3 product updates to jumpstart your 2022 Talkwalker

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Our highlights

  1. More data from Asia Pacific at your fingertips.
  2. Your mention spikes, detected. Automatically.
  3. The little things that enhance your experience with Talkwalker.  

1. More data from Asia Pacific at your fingertips.

Consumers from Asia not only represent a diverse market, but are also an opportunity of $10 trillion in consumption growth by 2030, according to McKinsey. Tapping into this market, and driving successful campaigns, requires reliable consumer insights, which tend to be found where consumers interact most. With a growing number of conversations taking place online, it's important for brands to have access to the most popular sites in the Asia Pacific region. 

Thanks to this new data source addition (Weibo.com), we are now able to tap into China’s most popular microblogging site and Asia’s largest public social network. Weibo has an active community of more than 550M+ users and millions of posts per day, which provides brands with an excellent opportunity to capture their audiences’ voice. Weibo’s data is available as an add-on for any of the Talkwalker packages, and after enablement, results from this social network will flow directly into your pre-existing topics.


With data from Weibo.com, you now have greater coverage in China, and the Asia Pacific region overall.

Why it matters: This new source will complement already available sources in Talkwalker such as WeChat, Douyin, and Little Red Book, to give a comprehensive view of audiences across the Asia Pacific region. This extensive coverage will give you a competitive advantage over other brands in your industry, who do not have access to these conversations.

With Weibo, you will now have access to what consumers are saying about you, or your products, in real time. With accurate sentiment analysis on posts, it will be easier to understand how consumers feel towards your brand. You will be able to uncover new trends and influencers through Weibo's millions of daily posts, bringing your brand closer to your consumers and raising the level of engagement.

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2. Your mention spikes, detected. Automatically.

Every new release of our product includes features that simplify the process of gathering insights each day. The new Peak Detection feature does just that, across our line graphs, which plot data points, such as mentions or engagement, over a specific timeframe. 

This new option allows you to automatically detect the highest peaks in your “over time” widgets. This is the first in a series of new AI-enabled features as a result of new descriptive and predictive machine learning models that have been developed by our data science team to drive our Consumer Intelligence Acceleration Platform.

Why it matters: Avoiding the need to find every peak, allows you to quickly see what is driving the most mentions or engagement from your campaigns, products, and overall brand. With the platform highlighting the outliers in these graphs, you can focus on finding out what caused these anomalies, saving time on your insight gathering that can be used to take your brand to the next level. 

Results over time - Peak Annotation

Identify outliers in your line graphs automatically and focus on finding what caused these anomalous events.


3. The little things that enhance your experience with Talkwalker. 

As a heavy platform user, I get excited about enhancements to the platform’s features. Talkwalker gives a lot of importance to making the user experience as smooth as possible, and sometimes that comes through modifications that do not get noticed by all. Personally, these two upgrades have given me back minutes of my day to spend more time analyzing insights, than finding them.

The first of these changes is a revamp of the layout of our filter menu. It sounds simple, but other than being visually appealing, I find that it allows for more opportunities to segment your results, by showing Talkwalker’s multiple filters in a full screen view. This makes it easier to find the best option to narrow down your searches.

The new layout of the filter menu makes it possible to find the right filter from our exhaustive list.

The second is an enhancement to our Widget Wizard, which we launched in our fall release of 2021. With this upgrade, you can now create blank dashboards and reports, and add the widgets at a later stage. 

Widget Wizard

The Widget Wizard upgrade allows you to create blank dashboards and reports, and add even more widgets directly from your dashboard.

Why it matters: These two enhancements will not only allow you to fine tune your analysis in an easier way, but also provide you with faster solutions to day-to-day platform interactions. With a new filter list, it's now easier to navigate through our exhaustive list of filters. Our Widget Wizard will give you the possibility to find more insights, with fewer widgets, making your narratives more concise. Additionally, there’s no longer a need to go back and forth between Analytics and your dashboards when preparing a last-minute report.

What now? 

Our ultimate goal is to give you all the actionable insights you need to take your brand further. If you’re curious about what the product updates look like, or you haven’t experienced our platform yet, you can request a free demo below.

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