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Ok, back to the social media analytics tools. 57 in total!!!

Do you know what to measure? How to find and analyze social data that’ll enable you to make smart business decisions? Having a social media analytics strategy will help you identify trends, sentiment, new opportunities, potential crises. You’ll understand what’s working and what isn’t. Benefits include:

  • Prove your ROI
  • Create winning social media campaigns
  • Find the best influencers for your brand
  • Benchmark against your competitors
  • Identify trending topics

Using social media analytics? 

Table of contents

Definition of social media analytics

The process of finding, collecting, and analyzing hidden insights from social data - structured and unstructured - to help informed decision making. Mining sentiment analysis is collected to support marketing and customer services activities. Includes online media channels - news sites, blogs, forums, review sites…


To increase revenue, streamline customer services and reduce costs, identify new product feedback, and improve brand reputation.

Check out our Social Media Analytics Guide for a heap of information.

Example of social media analytics tool

Social media analysis of your social media networks compared with those of your competitors, will demonstrate how you rank against other brands in your industry. You’ll find key metrics on their product positioning, what messaging works for them, and customer feedback. 

Talkwalker - competitive benchmarking with social media analytics.

Why do you need to use social media analytics?

Back to the social data. 

Every time someone posts on social media, social data is generated. Comments, sentiment, likes, retweets, shares, etc. 

Said it before, but I’ll say it again...

You need to find social data  and analyze it, to steer your social media marketing campaigns. To check that what you’re doing is working. To boost your online reputation. To identify an oncoming crisis

Social media is one of the world’s biggest focus groups. Consumers are talking. About you. Your products. Your industry. Your competitors. 

You have to listen. Or be in the dark.

You want more? Okay...

Here’s why social media analytics is a must:

Understand your audience

  • When are they online?
  • What languages are they’re speaking?
  • What are their interests? Could your content be more relevant?

Using the right social networks for your targeted audience?

  • Where’s your audience? If your targeted audience are on Twitter, and you’re posting on Facebook… c’mon!!!
  • Are you using the best channel for your product? A pretty product begs for Instagram. Flashy sports cars, beauty products, fashion…  

Competitive benchmarking

  • Do you know what your competitors are doing on social, and whether they're performing well? If their latest campaign is a flop… DON’T GO THERE! If they’re having a big win… can you replicate? 

I’ve a little something that you’ll find useful… my Competitive Analysis Guide shows you in detail, how to find out what the pesky competition are up to.

Create the best content

  • What’re your followers into? Text, video, images, podcasts… ? Identify what they like, and give it to them.

Brand reputation

This is a biggie… damage it, and your revenue will suffer.

  • Understand how your brand is perceived. Across social media networks, blogs, review sites, forums. Use social media analytics tools to learn what they’re saying about you. What they think of you.

Protect your brand assets

  • Image and video analytics will show you how brand assets such as your logo are being used, exploited, abused. Up to 80% of images posted online featuring a brand logo, don’t mention the brand name in the text. 

That’s huge! Video and image analytics reveals the big picture… your brand text, images, and videos. 

Monitor and test social campaigns

  • Monitor your social media marketing campaigns and check that they’re working. Any improvements you could make? Results what you expected? Should you knock it on the head? Use sentiment analysis to identify how consumers feel about your campaign. Your brand. Your products. Your industry. 

What are social media analytics tools?

Web application analysis software used to monitor, assess, analyze, and improve a brand’s social media performance. 

Bit of a mouthful, no?

Okay, let’s try again… social media analytics tools allow you to...

  • Gather and translate social data that users leave behind on social media sites. Allowing you as a brand, to understand the performance of your social media strategy
  • Understand what consumers think of your brand, products and services
  • Identify what they think of your customer service
  • Listen to feedback about your latest product launch
  • Determine how well your social media marketing campaigns are going
  • Find the positive, and the negative, of the sentiment expressed by users

Impressive, no?

What are the features a social media analytics tool needs?

  • Real-time alerts
  • Image recognition
  • Video analytics
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Virality map
  • Automated reporting

Here are the features that I consider essential. Without them you’ll miss vital social data that could be make or break for your brand.

Ensure you know what you need your tool to do. Ask questions.

  • Do you want to be able to analyze images and video, as well as text?
  • Are you looking to integrate other data sources such as broadcast or print media?
  • What level of customer support do you need?
  • Do you need to be able to create reports quickly and without hassle?

All the features in one tool, is the ideal…

Real-time alerts

 Talkwalker Alerts - yep, even better than Google Alerts - is a quick, easy, and free way to monitor for potential crises, brand mentions, competitor and industry news. 

social media analytics tools - Talkwalker Alerts

Talkwalker Alerts - social media analytics tool.

Image recognition

80% if images shared online, don’t name visible brands in the accompanying content.

That’s huge, no? You’re potentially missing brand mentions - positive and negative. Brand boosting. Brand damaging. Talkwalker’s proprietary image recognition technology finds these posts. Recognizes your logo, so you can protect your trademark against misuse and abuse. Or, jump in on a conversation about your brand and exploit it.

Talkwalker image recognition.

Video analytics

 Yes it’s here. Yes it’s real. We can now find your logo in video. Amazeballs, indeed. By 2021, 80% of all online traffic will be made up of video. 80%!!! You ready for that? Talkwalker’s AI-powered video recognition lets you find up to 3x the number of brand mentions. Your brand will be protected 100%.

Talkwalker video analytics.

Sentiment analysis

Opinion mining identifies what consumers think of your brand, product, service, event. What they really think. Our sentiment analysis technology captures consumer sentiment with up to an average 90% accuracy, understanding the meaning behind content. Determining attitude and contextual reactions in tweets, comments, posts, articles. Hey, it even understands sarcasm and irony. 

Sentiment analysis tools - Quick Search

McDonald’s vs Burger King - battle of the sentiment.

If you want the complete picture of your brand online, we need to go global. Your social media analytics tool has to support multiple languages. 187 at Talkwalker is awesome. And, I’m including emoji in there.

talkwalker statistics top emojis

Quick Search emoji cloud - everyone loves a Unicorn Frappuccino.

Virality map

 This is and always will be my favorite. A virality map will show you how a post/story has travelled online. It’s start point. With all the pit stops on the way - social media, blogs, news sites, broadcast, etc.

It’s a few years back now, but it’s such a cracking map, I can’t resist sharing again. 
Reuters posted an article covering Oprah’s speech at the Golden Globes. 
Talkwalker was referenced as tracking the social media mentions surrounding her speech. 

Automated reporting 

It’s all very well tracking and analyzing social data. But, you have to be able to share the results with your team. Check out the kind of reporting we can give you.

Simulated report - market impact of social channels

Talkwalker social media analytics - automated reporting - market impact demonstrating strategy across networks, compared with competing brands (simulated report).

Told you it’s awesome!

How do you want to use your social media analytics tool?

Your purpose…

  • Measuring your social media performance?
  • PR monitoring?
  • Product insights and consumer feedback?

