food delivery when the global pandemic struck. Using consumer insights from social media, they improved and inspired the food experience during a challenging time.

Combining Talkwalker’s powerful social listening platform with their own analysis framework, Convosphere was able to help a multinational pharmaceutical brand gain a deeper understanding of the emotions, motivations, and challenges experienced by MS patients.

What does a Major League baseball game look like on social media? Here’s how the Milwaukee Brewers marketing team used Talkwalker to prove value to their advertisers in the stadium, and connect with fans.

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