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All with one simple mission in mind: we want to help brands effortlessly guide effective decision making.

Key Summer 2022 release highlights

  • Anticipate changes in consumer behavior with industry-first predictive analytics
  • Break down data silos with Intelligence Hub
  • Augment your analysis with better access to the world’s largest social media platforms

A window into the future, with predictive analytics

Brands who aren’t harnessing the power of predictive analytics are not preparing for the future. They risk losing share of voice and falling behind competitors, or shaping strategies that don’t have the intended impact by failing to capitalize on new trends. But what do we mean by predictive analytics, and how can you take advantage of it to ensure you stay relevant? Essentially, it’s the combination of advanced data science techniques and artificial intelligence applied to historical and real-time data points to predict future outcomes.

As part of our predictive analytics capabilities, we’re introducing an industry-first Forecasting feature*. Powerful, accurate, and using the latest advancements in machine learning methodologies; our supremely sophisticated predictive models combine millions of data points from social, online, and news sources. Our AI picks out patterns in the data unidentifiable to the human eye to project movements in key KPIs such as results, engagement and reach up to 90 days in the future.

Talkwalker Forecasting - Predictive Analytics example

The evolution of results, engagement and reach can be forecast up to 90 days into the future.

Why it matters

Our in-house predictive models work on a massive scale, generating over 900 billion predictions every month to give you valuable indications on how certain topics, posts or campaigns might resonate with consumers globally, enabling you to more effectively optimize your marketing strategies.

Let’s look at an example.

Excitement. Anticipation. Anxiety. These are just a few of the human emotions evoked from the moment you publish the content you’ve been working on for the past weeks or even months. Once unleashed into the wild, content is instantly preyed on by thousands, maybe millions of consumers. Countless digital behaviors are triggered, from thumbs hovering over Like buttons, to impulsive retweeting. Or maybe it’s gone the other way, and the thumbs are rapidly sliding down the screen after barely a glance.

Talkwalker Forecasting allows you to test hypotheses and ultimately inform and shape your content strategy. Confirm your hunches, reduce content waste and associated costs, and give your content the best possible chance of success in this increasingly competitive landscape.  

Example of Talkwalker's new predictive analytics innovation

Another visualization option for Forecasting within the Talkwalker platform.

Break data silos with Intelligence Hub

As consumer intelligence becomes the norm across organizations, and several teams learn to collaborate on platforms such as Talkwalker, there is an opportunity to bring together intelligence that provides key stakeholders with a view of the bigger picture they need to make decisions that drive brand growth. High performing companies are also looking for better governance to ensure data collection and analysis translates into business impact.

That’s why we’re introducing Intelligence Hub*, a centralized place where all the data from your different workspaces can be visualized, making it easy to create organization-wide dashboards and management scorecards that drive real impact, and break data silos.

Why it matters

For the first time, you’ll be able to seamlessly centralize all the insights you discover across geographies, teams and departments to give you the best view of your business and guide decision making.

Within Intelligence Hub you’ll now be able to consolidate your results on industry topics, brands, products, influencers, or competitors. That means that insights learned from external data can be cross referenced with internal customer data, or quick comparisons between how one brand or product might be performing in the US compared to Asia or Europe can be easily brought together and then reported to those who need to know, so decisions can be made quicker, and more confidently.

What’s more, Intelligence Hub will be the one place where you can set topic, filter and channel libraries that can be leveraged across your teams, in the workspace you select, so that your teams have a common approach to data analysis. No more duplicate work on topic queries, no more duplicate or broken dashboards.   

Win your category with improved data collection on the world’s largest social networks

Getting to the insights that matter is impossible without first pulling in a strong range and depth of data from the most relevant sources for your business. That’s why we’re improving the way in which we collect data from the most important social networks across the globe.

First up, Instagram

Talkwalker is introducing a new way of capturing the best possible Instagram data available. Until today, you needed to specify the Instagram channels and hashtags you wished to monitor, which was time consuming and limited the amount of results that could be returned in your workspace. We’re now enabling you to select a list of pages that you want to monitor yourself, effortlessly upload your own predefined list of channels and pages, or take advantage of a predetermined selection curated by region or industry and developed by experts at Talkwalker. Importantly, engagement metrics are updated daily, meaning you’re always up to date with the most recent changes in consumer behavior.  

Why it matters

Instagram is a critical source of content for brands, with over 1 billion monthly active users and 95 million photos and videos shared daily, it's the world’s largest image and video sharing platform. Our new data collection process provides you with more of the most relevant conversations related to your brand, products, industry, and competitors than ever before. This means that finding influencers, gaining a deeper understanding of consumers, and identifying emerging trends is made a whole lot more straightforward.

Apply Talkwalker’s unique AI-powered image and video recognition, and you can go that one step further. You’ll find up to 30% more brand mentions to help protect brand reputation, and Talkwalker’s proprietary visual analysis can help you understand more about what consumers associate with your brand to inform content creation. 

More from Asia's biggest social networks

We’re continuing to expand our coverage on Asia’s most important social networks. The last few years have seen a rise in innovative social platforms originating from Asia, and it has rapidly established itself as a key strategic market for global brands. We already offer our clients industry best coverage of Weibo, in addition to WeChat and key publications from the region. Now, we’re making it easier for you to monitor key topics, brands, and influencers on two of Asia’s most heavily used platforms, Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) and Douyin. Until now you were only able to query a predefined list of keywords associated with certain industries, meaning key conversations that could give you valuable insight didn’t appear on your radar. So what’s changed? You can now monitor whatever you like; any account, any keyword, any industry.

Why it matters

Xiaohongshu, commonly known as ‘Little Red Book’ or simply ‘RED’ is a social and e-commerce platform that claims up to 200 million users globally. Users tend to seek product reviews and recommendations from key influencers. Significantly, consumers can purchase the goods that are recommended from within the app, and they are doing so in numbers with over $23 million spent by consumers to date. Not only is it a vital source of consumer intelligence, but the consumer’s finessed journey from product discovery to in-app purchase, and the significance that influencers play within that journey, offers a huge opportunity for brands to capitalize on.   

Douyin is China's TikTok, a short form video sharing platform with 600M active daily users, it's quickly becoming a source of consumer insight you can’t afford to ignore.

Improved access to the public available data on these platforms helps you to uncover a whole new bank of conversations that when analyzed could inform key decision making around content, optimize your influencer marketing strategy, supercharge your competitor intelligence efforts, or pick up on issues that could be seen by a rapidly growing consumer base in the region. 

There’s more: Quick Search on mobile, Social Card, channel measurement, and privacy


  • Quick Search and Filters are now live on our mobile app, meaning you now have access to unlimited search on the go. Not downloaded it yet? It’s available on IOS and Android today. 
  • More easily identify your brand’s top social media posts with our new Social Card, allowing you to customize your key results metrics in a single easy to view display.
  • Stronger security and better privacy for you and your customers with additional safeguards added to Talkwalker shared dashboards.  
  • Gain a more comprehensive view of your social media initiatives, and those of your competitors, with TikTok and YouTube data added to your Social Channel Measurement IQ app.

* Only available with specific Talkwalker packages.

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