In fact, there's plenty of use cases for social media analytics. You have to decide what you want your tool to do, before you choose. Choose blind, and you’ll end up wasting money.

What’s the scale of your social media analysis? 

  • Is it just for your marketing team’s analytics, or across your business in multiple departments?
  • Will you be searching for general industry terms, such as digital marketing. Or will you be targeting specialist keywords and phrases, such as social listening, social media analytics, your brand and competitors? 
  • How many topics do you need to monitor - 2 or 3, or 100s? The more basic SMA tools limit the number of searches possible.
  • Do you want to collect data from across the board - social media, news sites, forums, review sites, broadcast, press? Again, the more basic tools have restrictions that will limit data coverage.

I’d strongly recommend you sign up for demos, before handing over your cash. 

Talkwalker’s free demo is a click away...

How much does a social media analytics tool cost?

If you’ve not determined what you need from your SMA tool, it’s too soon to talk money. You’ll be flushing it down the pan. Chances are, you’ll have to buy another social analytics tool in the future, when you discover vital features missing from your choice.

Obvs maybe, but low cost and free social media analysis tools bring fewer features, lower data volume and quality, and less customer support.

Think about it.

Social media analytics tools

Woohoo, let's go. The best 57 social media analytics tools on the market...

Talkwalker Analytics | Social media analytics tool

Brand reputation. Your most valuable asset. Protect it.

Social media is bursting with conversations about your brand. Some good. Some bad. So bad, they could damage your reputation, irreparably. These conversations must be monitored and analyzed. Doing this manually is time-consuming, inefficient, and inaccurate. 

What you need is the best social media analytics tool on the market. 

Talkwalker social media analytics has several awesome features to protect your brand, analyze the social data surrounding your campaigns, and measure the results. Mitigate reputational risk with instant and predictive alerting, unique AI-powered sentiment analysis, image and video analytics.

Sentiment analysis

Talkwalker’s sentiment analysis tool gives you the ability to find and analyze consumer sentiment with up to an average 90% accuracy. 

90% accuracy!!!

Our AI-powered sentiment analysis is so cool, it understands the true meaning behind a sentence, recognizing a consumer’s attitude and contextual reactions - in social media posts, blog posts, and articles.

social media analytics tools - Talkwalker sentiment analysis

C’mon BrandX, are you for real?

Quick Search | Social media search engine


social media analytics tools - Talkwalker Quick Search

Talkwalker Quick Search - hashtag tracking for social media analytics.

Easy to use, Quick Search is a social media search engine that analyzes billions of conversations. A social media analytics tool that lets you listen to consumers, find content ideas and influencers, and recognize trends. You can track keywords on social media, blogs, forums, and online news sites. 

Giving marketers easy access to search results and key brand stats, including…

  • Engagement
  • Volume
  • Sentiment
  • Demographics
  • Location

It has the most comprehensive coverage available, and unlimited searches going back 13 months. This means that you can tap into data and pull out actionable insights to enhance the impact of your brand. 

Deep dive into your competitors’ social media performance, and harness their strengths and weaknesses to improve your social media marketing strategy. 

Talkwalker | Image recognition technology

Our image recognition feature lets you search the biggest database in the industry. 30,000+ logos, and scenes and objects. This gives you access to vital company information. 

From maximizing the reach of your advertising to being aware of each time someone posts about your brand, image analysis will add to existing knowledge that you have of your brand and help you use that knowledge to grow your business.



Talkwalker's proprietary image recognition technology will detect the logos of Martini, Texaco, Michelin, despite no mentions.

Talkwalker | video analytics tool

Talkwalker recently launched its revolutionary video analytics tool! A first for social listening.

It’s already playing a vital part in social media analytics. Finally, we have 100% control over our brand mentions. In text, images, AND videos.

Yes. I. Said. Video.

Never miss another brand mention

This AI-powered SMA tool means you capture the entire value of your brand in video. Mention or not. 

This social media analytics technology, working hand in hand with our image analytics tool, will find up to 3x the number of mentions. Using access to our 30,000+ database of logos, objects, and scenes. 

Yes, you heard me right. 3 TIMES!

Improve campaign engagement by 50%

Grab user-generated content to boost your brand awareness and increase trust. It’ll boost campaign engagement by 50%. Increase email click-through by 73%, and conversions by 10%. 

Neither Ben nor Jerry will see this great UGC.

YAY! Ben & Jerry used video recognition. Well done, boys!

Crisis management

I’m talking about using social media analytics to protect your brand reputation. Your logo.

Protect the reputation of your brand logo with video recognition.

Use social media analytics to find negative incidents that could indirectly damage your brand reputation.

Give yourself a break. Use video analysis.

Prove the value of sponsorships

Use our video analytics tools to track and measure the ROI generated from sponsorships. In 2017, 40% of sponsorship professionals said that evaluating sponsors was one of their biggest challenges.

Sponsorship spending that amounts to a huge $50 billion plus per year. If you can’t prove ROI, how do you know that your not wasting your money?

Your brand is sponsoring a big soccer game. The final whistle is minutes away and it looks like there’s going to be a deciding goal. En masse, the crowd raise their smartphones.


Caught on video. Shared on social media. Found by one of the best social media analytics tools on the market.

You shoot. You score. You win with social media analytics.

Talkwalker | Free Social Search

Here are a couple of free social media analytics tools from Talkwalker. Remember, free tools almost always use sample data, so you may not get the level of coverage you need for full analysis of your social media accounts, websites, blogs, etc. But, they’re great for seeing what kind of data is available and learning how to find it. 

Talkwalker Free Social Search

Free Social Search - easy way to search for your company, brand, competitors, hashtags, industry, trends, keywords.

Free Social Search gives you unlimited searches - enter your brand, campaign, or hashtag - to measure impact on all major social media and online channels. Try various ways of searching to filter and find what you're looking for.

Check out this - creating search queries for social media analytics - and you’ll be ready to rock.

Features include…

  • Hashtag tracking - find the best hashtag for your content and track competitors’ hashtags
  • Campaign tracking - track campaign impact - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, news, blogs, forums, review sites
  • Event performance - real-time insights from tracking event hashtag
  • Brand protection - monitor brand reputation by tracking metrics - mentions, sentiment, engagement reach

Using a social media analytics tool like Free Social Search means you can look up virtually anything you like; finding data insights about the topics that are important to you and to your brand.

Talkwalker | Talkwalker Alerts

If you’re looking for a tool that'll send you an email each time a brand or keyword is mentioned, give Talkwalker Alerts - our Google Alerts alternative - a try.

social media analytics tools - Talkwalker Alerts

Set up you alerts in 10 seconds - enter your keyword, frequency, language, and result type. 

Rebrandly | Custom URL shortener

Use this tool to shorten, brand, and track every link you create and share on your social media channels. Rebrandly provides a detailed analytics feature that allows you to learn about who’s clicking on your links — such as what country the clicks are coming from, the most popular times and days, and what social media platform the clicks originated from. You can see what the dashboard looks like below...

Rebrandly - social media analytics tools

Rebrandly - shorten, brand, and track every link you create.

