Evolving consumer behavior in the GCC during Ramadan 2022

Talkwalker, the industry-leading consumer intelligence acceleration platform, has developed and published a study that investigates the changing consumption behavior of consumer packaged goods (CPG) during the first post-COVID Ramadan in the Gulf Council Countries (GCC).

In addition to leveraging its own consumer intelligence acceleration platform, Talkwalker partnered with YouGov MENA to design and distribute a survey to over 2700 consumers in the GCC region. 

The webinar will bring Rami Deeb, Marketing Manager CEEMEA at Talkwalker, and Zafar Shah, Account Director, Data Services at YouGov MENA to discuss the findings of the report and what those entail to CPG brands. The webinar was held on Monday May 23 at 11 AM UAE time.

The discussion revolves around the below points:

  • Changes in GCC consumption habits
  • What GCC consumers consider when comparing brands
  • What the future hold for CPG brands operating in the GCC market

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