How Dubai TV Channels use Talkwalker’s social intelligence to make data-driven decisions

Understanding audience preferences and interests provides media producers with key insights into their viewers. Today’s TV viewers consume content on multiple devices, watch shows on the go, and are accustomed to binge-watching an entire TV series in one night.

Viewers now expect TV producers to up the pace.

Find out how Dubai TV Channels leveraged social media intelligence to make data-driven decisions that ultimately led to increased viewership, engagement, and fast decision-making.

Our case study provides a wealth of information for marketers and brand experts in the media sector, highlighting:

  • How a single, robust, and real-time data dashboard can be a springboard for growth
  • How incorporating the voice of the audience in decision-making helps fortify the brand
  • How creating engaging content has a ripple effect on other areas of your business

Download the case study for more details.


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