Features include…

  • Custom report builder
  • Editable destination URL
  • UTM builder
  • Traffic routing
  • Link retargeting
  • API
  • Link analytics

Loomly | Real-time post performance measurement

social media analytics tools - Loomly

Collaborate on building a successful brand.

This cracking tool lets you measure the performance of your posts, in real-time. This means that you can identify what content types are resonating with your audience. Which ones are being read, shared, commented on. One you’ve learned what’s working, you can replicate for future social marketing campaigns. 

Features include…

  • Analytics for all posts - not just those published through Loomly
  • Period comparison - to find optimal posting times
  • Tutorials with tips and tools
  • Chat bot for online help

There’s also a great blog, filled with industry news and excellent marketing advice.

OBI4wan | 360 degree communication dashboard

This social media analytics tool gives you speedy insights into volume, trends, user sentiment, and potential crises. The social data you gather can be measured against that of your industry and your competitors. 

social media analytics tools - OBI4wan

Action-oriented insights through the use of data.

Features include…

  • Structured reports to share across your organization
  • Create real-time alerts to remain update on events in your industry
  • A newsletter for internal communication
  • Sentiment analysis
  • 360 degree communication dashboard that includes online and offline media 

If you’re looking for brand reputation, this SMA tool is ideal. Monitoring in real-time, you’ll be able to identify and address a crisis before it does damage. 

Monitor your KPIs so you will know whether your marketing campaigns are working or not. This means you can improve if they’re failing. Replicate if they’re bringing good results. You can can analyze…

  • Crisis
  • Reputation
  • Topic
  • Customer service
  • Target groups
  • Campaign impact
  • SWOT

Use this social media analytics tool and you’ll receive data-driven advice from analysts. Brand reputation and market trends insights, and topic analysis. 

ContentStudio | Measure KPIs critical to your business

social media analytics tools - ContentStudio

Analyze and report metrics that really matter.

This SMA tool offers in-depth social data analytics to measure KPIs that are critical to your business, from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest…

  • Measure reach, engagement, follower growth, top-performing content
  • Create easy-to-understand graphics to demonstrate data results

Measure and analyze content performance, to improve engagement - likes, comments, follower activity. The results you find will help you understand the type of content that resonates with your audience, and which social media platform performs best for your brand. 

Features include...

  • Customize the data range you need to analyze, choosing a time period from weeks/months/years
  • Reports showing combined statistics for all your social media channels, to demonstrate the performance of your social media marketing strategy
  • Schedule your reports and automate sharing across your organization, or with your clients
  • Engagement stats - likes, shares, comments, audience - reveal the performance of your social media marketing
  • Competitor analysis allows you to compare your social performance with that of your competitors, including engagement and interactions

NapoleonCat | Monitor key performance indicators

social media analytics tools - NapoleonCat

Translate raw data into actionable insights.

This social media analytics tool provides in-depth social data from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. You’ll be able to monitor the effectiveness of your social performance, along with that of your competitors. 

Turn the raw data you find into actionable insights to improve your social media marketing campaigns. Track your top KPIs to see which content performs best and brings the greatest engagement from your audience. 

Features include...

  • Competitor analysis allows you to monitor and benchmark against publicly available pages/profiles - competitors, partners, influencers. See which of their campaigns are working and which aren’t, so you can mimic or avoid errors.
  • Instagram Stories insights means you can track the history of your Stories, including KPIs. This will help you optimize your content and improve your relationship with your Instagram followers.
  • Aggregated analytics view lets you monitor KPIs, and identify the most active platforms. Then, benchmark against those of your competitors. 
  • Export data and graphs to share your social media results with other teams in your organization. Download as PNG files or, if you need to go deeper and make custom calculations, export in XLS format. 

Hey… there’s also an awesome blog, sharing social media insights and customer service best practices. 

Swat.io | Social media management and collaboration

social media analytics tools - swat io

Balance your social media marketing and collaborate within teams.

Use Swat.io for a detailed overview of all your critical data. You can determine which content is performing best, on which social channel, and at what time. You can also monitor your community management team’s performance. 

Integrated customer relationship management means you can track user stats and sentiment analysis, to find your users on different social networks, with different profiles. You can then centralize their accounts in one profile, so that you can view all their open and closed tickets. 

Social media statistics include performance metrics for all your social accounts. With an overview of details about your community, your content, and your team. You can then measure and analyze the success of your social media marketing campaigns. 

Export all your social data results to Excel, to edit the raw data, filter and format it, then visualize in presentations to share with your team.

There’s also a heap of free eBooks to download, covering digital marketing insights, social media analytics, social listening, and more. 

AgoraPulse | Facebook Page Analytics

social media analytics tools - Agorapulse

Facebook analytics tool.

This SMA tool provides specialized Facebook analytics. You can benchmark your page and analyze content performance.You’ll identify which content is working with your followers, and the metrics that need a boost. You an also run quizzes, competitions, and sweepstakes. 

You can report on your…

  • Audience/followers
  • Engagement
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand advocates
  • Paid, organic, and viral reach

Awesome content identified, now you can calculate the ROI of your Facebook marketing campaigns.

Hootsuite Insights | 100M+ sources in 50+ languages

Love this SMA tool. Hootsuite automatically analyzes all your social media platforms, blog posts, new sites, forums. To identify insights about influencers, stories, trends, and user sentiment. 

social media analytics tools - hootsuite

Listens and analyzes social conversations across 100M+ data sources.

You can discover how consumers feel about you brand, products, and services. Filter these results by location, language, and gender. 

Monitor sentiment with keywords. For example, set-up Twitter mentions to show tweets that contain positive phrases - thanks, cool, love it, awesome. Emoji also reveal consumers’ feelings, with positive sentiment demonstrated with thumbs up, clapping, smiley face, etc. 

social media analytics tools - hootsuite

Sentiment analysis tool - Hootsuite Insights.

Track online conversations, as it happens, on news sites, blogs, and forums. Hootsuite offers access to real-time data from 100M+ sources in 50+ languages.

Awesome, I think you’ll agree.

Twitter Analytics | Simple, precise, & free!

Twitter analytics tool

In built analytics tools mean you can be confident the data is accurate.

This is Twitter’s SMA tool. And, as such, you can guarantee that the data is accurate. 

Slight drawback… you can only find data from profiles that you own. So… no competitive intelligence. But, the breakdown of month by month stats, is an awesome way to monitor your Twitter performance. Meaning you can constantly improve and modify. 

If you click on the Tweets tab, you’ll find in-depth analysis on individual tweets.  

Tailwind | Monitor the visual web

Tailwind is a social analytics tool designed for monitoring image-based social media channels, such as Pinterest and Instagram. As well as your channels, you can analyze your competitors’ content, and emerging trends. Use the results to find new ways to market your brand online. 

Features include…

  • Find new content ideas
  • Manage and schedule posts
  • Monitor online conversations 
  • Amplify your reach 
  • Analyze your brand’s social media performance 
  • Upload images in bulk 
  • Optimize publishing times to your target audience at the most appropriate time
  • Identify audience demographics

social media analytics tools - Tailwind

Tailwind - monitor Pinterest and Instagram.

