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One of the perks of working for the top social listening and analytics platform on the market is that we get to be the first to try its new features. Here are 4 ways the Talkwalker marketing team uses Paid Social to optimize its digital campaigns and have a holistic view of its paid, owned and earned media (including real-life examples from our most recent global campaign!): 

#1 Added visibility & control on campaign performance and monitoring

#2 Content ideation across paid ads & organic content

#3 Faster, automated reporting across all channels

#4 Brand protection from harmful comments on ads

#1 Added visibility & control on campaign performance and monitoring

Social media advertising results for a given digital campaign

When you have direct access to both organic and paid social media within your campaign dashboard, there is no need to wait for data to be shared by other stakeholders, such as your PPC manager or your content marketing team. You can track in real-time the performance of your content on all social channels and markets, and optimize your strategy where needed.

Example from our very own Talkwalker marketing team: In a recent global campaign pushing our Social Media Trends report, Akiko, our marketing manager for Japan, realized two days into the campaign that the local ads for her market were underperforming compared to both campaign and local benchmarks.

Yet she saw that the overall campaign was thriving in terms of earned mentions, organic reach and sentiment, and lead generation. Thanks to this unified information, she was able to quickly adapt and create new content and visuals for the campaign ads that put her paid KPIs back on track

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#2 Content ideation across paid ads and organic content for better ROI

Linkedin ad

Brands tend to spend up to 20% of their digital marketing budget on social ads. When it comes to social media advertising, you want to get the most out of every dollar you invest while targeting the right customers. Thanks to a unified social campaign dashboard, you will be able to identify the most engaging messages for each social network, optimize ad spend, and make sure this content reaches your target audience.

How do we do this at Talkwalker? Your best performing organic posts can easily be transformed into Twitter, Instagram or Facebook ads. By having all of our digital campaign data available in a single dashboard, Alex, our Pay Per Click (PPC) account manager, is able to identify the best performing organic copy on owned and earned channels, and quickly repurpose it into high performing ads tailored to regional markets.

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#3 Faster, automated campaign reporting for all channels

Owned earned paid data in one campaign dashboard

Do away with the Excel sheets that have to be integrated at the end of each marketing campaign. Having all of your social data available in one place will allow you to save on manual labor spent chasing data in different places, especially if your digital campaigns involve more than one team within your company.

 How do we do this at Talkwalker?  At Talkwalker, our field marketing team is active on thirteen regional markets and five continents - it used to take days for our local managers & our team lead to consolidate owned, earned and paid data to get a full picture of the campaign. Now Nora, our Field Marketing team lead, gets an automated report in her inbox at the end of each campaign - saving hours for her team and our PPC manager.

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#4 Brand protection from harmful comments on ads

Negative comments social ads

In 2020, it has never been more important to identify content that doesn’t resonate with your audience and may cause reputational damage to your brand. With Talkwalker’s Paid Social add-on, you’ll be able to easily detect inappropriate or negative comments, and instruct the responsible team to stop the ad or moderate the discussion.

How about the Talkwalker marketing team? Unfortunately, our social media marketing and ad teams do not speak all the languages we publish in! This is why we created sentiment-based alerts, the same that we have in place through our regular social listening set-up, that go out to our community manager Meg or, based on the language, to our local field marketer to speed up our reaction time to harmful comments. 

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