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Introducing Customer Data+: A solution to revolutionize your consumer insights

Introducing Customer Data+: A solution to revolutionize your consumer insights

Today, we are releasing a new solution called Customer Data+ which is meant to help our Enterprise clients understand their customers’ conversations from all data sources. We have long had the best data coverage in our platform, but we are now adding the ability to analyze your own customers’ experience data at scale.

Elevate Your Consumer Insights with Customer Data+

We have been working on this solution for quite some time. It has been developed at the request of many of our larger clients, many of the world's most loved brands. We have seen our clients do some amazing things with this tool and we are excited to make it available to all of our clients today.

Why did we develop Customer Data+? There are a few key reasons, and a few things we noticed as we looked at our sector.

1. Unused Data

Most enterprises are sitting on mountains of unused and unanalyzed customer experience data.

In fact, research shows that most organizations do not use their first-party customer feedback data because it is difficult and time-consuming to analyze. John Kelly of IBM has said that 80% of data is “untouched,” meaning it’s never actually used to make improvements or changes deemed necessary by the customer.

Customer data + Consumer Insight John Kelly

John Kelly of IBM (Seated Right). Credit: IBM

The reasons for this are many, but it mostly comes down the fact that it has long been difficult and time-consuming to analyze and generate insights from this data. There have also been few tools available to process and analyze this data effectively.

Today we are changing that. We’ve created an industry-leading social listening and analytics platform that allows you to see how customers are engaging with you across social and the web. Through Customer Data+, we are now applying that same technology to allow you to run analysis on your first-party text data such as customer service emails, chats, surveys, and call center transcripts.

What will this data tell you? Exactly what your customers are talking about, what issues they are having, and what their sentiment is.

We provide you with the solutions to analyze what your customers are saying about you in real-time. No need to wait for the results of a focus group. We automate analysis to make finding insights easier.

Make use of your unused data in order to better understand your customers and make better data-driven decisions about your customer.

2. Data Democratization

We believe that data has the power to change enterprises.

However, in most organizations, only a few departments and stakeholders hold the power that data brings and are thus able to truly make informed data-driven decisions.

The right data tends to be siloed in different departments and with different stakeholders. It is difficult to get the right data you need to get a holistic view of trends, initiatives and risks of your prospects and customers.

We believe there is a better way and we call it Data Democratization.

We empower you to remove data silos - bringing your customer experience, social, and web data together in one place. For a single source of truth. We believe that the right data should be available and accessible throughout the enterprise.

Talkwalker enables this by being a comprehensive tool for data intelligence across the enterprise. Everyone from a front-line employee to the CEO can use the tool and gain intelligence of their data. Our platform empowers this by making the data available throughout the organization and democratizing data intelligence.

We also have a robust set of governance tools to manage permissions. We understand that large enterprises need to manage their data permissions. Customer Data+ is comprehensive enough to get a complete view of the customer, and to empower employees no matter where they are within the organization.

Many of our larger clients have broad adoption throughout their enterprises, with hundreds or thousands of employees leveraging the power of the platform. This empowers informed and data-driven decision making and thus democratizes data intelligence. We are empowering data-driven decision making.

Customer data + Consumer Insight Conversational data

See your customer experience data across all channels.

3. One Source of Truth

Different tools, different assumptions.

This is the pain point for most analysts and practitioners who work with data. There is a need to constantly add new data tools in order to understand how something is performing, but with each new data tool added, there comes a whole set of assumptions of how the data is viewed.

To complicate things further, different departments use different tools, different agencies and have different sources of truth, making it complicated to derive the insights that create an impact.

What if the next tool you add allows you to combine what your other tools are doing and provide you a single source of truth with your data?

We believe that Talkwalker will do this for you. Customer Data+ is a comprehensive tool that can cover much of your communications, marketing, and research intelligence needs. But we will also use the same assumptions and apply them consistently to provide a single source of data truth for your enterprise.

This also applies to your first-party data. You can view your social intelligence data side-by-side with your internal data to understand the full picture of your customers’ experience with your brand. We apply the same assumptions and logic giving you one source of truth across all of your customer touchpoints with your brand.

Customer data + Consumer Insight Product Intelligence

Let our solution tell you what your customers are talking about by importing first-party data such as customer service emails, chats, surveys, and call center transcripts. Our AI will let you know what customers are talking about.

4. The Best AI Technology

In order to understand conversations at scale, you need to have AI tools to do the heavy work for you.

Customer Data+ understands and analyzes customer engagements at scale. Our AI Engine’s deep learning algorithms does the hard work. You reap the benefits.

We invested early in our AI technology, and it goes back to the early days of our company. We have a large data science team, with many of them Ph.Ds. Our AI Engine has been widely recognized as providing the best AI learning technology in the social listening space.

Why is this important? We can now analyze massive amounts of customer feedback data almost instantly. Our AI Engine will look at your own customers’ engagement data and pull out what your customers are talking about, what issues they are having, and how they are feeling.

The data that previously was sitting unused can now be mined for insight and we believe that insight will prove to be a competitive advantage for smart organizations.

So what does this mean for your customer data?

We believe Customer Data+ has the power to revolutionize enterprises and help them make use of their data and empower data-driven decisions.

If you are a current customer, ask your Customer Success Manager to show you how to use these features.

If you are not a current customer, get a free test drive and see how Talkwalker can empower data-driven decision making in your organization.

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