This isn’t just your run of the mill SMA tool, it’s also up there with the best social media management tools.

Union Metrics | Discontinued

social media analytics tools - union metrics

In-depth analysis of real-time social data - reach, influencers, content, engagement...

You’ll be able to find analytics for…

  • Campaign monitoring
  • Hashtag reporting
  • Competitive analysis
  • Content optimization
  • Industry benchmarks

TweetReach Pro is part of Union Metrics business plans. It allows you to monitor posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Real-time analytics that include engagement, reach, and performance.

Features include…

  • Measure posts, topics, profiles, hashtags, competitors
  • Real-time monitoring of topics and conversations on Twitter
  • Report-ready analytics to help you improve content, reach, engagement, and content impact
  • Identify new trends
  • Learn the best times to post to increase engagement
  • Use keywords to monitor topics, and measure the size of the surrounding conversation
  • Identify the reach and sentiment of Twitter and Instagram hashtags
  • Find the best hashtags to increase the reach of your content
  • Discover the best influencers for your brand
  • Find your biggest fans
  • Analyze reach and impressions of your social media profiles
  • Identify how your content performs across social media channels - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

CURE | Web and social media intelligence

social media analytics tools - cure

Content marketing, distribution, analysis.

CURE - CUstomer RElationship management - offers…

  • Web and social media monitoring - trend monitoring, early warning
  • Web and social media intelligence - KPIs, competitor analysis, topic research, influencer analysis, campaign tracking, trend analysis
  • Online and social media marketing - content marketing and distribution, website conceptions, social media channel creation, community management

And a whole lot more.

Key performance indicators include...

  • Sentiment analysis - how do users feel about your brand - neutral, positive, negative? 
  • Range - how many users can see your posts?
  • Engagement - metrics include retweets, comments, shares
  • Competitor analysis - share of voice shows how often you or your competitors are mentioned online
  • Reputation management - companies, brands, products, people, and specific business areas - customer service, customer feedback, event analysis, trends
  • Influencer analysis - potential reach of influencers - followers, loyalty, delivery/reception of messages - negative, positive, content shared by influencers
  • Campaign tracking and analysis - monitor your sales, brand, events - reach and responses. Metrics revealed will help you optimize your future campaigns
  • Trend analysis - trend recognition and monitoring - KPIs will show you brand and industry trends that you can jump on, or avoid

Twitonomy | Twitter analytics tool

social media analytics tools - twitonomy

User profile stats - followers, following, keywords, lists.

Go with Twitonomy and choose the free social media analytics tool, or the paid version. 

The free version includes several awesome features..

  • Monitor followers - historical data on Twitter stats that track your follower growth - yesterday, last week, last month. You can also pull out insights on influencers

social media analytics tools - twitonomy

Followers insights - number of tweets, followers, following, lists.

  • Analyze any Twitter profile - analytics on tweets, retweets, mentions, hashtags, replies

social media analytics tools - twitonomy

Check any public profile and identify usage stats.

  • Monitor users, lists, and keywords - track your favorite users and lists, or people using a particular keyword
  • Download tweets, mentions, retweets, favorites, and reports to Excel or PDF

As free social media analytics tools go, it's awesome! You can find a huge number of statistics.

If you’re happy to pay, you get full access to search analytics for hashtags. It's one of the few tools that shows the evolution of a hashtag from...

  • Number of tweets
  • Potential reach
  • Most influential users
  • Most active users

You'll also find...

  • Top related hashtags
  • Interactive map
  • Most retweeted tweets
  • Most favorited tweets using a particular hashtag
  • Geolocation of your audience
  • Analytics about your followers and the accounts you follow

Mediatoolkit | Social media monitoring and analytics 

social media analytics tools - mediatoolkit

Simplify your media intelligence workflow.

An SMA tool that collects data from millions of Internet sources. You then receive real-time notifications whenever someone mentions your brand, company, or competitors.

Listen to what consumers are saying about your brand

  • When they said it
  • Why they said it
  • Find the best influencers for your business
  • Benchmark your performance against your competitors

Choose the free plan, and you can add 99 users.

Super-awesome for a free SMA tool.

Pay for the Premium Plan, and the number of users you can add is unlimited.

If you have a single account, you can monitor mentions from all around the world, from a 100+ million sources. Every language on Earth.


Looking for a social media analytics tool that monitors millions and millions of sources looking for mentions of your brand, hashtag, keyword - you can beat Media toolkit. 

Always on the go? No worries, you can download the app for iOS and Android, integrate with Slack, and set-up email alerts. 

You’ll never miss a mention again.

SumAll | Track business & social metrics

Unfortunately, this tool doesn't exist anymore. When I find a suitable alternative, I'll update.

SumAll is designed to help you grow your social media accounts and your business. Identify your target audience. Grow that audience. All, while saving you money.

There aren’t many free social media analytics tools left, so it’s a pleasant surprise to find that this great tool, is still free. 

SumAll helps you engage with your followers 24/7. You can automatically share content to your social media accounts, while pulling out vital social data. 

You know what this means, don’t you?

You’ll be able to track your social media performance across platforms, your ads, and your sales data. 

Plus, being able to connect all your social media accounts in one dashboard, means your listening and analytics will be easy. Monitor what users are saying about you brand, how often they’re talking about you, and the state of your brand reputation. 

social media analytics tools - sumall

SumAll - automatically share content to your social media accounts.

Sendible | Dynamic insights from social data

social media analytics tools - sendible

Dynamic insights from social data. 

If you’re looking to demonstrate the value of your brand to your clients, you need a powerful social media reporting tool. Sendible allows you to generate in-depth reports for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

  • Reports hub - nine social media reports for an instant snapshot of your social data.
  • Engagement report - social activity insights to help improve business performance.
  • Gain insights - social media platforms combined audience, post engagement, mentions across channels, trend spotting.
  • Custom reports - 250+ templates at your fingertips, with a drag and drop report builder, for reports tailored for each customer. Track your team’s performance - response time hourly/daily to maximize responsiveness.
  • Email reports - email insights as PDF, to keep your customers up to date - regular updates to stakeholders, teams, customers - daily/weekly/monthly.
  • Optimal posting times - most engaged followers, top posts.
  • Google Analytics report - track the effect your social media marketing campaigns are having on traffic and page views. Find which social channels and locations are driving the most traffic to your website.

Pinterest Analytics | Detailed performance insights

Pinterest Analytics - performance insights, audience demographics.

With 250M people using Pinterest every month, your brand needs a presence on this platform as part of your social media marketing strategy. Analyzing the data generated. Best way is with its inbuilt social analytics tool - Pinterest Analytics.

As a business user, the Pinterest Analytics tool provides you with vital performance insights. First up is the dashboard view that shows you impression stats for your profile and audience, along with your top performing pins.

This analytics tool breaks down your followers by gender, language, country, and metro area. It also identifies your competition. Vital data if you’re looking to marketing efforts.

