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Beyond Booleans: The fastest way to segment social listening data

Beyond Booleans: The fastest way to segment social listening data


Are you tired of manually wrangling with boolean searches for your social media data?

As a social listening professional, you know how vital it is to listen to brand conversations carefully. However, extracting meaningful insights from social data can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when monitoring very large brands.

In the past, you would need to spend hours building and refining your search queries to help segment your data effectively. 

But what if we told you that you can revolutionize insights gathering with the help of Next-Gen Social Listening, powered by AI technology? Our groundbreaking innovation, powered by Blue Silk™ GPT generative AI, democratizes data at scale, saving time and refining insights gathering. Check out our teaser, or read on to learn more!

The data segmentation challenge

Data segmentation is a key part of social listening. You can use it to track certain elements of your brand, your product range, your audience demographics, or more.

Much of that relies on time-consuming query writing.

For example, my preferred way to create a query is to start broad, then weed out the false positives. Adjusting the query each time, then reviewing the results, until the data is right.

However, this constant trial and error takes time. You also need a strong understanding of your consumers to ensure you include the keywords they use.

All of this delays you from getting to results. The key to social listening is turning the data you collect into action, and if you’re spending days optimizing queries, this isn’t delivering results.

The next-gen solution 

There is a faster way to get the results you need. We’ve advanced our platform so that our customers can use natural human language prompts to get to rich insights.

Experience the power of our new 1-Click Classifiers as you effortlessly define your data segmentation in plain language. Let AI take care of the rest, saving you time, while elevating the accuracy and precision of your insights.

Let’s take an example. Amazon. It could be a challenging brand to monitor, because:

  • There are false positives for mentions about the rainforest and river,
  • There are irrelevant mentions due to users heavily spamming Amazon hashtags,
  • The business covers numerous aspects, from retail to delivery to streaming and AWS.

Creating a clean query for Amazon alone would be difficult. Creating multiple queries to segment those mentions by product offerings, would be intensely time consuming.

Could you adapt your query to identify which product this consumer is talking about?

Introducing the game-changer: 1-Click Classifiers! Say goodbye to complex, time-consuming Booleans. With our innovative Blue Silk™ AI, you can effortlessly segment your data by describing your segments in simple English. With no complicated, time-consuming Booleans.

AmazonExamples of how quickly you can segment data using natural language.

We are proud to have pioneered this game-changing technology, leading the way in generative AI in the social listening industry. No longer do you need to make sense of complex Booleans. You can rely on our Next-Gen Social Listening to do the heavy lifting, letting you focus on what matters most – taking real-time actions that drive results.

Next-gen social listening

This is just a part of what Talkwalker is doing to advance insights gathering through the power of generative AI. No longer do you need an army of analysts or go through the tedious process of manual data segmentation and analysis. 

With the help of AI, you can listen to your audience's online chatter, extract meaningful insights, and make informed decisions in real time. Join us in our mission to democratize data at scale and lead the way in generative AI in the social listening industry.


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