Talkwalker for Location Insights

Optimize every location’s performance

Uncover granular insights to enhance experiences, safety, and satisfaction across all locations

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Manifest the true potential of your brand

Assess location performance

Efficiently aggregate and analyze location-related feedback from diverse sources to identify opportunities and address customer concerns in real-time

Strategically benchmark your location performance against competitors to pinpoint areas for improvement across key metrics


Unlock competitive intelligence

Streamline the process of harnessing and leveraging competitors’ customer reviews to inform strategic positioning and differentiation

Drive enhanced customer satisfaction and accelerated business growth through actionable, comparative competitive insights

Ensure customer safety

Derive data-driven insights into safety measures and perceptions by analyzing location-specific social data and shopper surveys

Implement tailored safety protocols and staff training at each location based on granular customer feedback to optimize safety assurance

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Pinpoint experience issues

Leverage aggregated data to uncover the root causes of poor customer satisfaction by location

Make targeted operational changes to address identified issues and substantially elevate location-specific customer experiences

Consolidate feedback sources

Prioritize responding to the trends demonstrating the strongest alignment to your business goals, innovation initiatives, and target capabilities

Drive accelerated growth by capitalizing early on emerging trends with high relevance to your strategic objectives


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