Click on ‘Your Audience’ and you’ll find my favorite feature. The Interests tab. It shows you everything your audience is interested in, with clickable images. 

ViralWoot | Pinterest analytics gets personal

Another Pinterest analytics tool, but this one can be used to analyze personal accounts. It’s a social analytics tool designed to grow your following through ‘seeds’.


Free Pinterest analytics tool. 

Look for other ViralWoot users in your interest topics. Earn seeds by following them. Reward those who follower, with seeds. 

There’s also a handy scheduler for easy pinning.

It’s a free social media analytics tool, so not as powerful as the inbuilt Pinterest Analytics. But, it’s always being improved with new features, so it’s one worth bookmarking.

Iconosquare | Manage multiple accounts

Managing and posting across multiple channels is a cinch with this social media analytics tool. You can also identify how your post scheduling is impacting follower growth and churn.

social media analytics tools - iconosquare

Actionable insights to optimize your social media strategy.

Features include…

  • Target top followers
  • Identify followers’ and fans’ languages, locations, demographics - only available for Instagram business profiles
  • Discover when your followers are online, to target your posts
  • Learn what your followers like most, and post content that resonates
  • Find hashtags that work for your content and followers, to increase your engagement
  • Monitor how many followers you lose/gain - for each post - only available for business profiles
  • Track competitors with business profiles - varies based on permissions

There’s a content library filled with high resolution images, to use in your posts. The editorial calendar means scheduling your posts is super easy.

Compare influencers based on their followers and engagement.

Check out SMMartbox. It’s an awesome library of 300+ tools for all you social media marketers.

social media analytics tools - iconosquare

300+ SMM tools, including video editing/marketing, stock photos/videos, social selling, scheduling, etc.

Followerwonk | Optimize your social growth

social media analytics tools - followerwonk

Compare your Twitter performance with that of your competitors. 

This SMA tool is a free Moz app. It lets you monitor your Twitter account social authority ranking. Then you receive a detailed breakdown of your followers and activity on the platform. 

If you’re happy to pay, you can access several profiles, plus enter your competitors’ Twitter handles. Cool, no? 

Go deeper and you’ll find crucial stats about your followers…

  • Who they are
  • Where they’re located
  • When they tweet
  • How many followers they have
  • Who they follow

Use the identified insights to optimize your social media presence - boost brand awareness and customer loyalty. 

A handy feature is being able to search Twitter bios, to find and connect with like-minded users. 

Being able to compare your Twitter performance with your competitors, means you’ll be able to learn from their mistakes, replicate their successes, and find new influencers for you brand.

Quintly | Facebook monitoring x 3

Quintly - Social Media Analytics tools

Facebook analytics - track and analyze the social metrics that matter.

Use the free version of Quintly, and you can track three Facebook pages simultaneously. You can then view the main engagement metrics - likes, comments, shares, follower growth. Compare all your stats with your competitors, so you can improve your social media marketing strategy. 

If you’re happy to hand over the cash, the paid tool has a dashboard where you can include multiple Facebook pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. Customize to your needs, and track and analyze the metrics that matter to your business. 

squarelovin | Free Instagram analytics tool

Free Instagram analytics tool - yahoo!

Access metrics of your posts - growth, monthly analysis, historical data - year/month/day/hour.

Use squarelovin to find out…

  • Your follower’s preferences and interests
  • Which posts your followers are engaging with most
  • The best time to share images
  • The best filters
  • The best hashtags to optimize your posts

social media analytics tools - squarelovin

Increase the engagement of your Instagram account.

squarelovin has a great blog, providing social media marketing advice, Instagram news, trends, and tips  on how to target individual industries.

All in all, it’s a good ‘un.

social media analytics tools - squarelovin

Optimize your account using historical data.

MailChimp | Email marketing platform

Nuts about this tool!

Monitor trends, track performance, create better campaigns. Find valuable insights and create winning campaigns.

Collect your audience data, and reach your goals faster and with greater success. Promote your brand in email, social media, ads, and landing pages. 

social media analytics tools - mailchimp

Audience data, marketing channels, and insights - reach your goals faster.

Pull out data and find out what your audience really want to read. Identify what’s working and what isn’t, so you can delete, improve, replicate. And on top of that? Real-time campaign reporting. 

Facing a social media crisis? MailChimp is the ideal tool to calm things down. Just suppose, your brand is caught up in a negative social media situation. You can reduce damage with an email marketing campaign. Squash users’ concerns. 

MailChimp provides you with a pile of pre-designed templates, or if you’re feeling arty, design your own. Build the email marketing campaign that works for your brand.

social media analytics tools - Mailchimp

Promote your business across email, social, landing pages, postcards, and more.

Facebook Insights | Track user interaction

social media analytics tools - facebook insights

Aggregated information about two groups of users - those connected to your page and those on Facebook.

I’d always advise checking out a social media platform’s inbuilt analytics first. You can be confident that the data will be accurate. 

Facebook Insights is available to the admins of your company page, once you have over 30 fans. You’ll be able to track the number of likes, people who were shown your page and posts, the number of people engaged, and a whole heap of other insights.

Know your audience…

  • Demographics - age and gender breakdowns, education levels, job titles, relationship status, etc.
  • What people like - interests and hobbies
  • Lifestyles - Audience Insights combines relationship status and location so you understand the users interested in your business

Paid and organic are broken down so you can identify the value of promoted posts, with more metrics on video views, post reach, and actions taken on your page.

Curalate | Curate UGC on Instagram

This is an Instagram analytics tool. Curating user-generated content, it means that brands are able to sell products directly from their Instagram business account. 

social media analytics tools - curalate

Curalate - leverage UGC and activate influencers.

“Makes it easy to grow your brand on social, drive traffic to your site, inspire site visitors, and measure results.” 

Check out the Like2Buy link. It means that users can buy directly from the platform. It’s a trackable link, which means you’ll be able to monitor the ROI of your Instagram marketing campaigns…

Features include…

  • Scheduler - prepare and schedule your content
  • Instagram Insights - track the performance of your content and prove ROI
  • Track mentions and tags - find the content that’s bringing engagement and UGC
  • Monitor campaigns, competitors, influencers - metrics include engagement and impressions
  • Shoppable stories - create AI-powered virtual storefronts

social media analytics tools - curalate

Source high-quality UGC, launch micro-influencer campaigns…

Robust analytics mean that you as a marketer, can demonstrate new ways of driving value to your business. You’ll be able to demonstrate…

  • Increase in revenue
  • Return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Brand engagement
  • Product discovery
  • Content that maximizes impact

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer | Winning titles

CoSchedule is awesome. It’s made up of three tools…

  • Headline Analyzer
  • Social Message Optimizer
  • Email Subject Line Tester

You can then score your efforts. Analyze what’s working and what isn’t. Whether your content will convert. Social shares. Traffic increase. SEO.

Headline analysis gives you Word Balance. With hints behind each score. You can analyze the number of characters and words, keywords, sentiment, plus there’s a Google preview to see what it’ll look like in search results.

