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Try 35 best PR tools for public relations professionals Talkwalker


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Each of the PR tools has a real-life expert’s opinion. You can jump to the particular area you're interested in, or go through the list and take them for a spin!

PR tools for finding journos & influencers

Muck Rack | Targeting journalists

Muck Rack is one of the PR tools for rooting out journalists – search by media outlet, location, topic, keywords, or what they’ve shared on social media. The tool allows users to see in real-time what content journalists are posting – track which reporters are writing about what.

If you upgrade to the Pro Plan, you can build media lists, schedule media monitoring email, and track all journalists mentioning your brand.

  • Integration with social media – when researching journalists, you can send a tweet directly.
  • Notions and pitch logs – add notes and pitch logs to keep on top of your engagement with journalists, follow-up, and tracking your results.
  • Media outlet insights – includes reach and other relevant details that will help when creating your lists of outlets.

Muck Rack Website - PR tools 

“I was very impressed with the site and will be using it again when targeting reporters for stories for our clients. I thought it was well worth the look. If you are a marketing director, publicist or just an informed consumer, check out this site.”
Hilary Topper (@hilary25) | CEO of HJMT Public Relations Inc 

BlogDash | Blogger outreach dashboard

BlogDash has an impressive database of 200,000+ influential bloggers, writing on a variety of topics. You can search based on keyword, topic, Klout score, and more. These are guys that have chosen to be included, so they’re waiting to be contacted.

As PR tools go, BlogDash has a cool arsenal of features – you can set campaign goals, create pitch lists, and reach out to bloggers. Its outsourced service offers management of blogger outreach, content creation, and it’ll even do your tracking.

BlogDash website - PR tools 

Anewstip | Connect with global influencers

Anewstip is a search engine for rooting out journalists, influencers, and media outlets that have talked about a particular topic on Twitter, in news articles, and other outlets. This PR tool has a cool influence scoring feature and filters by number of tweets, keyword mentions, time, topic, and language. You can also set up alerts.

You can then create a media lists and export for pitching. Anewstip has a paid plan in which you can pitch and track outreach and response.

 Anewstip website - PR tools

“I'm always looking for journalists and I thought this platform was an interesting way to find people who tweet about my investment business and my startups. Searching by interests, products, competitors is a great way to keep tabs and (hopefully) engage.”
Fred Soneya (@fredsoneya) | Co-founder of Haatch 

BuzzStream | Coordinated outreach

BuzzStream automatically researches influencers - it finds contact information, social profiles, and site metrics. Identifying the best influencers, has never been easier. This PR tool helps you keep track of conversations and projects by saving email and tweets, with reminders to follow-up.

BuzzStream identifies the best sites from where to request links - making link building efficient and human. It works in four ways:

  • Identifying contact information
  • Managing communications
  • Managing link opportunities and link request sent
  • Monitoring backlinks won

This PR tool is great for companies with office around the world – allowing the coordination of simultaneous outreach. You can see who has been in contact with who, how long ago, what’s been said. Even leave notes about a contact, such as ‘very responsive’, ‘left the company’. You’ll get stats about your response rates and templates that can be auto-populated.

BuzzStream website - PR tools 

“While the plans and pricing do seem a little off, I still recommend checking out BuzzStream. The system isn’t perfect, but it is by far the best link-building and relationship tool I’ve found on the market, given that it allows you to automate the parts that make sense without becoming a complete robot.”
Allison Boyer (@allison_boyer) | Content marketing consultant at Better Blogging with Allison 

Prezly | Online newsrooms

Prezly is a PR tool that’ll connect you with influencers via email and social media.

It all starts with a media center – an online hub – where you can publish all your stories. It’s easy to build, device responsive, and can be integrated into your website.  Your stories can include multimedia high-res images and videos; they can also be optimized for social sharing.

