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[WEBINAR REPLAY] Consumer Perception Shifts in Personal Finance Options During the Pandemic

For millions of consumers, the global pandemic shifted how they felt about managing their personal finances.

At the same time, the pandemic created a surge in social media usage, with consumers staying at home and sharing their thoughts on a myriad of topics. 

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Join guest speakers:

Frank Gregory of NorthStar Social Media Intelligence,

Katrina Noelle of KNow Research, and

Lilah Raynor of Logica Research, as they walk through findings from a recent case study where millions of social media conversations about personal finance preferences were analyzed, from Pre-COVID to now.  

During this 45-minute webinar explore: 

-The impact of Covid-19 on personal finance preferences, and how marketers are keeping up with these shifts in consumer wants and needs

-What influences and persuades consumers to make personal finance choices, including social media’s impact on these choices

-How social conversation analysis can establish a foundation of consumer insights that can inform what questions to ask in upcoming quantitative or qualitative research

-How social conversation analysis can cast a wider net to expand upon and validate insights from existing quantitative and qualitative research

Watch the conversation now.

Watch the webinar now