The social message optimizer works for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Enter your message, and you’ll be scored on characters, sentiment, hashtags, emoji usage, posting days. 

social media analytics tools - coschedule

Plan, promote, execute, and analyze your social strategy.

Once you start using this tool, you won’t be able to stop. 

Reputology | Analyze sentiment in reviews


You’re never going to understand what people think of your brand, if you don’t listen to what they’re saying.

Use Reputology to track reviews that are talking about your products, you industry. Analyze the sentiment…

  • Positive? Excellent - share the love!
  • Negative? Yikes - sort that mess!

Consumers read reviews about products before they’re prepared to hand over the cash. If there are bad reviews about your brand, and you’ve ignored them… how do you think that looks?

Reputology lets you monitor your reviews in a single dashboard. Track…

  • Review sites
  • App directories
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Yelp

Use this social media analytics tools to…

  • Monitor and measure 
  • Learn what makes users happy
  • React in real-time to potential crises
  • Spot trends as they start
  • Monitor your team’s responses

TapInfluence | 360 degree view of influencers

94% of marketers use influencer marketing because they know it drives 11x more ROI than traditional marketing. 

It’s the way to go, but...

Before you waste money on the wrong influencer, you have to measure the impact they have on their followers. 

TapInfluence helps you find the best influencers for your brand. Those with real impact. Those who will recommend you product. Those who will increase your ROI.

social media analytics tools - tapinfleunce


Analyze an influencer’s audience to understand what they like and engage with.

From analysis of influencers’ reach and impact, to what they charge for their services, this analytics tool floods you with information about the influencers who will help you engage with new consumers. Encouraging them to spend their cash.

Google Alerts | Content change detection

They’re out there, and they’re talking about you. To hear what they’re saying, you have to monitor with a tool such as Google Alerts. 

Set-up Google Alerts to listen 24/7/365. It’s easy and it’s free. 

Hey, what’s not to like?!!

Schedule different keyword and phrase searches to monitor. Include your brand name, products, industry, executives, influencers, etc. Analyze your results, and deal with accordingly. Jump into a conversation, respond to a question, engage with an influencer.

I’d recommend receiving your notifications “as it happens” to ensure you’re receiving alerts in real-time. Catch a potential crisis before it blows up in your face. 

social media analytics tools google alerts

Google Alerts - catch a potential crisis situation before it blows up.

Zoho Analytics | BI and data analytics software

social media analytics tools - zoho analytics

Discover hidden insights from raw data.

Zoho Analytics is a business insights and data analytics software. You can transform vast amounts of raw data into actionable reports and dashboards. These data visualizations - charts, widgets, pivot tables - will allow you to track key marketing metrics, monitor longtime trends, and find hidden insights. 

Use this marketing analytics tool to analyze data from Google Analytics, Google Ads, MailChimp, and more. You’ll be able to identify trends in traffic to your website, CTAs, CPCs, open and conversion rate, and a whole lot more.

  • Measure marketing ROI - make informed decisions from spend data and fine-tune your marketing strategy
  • Analyze website traffic - review and analyze your site traffic to identify top performing pages
  • Track email campaigns - analyze the performance of your email campaigns - track open rate and click through
  • Combine data - import data from various sources - local files, URLs, Google Drive, Dropbox, , etc. - for cross-functional reporting

eClincher | Social media management and analytics

social media analytics tools - eclincher

Reputation management, auto publishing, content suggestions, advanced analytics reporting.

Looking to monitor and measure activity on multiple social media networks? eClincher provides complete social analytics for each profile, along with all your posts and tweets. 

Integrate with Google Analytics to see how your social media marketing impacts your website traffic. Key metrics will be revealed…

  • Traffic sources
  • Number of visitors
  • Time spent on site
  • Follower trends
  • Brand mentions
  • Post performance
  • Audience behavior
  • Audience location

The analytics dashboard allows you to pin your most crucial analytics to a dashboard. Fully customizable, you can drag and drop to change the order, and shift graphs around. 

SocialPilot | Social media analytics and reporting

This is such a cool tool. I think the only thing it fails to do, is make you a cup of coffee. But, you never know what the future holds…

You can download reports with insights gathered from your business metrics. Metrics include…

  • Audience insights - demographics and growth patterns to help increase engagement
  • Content performance - find your top-performing content to understand what’s resonating
  • Influencer management - find the best advocates for your brand to drive engagement
  • Posting times - learn when your fans are actively online and schedule posts accordingly
  • Post analytics - doesn’t matter whether you posted from SocialPilot or not
  • Personalized reports - brand your social media analytics reports to share results with clients

Each platform - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn - has a dedicated marketing, analytics, reporting tool. 

Which is super cool!

Features include...

  • Engagement insights
  • Demographics
  • PDF analytics report
  • Popular tag clouds
  • Audience growth and engagement
  • Most comments, likes, shares, retweets, pins
  • Top performing posts
  • Reach/impression trend

Minter.io | Instagram and hashtag analytics

Sentiment analysis tools - mintor io

Advanced insights and Instagram data - updated daily.

Looking to compare your Instagram with similar accounts? Use this social media analytics tool to benchmark your brand against your competitors. Fine-tune your results by selecting a date range.  Metrics to track…

  • Follower growth -  lost, gained
  • Post performance
  • Audience demographics - age, language, gender, countries, cities
  • Post and profile engagement rate
  • Reach rate
  • Interactions - likes, comments
  • Video views, top video filters, most engaging
  • Best posting times
  • Most effective tags

Speed things up with automated reporting, and export as CSV, PDF, XLS, PPTX. You can then schedule the reports to be sent daily, weekly, monthly to any email you choose. 

If you’re tracking your Instagram hashtags, you’ll be able to monitor the following metrics…

  • Number of posts
  • Interactions
  • Post sentiment rate
  • Associated hashtags
  • Number of hashtags

Snaplytics | Automated analytics and reporting

social media analytics tools - snaplytics

Measure and scale your efforts on Snapchat and Instagram.

Create, measure, and scale your efforts. Snaplytics is a social media analytics tool designed to improve your Snapchat and Instagram social media marketing campaigns.

You can discover…

  • What content is working with your followers
  • The growth of your follower base
  • Which channels work for your brand 
  • Measure audience engagement
  • Track open and completion rates

Features for Snapchat and Instagram Stories include…

  • Scheduled publishing - automated posting
  • Messaging (beta) - reply and message your Snapchat followers
  • User-generated content - capture snaps and repost
  • Monitor stories - track stories on Snapchat and Instagram by users and hashtags
  • Reporting - custom reports with data exported as CSV file
  • Automated analytics - insights on story and account performance
  • Team collaboration - enable creators, managers and analysts

Social Report | Social media management platform

This all-in-one SMM platform offers a suite of social media analytics tools - scheduling, publishing, monitoring, listening, reporting, analyzing. The insights you collect from your social data and analytics, will drive decision-making across your organization. 

Sentiment analysis tools - social report

Post scheduling, social listening, analytics, custom reporting, and more.