Once your stories are set up, it’s time to share. You can add your contacts in Prezly’s CRM, create segments, and import chat history. Influencers uploaded, you can share your content via email and social media, with a single click. Prezly will also track opens, clicks, and reply rates. There’s a cool free demo, live online training, webinars, and 24/7 live support.

prezly website - pr tools 

Prezly provides an easy way to create a multimedia press release complete with images and embedded video. Social media integration is built in, allowing you to auto-post to blogs, Twitter and Facebook.
Martin Bryant (@MartinSFP) | Former Editor-at-Large at The Next Web 

PR tools for hunting down contact details

SellHack | Prospecting just got easier

SellHack’s site claims that it uses publicly accessible information to determine an individual’s likely contact details – it just does the heavy lifting.

After you’ve granted permission for the extension to plug into your browser, enter a name and company, along with a social media URL. SellHack will return a plausible version of what it thinks that person’s email address is. Sometimes wrong, but quite often correct – it even has a confidence score out of 100.

The free plan will let you search you to 10 email per month.

Sellhack website - pr tools 

“SellHack is my new favorite Chrome Extension! I use it to find email addresses for the developers of CRM solutions that I am trying to review. So far, Sell Hack is batting 100% finding email addresses for me!”
Rich Bohn (@RichBohn) | CRM analyst & publisher at SellMoreNow 

Voila Norbert | You got mail!

This email address search tool is not only simple to use, it’s also free! There are premium plans you can choose, for large volume searches.

Enter the first and last name of the person you’re looking for, plus the company domain name (talkwalker.com). Norbert will search for related email address and return the results.

Voila Norbert works best with company domain names, as the number of potential results will be more manageable. It does work with free email providers, such as Gmail, but bear in mind that if you’re searching with just first/last name, the results may not match the person you’re trying to contact, due to the huge user base.

Voila Norbert website - pr tools 

Voila Norbert came sixth in Rand Fishkin’s list of the best web tools used in 2014. Need I say more?!
Rand Fishkin (@randfish) Founder of Moz 

Hunter | Find email in seconds

Hunter searches for email addresses online via companies’ website domain names. You get a whopping 150 free searches free per month. If you’re going to need more, there’s a paid plan.

  • Domain Search – all publicly available email addresses associated with company domain name.
  • Email Finder – email addresses of anyone from the first/last name and company website.
  • Email Verifier – validate the deliverability of any email address, either by bulk or an API call.
  • MailTracker – see who opens and clicks your email.

Hunter website - PR Tools guide 

“Wow. Holy sh$t this is a goldmine. Just been working on some outreach for a site and couldn't find any emails. Typed in the URL and then BAM 253 emails.” 
Pierre Wooldridge (@allmakebelieve) | CEO at All Make Believe

Who's opening your email?

Mixmax | Opening, scheduling, tracking

Track who’s opening your email, and when. One-click scheduling means you can book meetings in one email, rather than ten. Let guests choose the time that suits them, and Mixmax does the rest. Think of the time that’ll save.

Mixmax also provides templates, so you can create the best looking and most effective email. Once you’ve created your email, you can schedule it to send automatically at the most optimum time.

Email tracking, scheduling, reminders, send later, surveys, polls and all of that as a browser extension.

Cool bits include:

  • Giphy integration
  • Dropbox & Google Drive integration
  • Multiple signatures
  • Custom branding  


Mixmax website - PR Tools guide

“My favorite Mixmax feature is link previews, which pull in a rich preview of any link you drop in, similar to how you’d expect on Facebook. Why isn’t this a native Gmail feature already?!”
Owen Williams (@ow) | Writer & developer, former TNW reporter, creator of Charged

Quick Search | Real-time trend research

Quick Search searches social media channels and finds the trends in your industry, surrounding your product, or a topic you're interested in.

And, it's quick - clues in the name.

Use this tool to help create content that resonates with consumers, buy jumping on trends that they're engaging with.

Quick Search is a user friendly and powerful social search engine that will help you boost brand impact, find content ideas, detect influencers, learn about your audience, and spot trends.

What's not to like!

Talkwalker word cloud from Quick Search for croissant day. PR tools for spotting trends.

Case study: Starbucks jumped on national croissant day when it started trending.

Modesty prevents… just to say, it’s super cool!

BuzzSumo | Content promotion & development

This is a cracking tool for keeping in touch with all the latest trends in your industry, the people and the stories. Simply enter a topic into the search bar, and BuzzSumo will deliver all the most popular content on the subject. It’s a great PR tool for content promotion, curation, and content development.

