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I’ve bundled 11 marketing assets from the past year - free and interactive - essential for running a profitable marketing strategy. Download all 11 resources above, with a single click.

How to drive social media engagement

Global brands under the Talkwalker microscope...

Marketing assets - Campaign playbook - drive social media engagement

Quick Search looks at global brands driving engagement.

Our cracking Campaign Playbook discusses the buzzword that is... social media engagement, and what it can mean for your business.

Engagement with consumers strengthens their emotional connection to your brand. Demonstrating your commitment to them by delivering value during every step of the customer journey. This ongoing interaction will help you retain customers, increase your brand’s share of voice, drive leads and sales.  

Your brand promotion should concentrate on four crucial aspects…

  • Targeted content - daily posting to keep your brand at the top of users’ news feeds
  • Influencer marketing - work with content creators with niche audiences
  • Audience segmentation - personalize content to demonstrate a human brand
  • Trending topics - insights into consumer behavior for engagement in real-time

Looking at international brands - Paramount, Tide, Louis Vuitton, Starbucks, Budweiser, Samsung, and more - you’ll discover...

  • How social media can predict a blockbuster or a flop
  • A luxury brand using image analysis to find user-generated content
  • How competitive analysis between search engines can improve product launches
  • How a coffee house turned viral content into a winning sales drive
  • Travel brands finding engaging images for their marketing

Need more? Sure. Here are 23 social media tips to steer your strategy...


10 key metrics for your brand

You can’t manage what you don’t measure…

Marketing assets - 10 key metrics for your brand

Analytics experts talk metrics, and what matters.

How do you prove a marketing campaign success to your boss? In this digital age, marketing has evolved. We’re changing perceptions. Adding an emotional aspect to engagement. Shaping how consumers see brands. 

But, how do we measure these abstract concepts?

Here are some of the 10 key metrics recommended by our experts...

  • Engagement - some might call them vanity metrics - I say, meh! - they’re an effective way to monitor content uptake
  • Daily active users - it’s not how many followers you have, but how many of them are active - loyalists and advocates
  • Qualified views - number of minutes watched will show you viewer behavior and whether they’re watching most, if not all, of your message
  • Conversational data topics - monitor consumers’ conversations to identify your customers, their engagement habits, and their perception of your brand - involve yourself in chats and address issues
  • SEO - the more ‘do follow’ high DA backlinks you have, the more Google will love your website - the better your ranking - the greater your visibility

Dazzle your boss with the metrics that matter...


End of year marketing report template

If you don’t measure your performance, how can you improve it?

Marketing assets - End of year marketing report template

Marketing reporting template - visualization, insights, actions.

End of year reporting helps you reflect on your past year. Understand where and how you’re using your resources, and make data-informed decisions about your strategic plan for next year. 

Our simulated reports contain critical graphs, stats, and analysis to show you what you need to focus on. 

Using Coca-Cola as an example brand, we’ve included the best visualizations to interpret your social data. What insights to include, and how to turn insights into actions

Check out Dan’s blog - How to write your end of year marketing report - for all the fiddly details.


Global state of influencer marketing 2019

By 2020, its estimated that influencer marketing will be worth $5-10 billion. Ready?

Marketing assets - global state of influencer marketing survey

800+ marketing and PR experts share their views on influencer marketing.

Not a passing trend, as voiced by many critics. Influencer marketing delivers 11 times higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing, and a whopping 94% of marketers who use influencer marketing believe the tactic to be effective.  

Influencer marketing works. Big time! Larger audience. Improved brand awareness and trust. Increased conversions and ROI. 

Looking to influencer marketing 2020, it’s gonna get bigger still. But, due to a spate of influencer dodginess - fake engagement, buying followers - micro and nano-influencers will be at the forefront.

To help you find your way, we spoke with 800+ marketing and PR professionals to understand how industry experts are exploiting this lucrative marketing channel. Our report answers many questions, including…

  • How many influencers should a brand employ?
  • How do you find out if an influencer is right for your brand?
  • How much money should be invested in an influencer marketing campaign?
  • What are the best influencer marketing tools?