Social Report supports the major social networks, including…

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Xing
  • reddit

You can also monitor…

  • Blogs
  • Review sites
  • Email
  • Online stores

Monitor and analyze your social media profiles, as well as those of your competitors. Use notifications to receive daily and weekly reports, which you can download and share across your organization. 

Compare the performance of each of your social media accounts, to understand the impact they’re making on your business, and which is working best. 

Instagram Insights | Business profile insights

Sentiment analysis tools - Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights - basic demographic information.

This inbuilt social media analytics tool provides insights about your followers, and how your content is performing with them. Are they engaging, liking? Or, are they ignoring?

Target your content and tighten up your Instagram marketing strategy with audience demographics - gender, age, location. 

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The best thing about a native social media analytics tool is that you can be sure that the data is accurate. Use Instagram Insights to find basic analytics about your account, posts, followers. Remember that these analytics are only available for your business profiles. 

This is one of the free social media analytics tools. Great, but metrics are limited, so you’ll need a third-party analytics tool. 

You’ll find insights from...

  • Activity - interactions and discovery. The total number of actions taken on your account in the last week - profile visits, website clicks, email, call. Overall performance and influence - reach and impressions
  • Content - insights relating to individual posts. Insights include the number of calls, comments, emails, followers, impressions, likes, profile visits, website clicks, saves, etc.
  • Audience - understand your followers and their location. Audience insights include - gender, age range, top locations, followers’ active time.

LinkedIn | Page analytics overview

Sentiment analysis tools - LinkedIn analytics

LinkedIn Page Analytics - gain insights into the perforamnce of your LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn analytics are available for Page admins, and let you monitor trends across your metrics, for chosen time periods. 

Check out your analytics to…

  • Track the performance of your posts and videos
  • Learn about the demographics and sources of your followers and visitors

What are the best LinkedIn metrics to track?

  • Visitor location to target your events and content more effectively
  • Page views and unique visitors to see how much they’re increased/decreased, compared to last month
  • Traffic metrics data will show you the page views from anywhere on your profile
  • Visitor demographics give you detailed information on who’s looking at your LinkedIn company page - filter by job function, location, seniority, industry, company size
  • Engagement metrics - find detailed statistics on engagement that your content has earned in a given time period - segment by organic or paid - metrics include impressions, unique impressions, clicks, likes, shares
  • Followers - growth and demographics

ShortStack | Build and optimize marketing campaigns

Sentiment analysis tools - ShortStack

Collect social data in real-time.

ShortStack allows you to design, publish, and optimize your promotions. 

  • Automatically contact new leads and keep the conversation going
  • Drive traffic to your website and increase conversion
  • Collect user-generated content and find influencers
  • Analyze campaign performance in real-time - views, traffic sources, entries, device/platform type
  • Engage your audience and turn an opportunity into a lead

Use this cracking social media analytics tool to find spikes in traffic and determine the cause. Learn which of your social media campaigns are generating views, entries, and shares. And, discover where your traffic is coming from. 

Metrics you can track include...

  • Views and unique views - compare the number of views your campaigns are receiving - today vs yesterday, this week vs last week
  • Traffic sources - identify where your traffic is coming from - search engines, social media, email, websites - to target future campaigns
  • Entries - determine when visitor spikes hit and adjust your promotion timing accordingly

Understand how your campaigns are performing, in real-time, to inspire your social media marketing strategy.

YouTube Analytics | Track success and failure of videos

social media analytics tools - youtube

Make the most of your YouTube channel.

If you don’t know what’s working on your YouTube channel, how will you improve it? Find your successes, and you can open up opportunities and increase engagement with your subscribers. 

Being that YouTube is the second largest search engine, you’ll also be able to increase awareness of your brand.

YouTube video analytics include the following metrics…

  • Subscribers - lost and gained
  • Likes and dislikes - vanity metric, but your SEO ranking will improve with more likes
  • Comments - monitor and reply - positive/negative - to show that you’re listening
  • Sharing - encourage shares as an important user engagement metric
  • Traffic sources - where people are finding your videos
  • Demographics - who’s watching and which countries your views are coming from
  • Devices - breakdown of where your views are coming from - desktop, mobile, etc.
  • Watch time - how long are people watching your videos and how many views
  • Revenue - how much money you’re making on YouTube within a set time period, and the sources of your revenue streams
  • Playback locations - where people are playing your videos
  • Ad performance
  • Audience retention - how consistently people are watching your videos, when they’re interacting, and when they’re clicking away

Use your YouTube analytics insights to improve your YouTube marketing campaigns and grow your channel. High watch time and audience retention are your goals, so ensure you keep viewers engaged.

Socialbakers | AI-powered social media marketing 

Schedule posts, track social media accounts, manage influencers, analyze post performance, prove ROI of paid ads. 

Drive growth by understanding your audience and improving cross-channel care.

It’s not a free social media marketing tool, but it does offer a heap of free tools for analyzing your performance on several social media networks. 

Free tools include..

  • Influencer search
  • Persona mapping
  • Hashtag search
  • Content inspiration

Find out how your audience feels about your brand with sentiment analysis, social media monitoring, and reporting. 

Social media analytics features include…

  • Benchmark your performance against your industry, region, country
  • Create personalized content that targets audience segments
  • Analyze your performance and compare with competitors
  • Understand the sentiment behind consumers’ conversations
  • Create and share social media reports and customized dashboards
  • Monitor KPIs across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube

Later | Instagram marketing platform

Sentiment analysis tools - Later

Visually plan, schedule, and analyze posts.

This social media tool is primarily an Instagram scheduler. And it’s great. 

Features include…

  • Plan a week of posts
  • Store photos and videos in one place
  • Access from any device
  • Find and repost user-generated content
  • Drive traffic
  • Track sales

Instagram Analytics will help you increase your followers and engagement. You’ll discover what’s working for your brand, and what isn’t.

Features of social media analytics tool include…

  • Best time to post - increase engagement by post when your audience is online - you’ll be given the top seven posting times
  • Analyze content performance - track likes, followers, clicks
  • Monitor trends in performance - weekly and monthly growth and which posts are driving engagement

Later offers paid and free Instagram analytics solutions…

  • Free Instagram analytics - overview of last 10 posts for last 30 days, weekly performance reports including likes, comments and top posts
  • Paid Instagram analytics - insights and analytics for the last three months, track monthly and weekly follower growth, audience engagement trends, and post performance

Sotrender | Social media analytics platform

social media analytics tools - sotrender

Prove social ROI and outperform the competition.

This all-in-one social media analytics platform provides competitor analysis, reporting, and data insights, so you can create winning social media marketing campaigns.  

Feature details include…

Analytics - optimize your social media content and measure the impact

Pull insights from your social data. Digging deeper than those provided the social media channels’ native analytics tools. You’ll be able to view conversations on one dashboard. Identifying which content is working best, and how users are engaging with it. 

Reporting - simplify your social media reporting

Pull out data to prove that your social media strategies are performing well. Share results with your team, managers, and clients. Your social media reports can be scheduled and customized, or Sotrender will create reports for you. 