Keeping tabs on the competition, is a doddle. You can monitor what they publish, as well as the engagement it receives. BuzzSumo will analyze and provide insights to help you create better content.

BuzzSumo will identify key influencers for you to build relationships with; revealing their following and engagement rates - basically, how much influence they have.

Buzzsumo website - PR Tools guide

“I’m a huge BuzzSumo.com fan. I use it to find the most shared content and key influencers in the topics that I’m most interested in. It’s super easy to use, and it has a great visual interface.”
Brandon Schaefer (@talk_w_brandon) | CEO at Companeur 

Talkwalker Alerts | Protect your reputation

Reputation management refers to the monitoring of the reputation of an individual or brand and addressing any damaging content. Talkwalker Alerts is an easy and free way to to stay on top of your online reputation. It provides email updates of the latest relevant mentions on the Web. If you'd like to read more about protecting your online reputation, take a look at our blog - Best Online Reputation Management Tools & Guide.

Your alerts take seconds to set up and deliver all the breaking news related to your specified search terms. News items are listed with a brief description alongside links to the news source.

Talkwalker Alerts website - free tool - PR tools


Is it better than Google Alerts? I’ll be brutally honest – YES!

PR tools for finding media opportunities

LexisNexis Newsdesk | Media Monitoring

LexisNexis Newsdesk is a media aggregation, monitoring, and analytics solution. It offers businesses – corporate communications, marketing, legal, and information professionals – a comprehensive collection of global news and business insights.

  • Monitor key news and events that could impact your business
  • Report on business objectives with data visualization reports – SOV, sentiment, geolocation
  • Identify trends, influencers, industry news, and competitor insights
  • Share critical market intelligence across your organization

LexisNexis Newsdesk | Media Monitoring - PR Tools guide

A recent winner of the 2018 CODiE award for Best Content Analytics Platform, the LexisNexis Newsdesk is a near real-time monitoring and analysis suite providing actionable insights that will enable you to make more data-driven decisions.

“LexisNexis Newsdesk enables you to stay on top of relevant news through a web dashboard, email alerts, email newsletters, and SharePoint. The service gives you access to more than four million articles and posts daily.”
Neil J. Squillante (@neilsquillante) | Creator & publisher for TechnoLawyer

HARO | Help a reporter out

If you’re looking for media coverage opportunities, HARO is the PR tool for you.

Help a Reporter Out - a.k.a. HARO – connects journalists and bloggers with expert sources. The idea is to help journalists’ meet their sometimes ridiculously demanding deadlines and enable brands to tell their stories.

Journalists looking for an expert, list their needs. Identified sources are then notified – three times per day – of the media opportunities. HARO reaches out to 80,000+ sources and 55,000 journalists and bloggers.

Haro website - PR Tools guide 

“Over the last seven years, I’ve been scanning HARO emails for PR opportunities for my company and myself, and I’ve had a ton of success. You can too. Anyone can sign up, and HARO subscribers get three emails a day, five days a week, filled with queries from reporters from top news outlets like Forbes, CNN, ABC, Entrepreneur, INC and many more.”
Zalmi Duchman (@ZalmiD) | Forbes contributor 

Radio Guest List | How to find interviews

Radio Guest List – the HARO of the audio world! Okay, the website will make your eyes bleed, but the tool is great. All you have to do is set up email notifications from producers, journalists, and podcast/vidcasts hosts searching for experts on specific topics. You can then reach out with your creds and build a relationship.

 Radio Guest List website - PR Tools guide

Writing tools

Grammarly | Make your writing better

As the website states, “Grammarly is an online grammar and spelling checker that improves communication by helping users find and correct writing mistakes.”

Along with the text editor, Grammarly offers a free browser extension for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox and corrects over 150 types of error. It works wherever you’re writing online – Gmail, social media platforms, Tumblr, etc. Paid upgrade, Grammarly Premium, checks for over 250 types of grammatical errors, offers synonyms, clarification suggestions, and hunts down plagiarism.

