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End of year marketing report guide

End of year marketing report guide

A good end of year marketing report isn’t about proving your strategy was a success - goals and KPIs reached. A good EOY annual report should provide actionable insights that ensure next year’s plan is even better. I’m going to show you how to write a marketing report that’ll not only impress your boss, it’ll be a solid foundation for future campaigns...

Download My Free Marketing Report Template

Kiran, from our data storytelling team, has built you a simulated end of year - EOY - marketing report template, to help and inspire you. This post also includes end of year marketing reporting tips and tricks, to ensure your report...

  • Presents all your results comprehensively, in one place
  • Identifies data from multiple sources
  • Demonstrates the role and performance of your marketing team

End of year marketing report - free simulated Talkwalker template

Simulated end of year marketing report template.

As a marketer, part of my role is doing weekly and monthly reporting. Everyone in our team measures performance and results. Why? So we can understand which campaigns are working. What channels are performing. And… what’s failing.

It takes time, sure, but it’s worth it...

  • One of our blog posts is ranking on page one in SERPs, and one is flopping around on page five. Why?
  • Our latest customer case study has a ton of traffic, but isn’t converting. Why?
  • Tweets for our latest campaign aren’t engaging. Why?

You’ll learn what’s working and what isn’t. You can optimize, outreach, improve.

Your end of year marketing report is the culmination of your team’s marketing efforts. It summarizes your successes and failures. These insights will have an impact on your next year’s strategy planning and budget.

Let’s go deeper…

Table of contents

What’s an end of year marketing report?

Your EOY or annual report should include data and performance results from all the platforms you use to promote your brand. Revealing whether you're going in the right direction, or if you need to make improvements.

It’s your roadmap, showcasing your priorities, initiatives from the year that should be dropped, and your short/long-term expectations.

Your EOY marketing report should include…

  • Your marketing strategy - goals and projected outcomes
  • Market and audience research
  • Promotions and events
  • Paid social media advertising

Why you need an annual marketing report

Simple answer. To optimize your marketing strategy for next year.

As I said, we do reporting throughout the year. If we don’t measure our ongoing results, track metrics and goals, we could waste time and money.

Your end of year marketing report will...

  • Show if your marketing strategy is still working or needs updating
  • Justify marketing spending
  • Convince your boss to approve a bigger budget
  • Focus your marketing efforts on the channels that are working
  • Highlight what’s missing from your marketing strategy

Your marketing report will give your team direction. Clear steps as to what happens next.

We’re all pushed for time. When presenting your end of year marketing report to your team, boss, company, make it an easy read. It must be engaging and accessible. A visual presentation. Take a look at our simulated marketing report, and see the best way to present your results.

I Need My Free Marketing Report Template

Okay, let’s get started on your annual marketing report…

Who’s going to read your EOY report?

What you include in your end of year marketing report, will depend on who you’re presenting your report to.

Yes, to understand how effective your marketing campaign strategy is, it’s good to monitor low-level metrics like bounce rate, engagement, and number of mentions. But top management doesn't need these figures. They want the results. How did your engagement increase impact conversion rate? What does this mean for the company’s return on investment?

Your results should lead to your company’s bottom line. For an effective EOY marketing report, tie your social metrics to revenue. Compare key business impact metrics to social results, and demonstrate how social media directly impacts your brand.

End of year marketing report - brand performance - free template

Who’s reading your EOY report?
What do they consider important? Overall brand mentions? Headline mentions?

Data visualization explained

13 milliseconds for our brains to process an image. That’s 60,000 times faster than processing text. Our brains cope with images. We remember them. Data visualization translates complicated datasets into a clear and concise message.

But, that graph you’ve included, demonstrating great results, or valuable peaks of engagement, might not be so clear to someone that hasn’t worked with social media data. They might not have a clue.

Highlight what your audience should focus on. Include insights to explain what the graph is showing graphs.

End of year marketing report - product mentions - free template

Data visualizations translate complex information so it's easier to grasp.
Adding written insights will ensure your audience understands your EOY report.

Provide actionable insights

You’ve presented your graph and highlighted a spike. Great. Ready for the next question?


When writing your end of year marketing report, and highlighting spikes, dips, etc., you have to be ready to explain why....

  • What caused that one blog post in July to get a higher than average engagement rate?
  • Why did you see an increase in traffic to a specific landing page?
  • How did you increase in organic search in Q2?

These are the kind of questions you’ll be asked, and have to be able to answer. Don’t include only data in your report. Provide insights that explain why certain things happened. Be prepared to answer questions. It’ll show your boss that when it works, it works big.

I'll Take My Free Marketing Report Template Now!

End of year marketing report - media coverage - free template

Mentions peaked during the pandemic lockdown.
Add value to your marketing report with insights as to why and how your team responded, to optimize.

Include performance benchmarks

Results don’t mean much when considered on their own.

4,000 free trial requests in Q3 sounds great. But, if your average was 2,000 in Q1 and Q2, now it sounds a whole lot more impressive.

Giving average figures - benchmarks - and year-on-year analysis, it’s easier for readers to see the trends coming from your campaigns. Whether you’re growing month on month or quarter on quarter.

Don’t forget competitor analysis...

Find out if your blog posts are more popular than your competitors. Whose Twitter strategy is more effective? Are your competitors targeting an audience segment that you’re missing?

Those 4,000 free trials sound way more impressive if you can prove that your biggest competitor only brings in 500.

End of year marketing report - media amplification - free template

Monitor your brand’s social media channels. Compare to your main competitors,
to identify where they’re performing better than you, and work to improve.

Turn insights into actions

The last stage is to take all you’ve learned from your report, and turn it into action points for next year.

Don’t limit yourself to what worked, and repeat. Dig deeper into why your marketing campaigns were successful. Then, integrate those success points into your marketing strategy.

You must also look at what didn’t work, and plan how to avoid such issues in the future. Proactively tackle the pain points your brand faced. Also, consider the issues facing your industry as a whole, so you can shape next year’s digital marketing plan effectively.

The secret of a great end of year marketing report isn’t to show how effective your plan was. But to show that you can repeat it, again and again and again...

End of year marketing report - action points for next year - free template

Including action points in your end of year marketing report, ensure that the analysis brings value to next year’s marketing strategy.

Your free EOY marketing report template

Stop putting it off.

Get working on your end-of-year marketing report now. Even if you haven’t got all your previous year’s data, you can decide which visuals to include, and gather those vital early-year insights.

Don’t forget to download your simulated report...

End of year marketing report - free simulated Talkwalker template