Benchmarking - competitive intelligence

Monitor your competitors and benchmark your social media marketing performance against theirs. You can compare your content, audience, follower growth rates, keywords, and engagement.

Data-driven decisions - improve your social media strategy

You’ll receive personalized tips on how to boost your social media marketing results. Find your strengths and weaknesses, and action improvements to customer service, engagement, followers, reach. 

ManageFlitter | Twitter insights

social media analytics tools - manageflitter

Twitter analytics tool.

This SMA tool Twitter users pull out insights from their accounts. Analytics and reporting tools that will help you improve your Twitter social media strategy.

You will be able to manage multiple Twitter accounts, view and track analytics, and schedule tweets. 

Features include…

  • Download CSV file of all your followers and those you’re following
  • Receive analytics notifications - followers, following, tweets, influencers
  • Email reports - daily/weekly - summarizing your Twitter account activity

DivvyHQ | Metrics and content analytics tool

social media analytics tools - divvyhq

Centralize your content marketing analytics.

Is your social media marketing strategy working? Are you talking to the right people? Do they care about your content? Are you bringing the results you want from your campaigns? 

DivvyHQ is a content analytics tool that will monitor your content’s performance. Collecting and analyzing the data. You can then turn this data into insights to improve your social campaigns. 

This SMA tool provides data from your analytics sources, including...

  • Social media
  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords
  • Marketo
  • Moz
  • Oracle
  • Salesforce

Monitor and analyze your content performance. Use the pre-configured dashboards to centralize all your marketing data into one platform. You’ll find key metrics demonstrating how your content, topics, and keywords are performing.  

Salesforce Social Studio | #1 CRM platform

social media analytics tools - salesforce

Connect social data to your marketing with sales and service.

Listen, engage, publish, and analyze with this all-in-one social media marketing and management suite. Use social data to target your marketing and sales service. 

Listen to online conversations

Listen and analyze online conversations to find our what your industry and users are saying about your brand...

  • Market intelligence - feedback from your marketing and sales campaigns, with reporting linked with your social media accounts
  • Learn from real discussions - find mentions of your brand across all social networks - use insights to improve current and future social marketing strategies
  • Use social media as your focus group - track audience discussions - use sentiment analysis and image recognition to extract insights to better understand your audience

Adobe Marketing Analytics | Optimize digital experience

social media analytics tools - adobe

Transform social media data to actionable insights.

This marketing analytics tool will help you track real-time interactions and behavior across mobile, online, offline, and third-party channels. Identifying insights about users and customers. 

This will enable you to manage consumers’ experience throughout the marketing and sales process. 

Use this marketing analytics tool to…

  • Measure marketing activities - analytics measuring customer activity - customer attribution, anomaly detection, cohort analysis - prove ROI and optimize marketing spend
  • Deliver more engaging experiences - insights that will optimize content, offers, products, and experiences - providing a consistent customer journey
  • Audience discovery - develop insights from campaigns and customers to target new audiences

Adobe Analytics brings you customer intelligence to deliver the best experience for your customer journey.

AgencyAnalytics | Reporting platform for agencies

social media analytics tools - agencyanalytics

Monitor and report your clients’ marketing campaigns in one place.

This is an impressive all-in-one reporting platform. Specifically for agencies, monitoring and reporting on SEO, PPC, social, review and call tracking dashboards.

Features include...

  • Automated reports - delivered to your clients’ inbox
  • Customer dashboard - marketing and SEO dashboard showing top KPIs
  • Branded for your agency- 100% brandable - logo, brand colors, domain
  • 30+ marketing integrations - insights from clients’ marketing channels in one app
  • SEO tools - rank tracker, keyword ranking, site auditor - optimize your clients’ rankings

Google Analytics | Track and report website traffic

Yay! It’s another free analytics tool!


Google Analytics gives you everything you need to analyze data for your business. 

  • Analytics intelligence - insights about how your business is performing - key changes, new trends, opportunities. Use Smart Goals, Smart Lists, and Session Quality data to drive more conversions.
  • Reporting - understand how your audience is working with your site and apps - interactions, value, user behavior. Analyze metrics from Google Ads, Display & Video 360, and Search Ads 360.
  • Data analysis and visualization - inbuilt reports to visualize your unique data - customize and segment data to meet your business needs. Report on multiple campaign touchpoints along the path to conversion.
  • Data collection and management - import customized data and combine with Analytics data for the bigger picture. 
  • Data activation - predictive analysis identifies valuable users and actions - which users to re-engage with ads. Demographic data about your audience - age, gender, and interests.

TrueSocialMetrics | Social insights into action

social media analytics tools - truesocialmetrics

Analysis - content, audience, influencer, trends competitive.

This social media analytics tool provides deep and insightful analytics to help businesses benefit from social media marketing and prove their ROI.

Analyze your content performance on social networks. Compare with your competitors. Measure the metrics that matter. Target the best communities for your brand. Make more informed and smarter business decisions to improve your social media marketing strategy.

Tool features include…

  • Trends analytics - how the activity of users on your social media networks changes over time and compare the increase/decrease of each metric by days/weeks/months
  • Engagement rate - compare the performance of accounts using compound engagement or interaction values for all social media interactions 
  • Post analysis - identify top performing posts by engagement - shares, likes, comments
  • Best/worst post analysis - which types of content perform best - videos, links, images, text - best/worst topics, keywords
  • Content segmentation - segment posts and compare to understand which engages followers most
  • Best time to post - when your followers are most active, to increase engagement and awareness
  • Influencer analytics - which posts, types of content, hashtags, and keywords interest your most active followers and influencers
  • Follower growth - discover best practices to attract and retain followers
  • Competitor analytics - compare your social media stats against your competitors - replicate their successes and avoid their failures 

Vaizle | Social media analytics

social media analytics tools - vaizle

Social media analytics tools for brands, agencies, influencers.

One of the best social media analytics tools for pulling out actionable insights that you can use to improve your social media performance. 

Use this SMA tool to…

  • Understand your social media data - what it means for your brand, and compared with your competitors
  • Receive daily social media insights - number of hashtags and words your post should have, best times to post for most engagement, which content resonates with your audience
  • Data analysis - easily pull out insights from your social data to drive improved social media marketing campaigns

Vaizle offers a free social media analytics tools. 

social media analytics tools - vaizle

Free social media analytics tool.

Enter a competitor’s name and your brand. Compare stats for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. You’ll find…

  • Brand activity per week/month
  • Brand engagement per week/month
  • Favorites and retweets per week/month
  • Most successful content

Pretty cool for a freebie.

Free social media messaging checklist

In the meantime...

Stop guessing!!!

Don't be overwhelmed by social media. Download my free social media messaging checklist. It shares best practices to help you craft punchy social media messages that hit the target, on each platform.

Best practices include...

  • Be a tease
  • Don't be a drama queen
  • Lose weasel words

Want some more?

Find your voice and cut through the noise!

Social media messaging checklist


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