Grammarly website - PR Tools guide 

“When you find a new best friend & it is an app! I am currently so in love with @Grammarly
Susie McBeth (@susiemcbeth) | Commmunity Manager, geek, writer, Editor - @nerdlikeyou @metroUK @huffpostuk @bitrebels 

Hemingway Editor App | Proofreading tool

Don’t be ashamed, we all make mistakes. Hemingway offers an impartial pair of eyes to check your work. It’s an interactive editing tool that highlights grammatical errors, over use of passive voice, and complex sentences and common mistakes. There’s also a word count and a readability score.

Simply past your content into the tool and it’ll analyze sentence by sentence.

Oh, and it’s free!

 Hemingway website - PR Tools guide

“Hemingway looks great… There are no fonts to change or backgrounds to alter. It’s simply a grey screen with a font pre-chosen for you: Georgia, from the looks of it. All writers know the feeling of staring at a blank white screen as inspiration drains from their fingertips, but Hemingway feels like a safe place to start doing work.”
Edward Love (@edlovewriter) | Writer, advertising copywriter & games journalist Bandwidth Blog 

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer | Winning titles

This nifty little tool scores your headline and its ability to convert – social shares, increased traffic, and SEO. If your headline kicks ass, your outreach message will invite clicks.

Enter your title and CoSchedule will show results with your headline’s score out of 100 and a grade. It breaks down your headline and provides hints for improvement such as which words stand out to readers, sentiment, and keyword suggestions.

 Coschedule website - PR Tools guide

Analysis includes word balance, with more details if you hover over each description. It analyzes the number of characters and words. A Google preview to see what it’ll look like in the search results, and an email subject line preview.

The Most Dangerous Writing App | Tight deadlines

This tool might not float your boat. I’ve included it because I think it’s cool, and it’s a challenge.

Before you start, set your session length – either by minutes or words. Start writing and whatever you do, don’t stop. If you hesitate for more than five seconds, it deletes everything you’ve written up to that point. Complete your set session, and you’ll be able to save your work.

Fantastic tool if you’ve got a ridiculously tight deadline. But best avoid if you’re a martyr to high blood pressure.

 most dangerous app website - PR Tools guide

“If you’re someone who thrives under pressure, or feels most productive when you’re working at the eleventh hour, the Most Dangerous Writing App could be a good way for you to apply that pressure, artificially. And for the record, it did get me over my writer’s block.”
Margaret Rhodes (@m_e_rhodes) | Editor at New York Magazine, formerly at WIRED

SEO tools

Semrush | Keyword research

There’s no point writing brilliant content, if you don’t optimize it for SEO. Semrush is one of the best keyword research tools on the market – if not the best. Use this tool and you’ll be able to analyze rankings, advertisement copy, and backlink profiles. You can also spy on your competitors.

Check out how your site ranks for keywords, and how competitive they are. Then take a look at what keywords your competitors are using. SEMRush analyzes your entire SEO strategy and then shows you how to drive more traffic to your website.

 SEMRush website - PR Tools guide

“For me, the most interesting factor here is the ability to find the top keywords driving traffic to any domain. For a serious marketer or company, knowing a top competitor’s keywords (SEOpivot) is the holy grail.”
Harsh Agrawal (@denharsh) | Fountain head of Internet marketing blog ShoutMeLoud

Ahrefs | Backlinks & SEO

When launched, Ahrefs was primarily for backlink analysis. Now, it also covers SEO auditing, content marketing analysis, link prospecting, review keyword ranking positions, and keyword research.

The dashboard allows you to set up projects where you can monitor specified domains for changes in metrics. Metrics include domain health - accessibility, crawlability, and metadata violations, URL rating, gained or lost referring domains and backlinks, and the number of keywords your domain is ranking for.

Email notifications for domain health, won/lost backlinks, and positions tracker mean you can be alerted daily, weekly, or monthly.

Generate a crawl report of your site and extract details of response codes, duplicate content, thin content, title tags, H1 and H2 tags, internal/external links, and meta descriptions.

