Why you should be using Generative AI for data analytics

Generative AI for data analytics


Generative AI is crucial for the future of social data analytics. In this article, we explore the role of Generative AI for data analytics. And look at how Talkwalker is using it to drive Next Generation Social Listening.

What is generative AI?

Generative AI encompasses a category of artificial intelligence that excels in generating fresh content based on existing information. Unlike traditional AI models that focus on data analysis and interpretation, generative AI goes further by generating original outputs.

At its core, generative AI relies on machine learning algorithms, particularly those based on neural networks. These networks are trained on extensive datasets and acquire the ability to recognize patterns or structures within the data. After being trained, these models have the ability to generate new data that bears a striking resemblance to the training set. For instance, a generative AI model that has been trained on thousands of paintings can produce fresh artwork that captures the essence of an artist's unique style.

A significant breakthrough in generative AI is the development of models like GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) for text generation. These models exhibit an extraordinary grasp of context, style, and even abstract ideas. This empowers them to produce remarkably refined and nuanced results.

Generative AI finds wide-ranging applications in creative arts, content generation, design, and more. Its innovative and creative abilities position it at the forefront of AI, pushing the boundaries of machine-assisted creativity. And now we’re seeing it delivering results within social listening.

How can generative AI be used in social listening?

Managing and interpreting a vast number of brand mentions can be one of the most significant hurdles in social listening. When monitoring numerous social media channels, the sheer volume of mentions, ranging from thousands to millions each month, can be overwhelming.

Generative AI revolutionizes data analysis by transforming vast amounts of information into concise and comprehensible summaries. Instead of grappling with an overwhelming number of mentions, you are presented with straightforward and insightful observations in plain language.

It also enables interactive assistants, allowing you to ask questions about your data, with simple answers in return.

Next Generation Social Listening

At Talkwalker, we've seamlessly integrated generative AI into our platform, empowering you with invaluable time-saving capabilities. Experience the efficiency and convenience of our enhanced features firsthand.

AI Summaries

By seamlessly incorporating AI summaries into dashboards, reports, and alerts, you can get a deeper understanding, faster.

Powered by generative AI, these summaries transform all your social listening data into clear, concise, and insightful content. Trust the AI to take on the heavy lifting of interpreting mentions from all your social media channels. Instead, it just provides the stories you should know.

AI SummariesAI Summaries provide insights into what is causing a spike of mentions, or other data interpretations.

With limitless flexibility to meet your needs, you can easily add summaries based on:

  • Markets,
  • Locations,
  • Target audience segments,
  • Sentiment drivers,
  • Competitive analysis,
  • Industry topics,
  • And more.

By adding them to your dashboards and reports, all users can access insights in seconds.

Yeti Data Insights

We have recently launched our integrated AI Assistant - called Yeti. 

Yeti can analyze your social data within the Talkwalker platform. It can seamlessly provide insights into your social listening data using a range of pre-defined prompts. 

These prompts are designed to help answer your questions and unlock valuable information. Pick a prompt, ask your question, and get immediate answers within your chat.

Prompts now include:

  • News summaries - To find your main brand news mentions,
  • Word of mouth - Find brand conversations across social media accounts,
  • Potential crisis - Uncover negative mentions that could damage your brand,
  • Customer satisfaction - Find customer opinions around your products and services,
  • Pain points - Discover the main issues customers are facing.

It’s like having a data analyst at your fingertips. Generating insights quickly and intuitively. Freeing time for your team to focus on turning those insights into action.


Generative AI in data analytics revolutionizes the way you approach data-driven decision-making. By leveraging its ability to create insights, you can gain a deeper understanding of your audience and make more informed decisions.

To learn more about Talkwalker Social Listening, and how it can boost your business, click below.


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