Along with our experts - @HarryHugoGoat @stedavies @kfreberg - you can use our Influencer Marketing Guide, covering how to plan a campaign, briefing an influencer, and measuring results. 

83% of consumers trust recommendations from peers over brands...


7 deadly wins of influencer marketing

Influencers… taking over the world one follower at a time...

Marketing assets - influencer marketing wins - template

It would be a sin to ignore influencer marketing wins.

Our survey revealed that 69% of survey respondents said influencer marketing is their strategic priority. ONLY 69%! C’mon guys, you should be milking this cash cow.

Remember, influencer marketing delivers 11 times higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing and 94% of marketers who used influencer marketing believe the tactic to be effective. It works. It works big.



eBook | How to build your personalized social media strategy

Plunging the depths of your social media strategy...

MArketing assets - eBook - build your personalized social media strategy

Boost your social media marketing strategy - drive traffic, results, success.

Your social media strategy should be checked and updated regularly. Is it still relevant and bringing results? Did algorithms change? Features update? 

Having a social media strategy will help your brand reach its goals. Increase your follower count. Raise brand awareness. Address consumer pain points. Bringing so much to your brand, that’s why continual evaluation is critical. 

Our Social Media Strategy eBook outlines - in 5 steps - how to create an effective social strategy, that’ll drive traffic, results, and ROI. You’ll find expert advice, templates to automate, trouble-shooting tips, and more…

Pack your trunk, you’re going to Successville!


Social media checklist

Finally!!! A social media checklist...

Marketing assets - social media checklist - free interactive template

Don’t be a victim of social media overload.

1 in 6 consumer messages on social get a response from the brand. A pitiful 17%. Social media is a fast-paced environment, and I appreciate that you’re under pressure.

But… do your followers?

Every day. Every week. Every month. Every quarter. Creating, curating, scheduling, posting, listening, responding, measuring, analyzing, engaging, planning, testing... 

I’ve got your back. My interactive social media checklist is going to save you time, money, and stress. 

Don’t be a victim of social media overload... 


Social media messaging checklist

Are you winging it on social media?

Marketing assets - social media messaging checklist - interactive template

Write for everyone, and no one will hear you.

Stop guessing!!! 

Learn how to write punchy social media messages for every channel. Target the right audience. Score a win. 

My best practices include…

  • Be a tease
  • Don’t be a drama queen
  • Lose weasel words

Cut through the noise, find your voice... 


Video analytics report reveals all

Short-sighted brands struggle with blurred vision...

Marketing assets - video analytics report - finding hidden mentions online

Hidden mentions exposé.

Struggling to find every single mention of your brand?

Text mentions? Easy. 

What about the 50% of brand mentions appearing images and video? Finding those?

Our video analytics report investigates 5 international brands. Revealing the disturbing number of mentions that they’re missing. Examples include...

  • Proving the value of sponsorship can be tricky. Coca-Cola fell flat when it missed visual mentions that would have demonstrated a better ROI, compared to the results reported.
  • Another fizzy pop… Pepsi ignored content that had the potential to go viral. Not viral in a good way, the brand missed negative content and failed to implement its crisis management plan

The big reveal!


Crisis management templates

Before panic sets in...

Marketing assets - crisis management templates

Crisis templates to protect your brand’s reputation.

Hit by a PR crisis, your plan should already be in place. Cos let’s face it folks… it’s not if, but when it’s gonna happen.

Don’t risk your brand’s reputation by being unprepared. Use my crisis templates…

  • Crisis roadmap
  • Crisis plan checklist

“It won’t happen” is shortsighted, naive, laughable...


Video content marketing strategy template

66% more qualified leads per year...

Marketing assets - video content marketing strategy templates - interactive

Online video will make up 80% of all Internet traffic by 2021. You ready?

Now you know how to find visual mentions, isn’t it about time you cracked on with your video marketing strategy?

Video is 50 x more likely to rank on page one in Google, increases conversions by 80%, and boosts brand awareness by 54%. 

Create your strategy!



Free and interactive content, my marketing assets collection examines...

  • How to improve your page ranking on Google
  • Finding your social voice, and cutting through the noise
  • How to earn 11 x higher ROI
  • Increasing conversions by 80%
  • How to find 100% of visual mentions

Want some?

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