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Talkwalker Consumer Intelligence Platform

The future-proof insights platform for enterprises looking to drive successful business decisions guided by actionable insights in real time from the true voice of the consumer

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Talkwalker is the platform of choice of over 2,500 brands

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Talkwalker Consumer Intelligence Platform

Talkwalker Social Benchmarking

Talkwalker Social Listening

Monitor and analyze social conversations around your brand, competitors, and industry

Gain insights to inform decisions that connect you better with your consumers


Talkwalker Social Benchmarking

Assess your brand's social media performance against competitors and industry standards

Enhance brand positioning and distinguish yourself in a competitive market


Talkwalker Media Monitoring

Gather actionable insights from media coverage, top publications, influencers, and journalists

Develop a data-driven strategy to effectively engage with the media and amplify your brand message


Talkwalker Customer Feedback Analytics

Integrate customer feedback from reviews, surveys, support tickets, and other channels for comprehensive sentiment analysis

Deepen your understanding of customers by evaluating feedback alongside social data insights

Leverage data-driven insights to create exceptional customer experiences


Talkwalker Audience Insights

Understand your audience like never before

Discover entirely new audiences for your product launches and market entry strategies

Validate your hypotheses on your current consumer bases

Talkwalker Consumer Intelligence Platform

Real-time social insights for smarter, faster business decisions

Talkwalker Social Listening is the premier product for analyzing social media conversations, understanding audience sentiment and identifying trend

Use insights to optimize social strategies, manage reputation, and amplify your social presence


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Score higher social performance with benchmarking insights

Talkwalker Social Benchmarking is the premier product for comparing your brand's social media performance against competitors and industry standards

Identify areas for improvement and take informed actions to capitalize on opportunities and outpace the competition


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Amplify your brand signature in the media with real-time insights

Talkwalker Media Monitoring is the premier product to capture brand mentions across online news, social  and traditional channels

Utilize data-driven insights to strategically engage with key media stakeholders and make your voice heard


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Discover the power of a unified customer feedback stream

Talkwalker Customer Feedback Analytics is the premier product to glean deeper insights from customer feedback than you ever thought possible

Address customer service gaps and enhance the customer experience using powerful data-driven insights


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Get to know your audience like never before

Talkwalker Audience Insights is the premier product to understand your audience, validate hypotheses and discover entirely new audiences

Uncover eager-to-buy consumer bases worldwide for your products and services


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Peek under the hood of the Talkwalker platform

Talkwalker Blue Silk™ AI

The secret sauce behind the magic of the Talkwalker platform

Click up powerful visualizations in seconds

Save on 100s of hours and expensive resources spent on manual data collection and processing

Instantly update your visualizations to fresh new data as it pours in, ensuring reliable decision-making

Talkwalker platform dashboards
Talkwalker products share insights employees

Share insights effortlessly with your colleagues

Give employees across your organization access to valuable insights, allowing them to make informed decisions and contribute to your company's success.

Empower everybody to understand and apply data-driven insights

Foster a virtuous cycle of learning and optimization

Use AI-generated insights to inform new questions and hypotheses.

Leverage sophisticated tools to explore data, identify trends, and uncover insights that drive strategic decision-making

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Talkwalker Data

Strong business decisions necessarily start with the right data

Experience a high-quality data foundation

The Talkwalker platform funnels in only the best and most reliable data on the planet

So that your decisions are based only on the right data

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Talkwalker products

Transform the data deluge into a neat single window view

Access an extensive range of data sources, including social networks, media, reviews, and surveys and more

All in one place

For all your consumer intelligence use cases

Get to the signal hidden in all the noise

Transform vast quantities of raw data into sparkling insights that empower you to make confident business decisions

Optimize your marketing, PR, customer experience and audience engagement strategies for maximum impact

Talkwalker data analysis