 Ahrefs website - PR Tools guide

“Ahrefs is one of the (if not the) most powerful suites of social media & SEO tools that I’ve ever used.”  
“Like most marketing tools, its usefulness is only limited by your creativity and understanding of the feature set. Approach Ahrefs with specific marketing goals in mind, and you’ll get a lot of value out of it. Be sure to use it as more than a backlink checker.”
Nate Shivar (@nshivar) | Marketing educator, consultant, SEO specialist, curator of ShivarWeb

Moz | SEO wizard

Moz started in 2004 as a tool to help you measure, monitor, and improve your website’s onsite/offsite SEO to achieve greater online visibility. It offers a comprehensive set of paid and free SEO tools, including:

  • Moz Keyword Explorer – keyword research tool that provides suggestions, SERP features, and accurate search volume data.
  • MozPro – SEO site crawl checkups, SEO fixes, page rank and competitor tracking, and SERP feature tracking.
  • MozRank – alternative to Google PageRank.
  • MozBar – SEO browser tool
  • Open Site Explorer – a free SEO tool that provides link analysis and competitor insights.

You’ll find insights on how to optimize your site for search engines and spy on your competitors. Moz also has a helpful community, great blog, workshops, and training programs.

 Moz website - PR Tools guide

I find myself using Keyword Explorer frequently for various purposed. It is great to determine which keywords to target for SEO of course. But equally great for choosing content topics to write about (like this Moz Pro review). I sometimes use it to get a general sense of how many people care about a topic. The four metrics (Volume, Difficulty, Opportunity and Potential) are spot on. Moz intelligently created these metrics and how they interact with each other.”
Stephen Stanczak (@MartechWiz) | Founder of MarTechWiz 

FirstSiteGuide | Website performance

FirstSiteGuide is a free tool for tracking the performance of your website. It’s a great tool for those new to website creation as it gives you basic site metrics, including domain authority, page loading speed, on-page SEO analysis, Alexa rank, traffic stats, and keyword frequency. These insights are vital for website optimization.

There’s a blog that’s packed with advice on blogging, social media, imagery, domain names, SEO, and heap of other useful information.

There are also free guides covering all sorts, including starting a blog, website hosting, content writing, and promoting your blog.

firstsiteguide - PR Tools guide

"If you need help with starting and growing your online presence, check out free resources at FirstSiteGuide."
Robert Terson (@RobertTerson) | Master salesman and motivator, author and speaker - Selling Fearlessly

"How to Start a Blog via FirstSiteGuide. super helpful!"
Mari Smith (@MariSmith) | Social media thought leader & Facebook marketing expert, author of marismith.com

Design tools

Canva | Graphic design tool

Canva is a free drag-and-drop graphic design tool. A simplified – very simplified – version of Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. It’s great for creating social media graphics, blog images, and design presentations.

There are inbuilt templates or you can design from scratch. There’re plenty of stock photographs to choose from, vectors and illustrations. And, if needed, you can upload more. Photos can be edited with filters or advanced editing tools. There are also icon’s, shapes, and elements, along with hundreds of fonts.

It would be an insult to graphic designers if I said Canva helps you can create stunning visuals with no design skills – so I won’t. But, it offers online tutorials, templates, and design courses, so you’ll certainly be able to produce some great images.

Canva website - PR Tools guide 

“I am full on obsessed with Canva and highly recommend it. It is one of my favorite creation tools I have found to date. The interface is easy to use. You can start with a blank slate or a template. They have a pretty good store house of free graphics and allow you to upload your own if you need them. The interface seemed to be cleaner, easier to use, and quicker.”
Karen Jensen (@TLT16) | Creator & owner of Teen Librarian Toolbox

Lucidpress | Layout and design software

Similar to Canva, Lucidpress is easy-to-use page layout & design software that makes every aspect of the design process more intuitive. You can easily layout text, photos, shapes, & videos for professional results that are sure to impress. 

You can easily export your Lucidpress creation as a PDF, JPG or PNG. Or you can push it to social media, embed it on your own webpage, or order high-quality prints directly from the editor.

There’s a free version available, and a selection of free templates to inspire your next design project.

Lucidpress landing page - PR Tools guide

Pexels | Free photos

Pexels is a free, stock photo site. It has a massive collection of photos that you can do whatever you like with – all are licensed under Creative Commons Zero (CC0), so you can copy, change, and distribute them commercially. Plus, you don’t have to attribute. If you know what you’re looking for, use the search box. Otherwise, there are heaps of subjects you can search through, including landscapes, beaches, faces, cooking, business, fish, work, hands, coffee, nature, breakfast, and on, and on. Take a look if you don’t believe me, it’s an endless list.

 Pexels website - PR Tools guide

“Pexels – Another Awesome Free Stock Photography Site… The site itself is very well designed and the photos are very high quality. Most of the images are also very high resolution so they’re perfect for retina displays too.”
Oliur (@UltraLinx) | Designer & entrepreneur, Founder of UltraLinx  

PikWizard | Free photos

PikWizard is a new free stock photo website. It has a library stuffed with over 30,000 free images - with 5000+, exclusive. What impressed me was the number of people shots. Finding free stock photos of people and faces - or even paid ones - is hard. PikWizard has some great people shots - not too staged. You can also get help from the company's inhouse graphic design team's library of templates. There are thousands of templates, designed to be used on social media, posts, websites, and more. Make time, and take a look!

PikWizard | Free Photos - PR Tools guidePikWizard | Free Photos - PR Tools guide 

“A huge choice of images! I'm sick of seeing the same stock images over and over again - it's boring. PikWizard has a heap of new photos on offer, and it's easy to find something that no one's seen yet.”
Meg (@megzcarpenter) | Digital Coms, Talkwalker 

Management & collaboration

Scoro | Work management software

Scoro is a PR tool that offers features such as collaboration, time management, project management, productivity, and sales force automation. No more switching between numerous applications and email clients - it’s a PR management solution which allows you to control your entire workflow from one place.

Top features:

  • Manage customers and track sales
  • Schedule work and meetings, assign tasks
  • Budgets & invoicing automation
  • Detailed real-time reports
  • Integrates with calendar, Dropbox, MailChimp, and more 


Scoro website - PR Tools guide


“You can align your team’s schedules and tasks, allocate jobs and monitor execution, use tools manage billing and expenses, create reports, send invoices, track late client payments, and so on.”
Dave Nevogt (@dnevgot) | Co-founder of Hubstaff 

Distributing a press release

PR Newswire | Produce, optimize, target

PR Newswire offers the whole package – it produces, optimizes, and targets content. After distribution, it then measures results. It targets over 170+ countries in 40+ languages.

Its most popular features include:

  • Top-notch customer service – every press release is scrupulously reviewed before distribution.
  • Easy to use – upload your content, then send it to the team who’ll format the lot, links, images, etc.
  • Tracking tools – insights on which releases were most viewed, which stories received the most engagement, identifies what kind of journalists are reading your content.
  • SEO team - tips effective headlines, link placement, and keyword usage.

PR newswire website - PR Tools guide 

”Although I've strayed many times to try other newswire platforms, PR Newswire continues to be my platform of choice."
Krystal Covington (@KrystalGoLead) | Director of PR & Customer Service at Natural Grocers 

Business Wire | Optimization & distribution

Business Wire offers an impressive suite of optimization and distribution channels, allowing a business to target its audience and ensure its release is found via search engines.

Releases are targeted based on social behaviour, geographic location, interest profiles, and other demographic data.

Business wire distributes your release 89,000 media outlets in 162 countries. You can include videos, links, and photos in your releases.

The price is per news release and depends on reach and length.

Business Wire website - PR Tools guide 

“Business wire… has a lengthy history as a distribution service and is well regarded as having a strong SEO component. Business Wire’s been heavily praised for its editorial team, which is an important factor when considering any PR platform.”
Stephanie Czajka (@chaikuh) | Inbound marketing Project Manager at Weidert Group 

Marketwired | Share your content

Marketwired is a news distribution service where you can build media and influencer lists, send targeted news updates, and track the performance of your releases. This PR tool also has a cool feature which lets you create an online newsroom where you can store everything about the client’s brand. Marketwired will target social media and provide detailed analytics.

The communication and marketing platform allow you to send the right message out at the right time, to the right people. Its large distribution network includes journalists, popular tweeters, and international companies. Bonus… they have an excellent translation and editorial services.

 Market Wired website - PR Tools guide

“Marketwired and Nasdaq joined forces in 2016 providing interesting benefits to both client bases. The acquisition allowed for Nasdaq’s corporate clients to gain access to the social media and analytics tools that are part of Marketwired’s offerings.”
Stephanie Czajka (@chaikuh) | Inbound marketing Project Manager at Weidert Group 

Outreach tools

OutreachPlus | Streamlined email outreach

OutreachPlus is an email outreach tool that helps simplify, automate and reduce the time taken to do outreach and follow up. OutreachPlus connects directly to your email client and helps you prepare highly personalized emails and follow ups when reaching out to get more coverage for your business.  When responses arrive back they are automatically matched to your campaign and you can respond directly within OutreachPlus. 

OutreachPlus Email Outreach screenshot - PR Tools guide

Some key features of OutreachPlus include:

  • A campaign wizard so you can create an outreach campaign in minutes
  • Automated detection of responses which stops any follow up emails
  • Automated tracking of open, response and click rates for specific emails and templates
  • Tracking of all interaction for everyone in all campaigns which helps with future outreach
  • Rapid response processing for multiple campaigns through the inbox
  • Project-based functionality available for managing outreach for multiple clients
  • Support for Gmail, Outlook and any IMAP client
  • High-level dashboard reporting to see how all, or specific, campaigns are working

OutreachPlus also offers a 2 week free trial so you can test before you buy.

"OutreachPlus is legit. From advanced personalization to tested scripts to awesome deliverability, this is one outreach tool that has it all.”
 Brian Dean (@Backlinko) l World renowned SEO specialist and Founder of Backlinko

Pitchengine | Style & optimize

Pitchengine is a PR tool that allows you to take control of the presentation of your social media releases. You can upload images and videos, then choose a style to suit your content. Pitchengine then steps in and optimizes it to be presented on smartphones and desktops.

Once you’ve created your pitch, you can share it, or embed on your website or blog. Pitchengine will track your pitch and identify what type of messaging receives the highest engagement.

Pitchengine does the techie stuff for you; it creates social media releases that include the tags, links, and multimedia.

Pitchengine website - PR Tools guide 

“For all PR firms and client-side PR 2.0 and social media managers, PitchEngine is the new social media release champion, and an indispensable tool in the new media arsenal. Check it out.” 
Jay Baer (@jaybaer) | President of Convince & Convert

Prowly | Public relations & communications

Prowly is a “cutting-edge platform for managing public relations from A to Z.”

In a nutshell, it’s your very own online pressroom from where you can reach out to journalists and bloggers and measure your digital PR effectiveness. Recently rebranded, Prowly has added to its already extensive list of features:

  • Press center for your brand - press office, blog, content platform, website. Increased outreach for your content with SEO optimization and advanced analytics.
  • Media contacts - CRM for easy management of your contacts, with access for all your team.
  • Press releases - distribute your press releases with scheduled mailing and optimized email templates. Analytics tool for reporting on mailing efficiency.

Prowly is intuitive and functional, with analytics that enable the optimization of all PR activities.

Prowly | Public relations & communications - PR Tools guide

“We tried couple of PR tools, but eventually chose Prowly and we are extremely happy with everything it provides - the features (especially brand journal!), customer support (very responsive), and the ease of use (all features packed in the great design and well-thought interface). I am pretty sure you will love Prowly, once you try it!”
Lukasz Siemaszko (@LukaszSiemaszko) | Co-founder of DECO WIZARDS 

Light relief!

A Soft Murmur | !!!

My blog post, my choices!

Too much noise in your office – whistling, lots of different languages, roadworks outside? You’re gonna love this tool. Of course, it’s a PR tool – Peaceful & Relaxing!

It offers a collection of soothing sounds to get you in the right mood for writing. You can also mix it up, and combine sounds like thunder in a coffee shop.

Soft Murmur website - PR Tools guide 

I don’t think we need an expert to tell us this is cool


This is another tool to help with your PR management. I'd like to say 'if' you need it, but it can happen to any business. You need to be prepared for a PR crisis - data breach, executive scandal, negative review, failed event, badly planned marketing campaign. Here is my special-edition PR crisis management eBook. Protect your team, your reputation, your brand. Download now!



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