Free Twitter analytics tools - with views from experts

Free Twitter analytics tools - with views from experts

Tweets. 6,000 per second. 350,000 per minute. 500M per day. 200B per year. YIKES! That's a heap of social media data. Tweets include ads, customer gripes, political rants, jokes, product reviews, and more. Valuable insights that will benefit your brand. Twitter analytics tools will identify and analyze this data. Use them!

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What are Twitter analytics?

Are your marketing messages working? Are users engaging with them? Twitter analytics will show you whether you're being listened to. Whether your marketing messages are hitting their target. You're gonna need a tool. There's way too much social media data to handle, without the right tool. So... quick shout out for our Free Social Search. Yes, FREE! Forever!

Twitter analytics tools - Free Social Search

Free Social Search - track top hashtags & analyze which channels winning.

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Using Twitter analytics tools means you'll have access to stats and insights that'll evaluate your Twitter performance. Measure and boost your impact on Twitter. Your impact, and that of your competitors.

Insights include:

  • Engagement rate - posts earning retweets, replies, follows, likes, love
  • Type of engagement - retweets or likes - value vs appreciation
  • What time of day users are most engaged - clicks, retweets, replies
  • Which day of the week users are most engaged
  • Best posting time to maximize impressions - when most will see a tweet
  • Influencers sharing your content
  • Hashtag comparisons - which hashtags are performing well
  • Average tweet performance for benchmarking - hitting your targets
  • Followers' interests - target your content
  • Trends - peaks and troughs - causes
  • Overview of monthly performance - top tweets, mentions, followers

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Why are Twitter analytics important?

The more you know about your performance on Twitter - your audience, your competitors - the better you'll be able to leverage the social media platform's immense power in your online campaigns.

Using Twitter analytics tools will reveal:

  • How many users are really seeing your tweets
  • If your paid promos are working or bleeding money
  • How users are engaging with your tweets
  • Which style works - image, GIF, long, short - copy the winners
  • Your followers - interests, location, gender, language, who your followers follow

Know your followers

You want your content to hit home, but how will you know what to target if you don't know your audience? Age, gender, language, time zone, income.

You can also target segments of your followers according to interests, device, behavior, and keywords.

What content works?

Just because you can use 280 characters, doesn't mean you should. There's no limit to how many hashtags you can use, but don't get trigger-happy. Find what works for your brand and for your audience.

  • Keep tweets short and simple, despite the increase character limitation. Ideal length is 20-40 characters with an image.

40 amazing Twitter stats to inspire your social marketing strategy.

  • Tweets with images get 150% more retweets, and increase click-through by 18%
  • Tweets with one hashtag are 69% more likely to be retweeted than those with two
  • Users are 25% more likely to retweet if the URL is in the middle of a tweet
  • Want more Twitter stats?

When should I post?

Tweets are the mayflies of the social media world. When tweeting, picking the optimum time can be the difference between going viral, or going down the pan.

There's no best practice for how many times a day to tweet. But, tweets live a short life. Whatever you do, being consistent is important. Seven times on Monday, once on Tuesday - you'll quickly lose followers. Use Twitter analytics tools to find out what frequency rate works best for your brand.

Check the location/time zone of your followers to identify the best time of day. Tweeting during sleep-time is never going to bring much engagement.

Are your ads working?

Don't throw good money after bad. Twitter ad campaigns or boosting tweets, you need to understand what's working.

Find what's working, then do it again, and again...

Find your top tweets - most retweets, likes, shares - and understand why they're working so well. Image? GIF? Hashtag?

Okay, let's talk tools...

Free Twitter analytics tools

Analyzing this huge amount of social media data can be a pain in the a*s. To do it well, you'll need the best Twitter analytics tools on the market.

Smaller companies, start-ups, or businesses looking at how/if social listening could benefit their business, cheaper or free tools are a great place to start.

To save you trawling through the thousands of Twitter analytics tools available, I've put together a list of the best tools on the market. I've included views from industry experts to help you with your decision making.

Just before I start my list, I can't promise that a tool that's currently free will remain free forever. Most do offer free trials, and it's a good place to start.

Free Social Search | Hashtag tracking

Talkwalker free social search - Twitter analytics tools

Free Social Search - take it for a whirl!

Biased? Of course. Honest? Always.

Talkwalker does offer a paid social listening platform, but we also have cracking free tools. Free Social Search is the one I'm going to show you today. What does it do?

  • Hashtag tracking - research top hashtags and find the best fit for your content, while keeping an eye on your competitors’ hashtags

  • Campaign tracking - identify where your campaign is making an impact on social media platforms, online news, blogs, and forum - allocate your resources accordingly

  • Event performance - find real-time insights about your event from what's being talked about to the most popular posts by using your event hashtag

  • Brand reputation - reveal KPI metrics that include mentions, sentiment, engagement, and reach over the last seven days, or minute by minute

Twitter analytics tools - Free Social Search

See a snapshot of your campaigns across all major channels and countries.

"I have only recently started using Talkwalker but I've been impressed thus far. Talkwalker gives you a lot of features for a free tool - Free Social Search - and I love that you can look at different metrics such as sentiment, demographics, performance, etc. I will be using the tool for researching other users as well as keeping an eye on my own Twitter account. I really like the visual layout as it provides a quick and easy way to check out various metrics without the need for working with complex data."
Kerry Butters (@kesbutters) - Founder and CEO of markITwrite Digital and a prolific tech and digital marketing writer and influencer

Twitonomy | Track followers

Twitter analytics tools

User profile stats - followers, following, keywords, lists.

This Twitter analytics tool has a free and a paid version.

The free version of Twitonomy has several awesome features:

  • Track your followers - historical data on Twitter stats that monitor the growth of your followers - yesterday, last week, last month. You can also pull insights on your followers and influencers

Twitter analytics tools - Twitonomy

Followers insights - number of tweets, followers, following, lists.

  • Analyze any Twitter profile - analytics on tweets, retweets, mentions, hashtags, replies

Twitter analytics tools - Twitonomy

Check any public profile and pull out usage stats.

  • Monitor users, lists, and keywords - watch your favorite users and lists, or anyone using a particular keyword
  • Download tweets, mentions, retweets, favorites, and reports to Excel or PDF

As free Twitter analytics tools go, it's awesome! Providing a huge amount of different statistics.

The paid version brings full access to search analytics for hashtags. It's one of the few tools that shows the evolution of a hashtag from:

  • Number of tweets
  • Potential reach
  • Most influential users
  • Most active users

You'll also find:

  • Top related hashtags
  • Interactive map
  • Most retweeted tweets
  • Most favorited tweets using a particular hashtag
  • Geolocation of your audience
  • Analytics about your followers and the accounts you follow

"Twitonomy App is by far one of the most valuable Twitter analytics tools I’ve ever used. It gives you everything you need to analyze what is working and not working. It gives you everything from mentions, replies, lists, most influential users, and even the time that you get the most engagement. The best part is it allows you to pull all of the data and put it into visual graphs. It analyzes your followers as well so that you can use the data to increase engagement."
Jack Kosakowski (@JackKosakowski1) - Social selling eBRANDgelist and Regional Sales Manager at @ActOnSoftware, Social Media Advisor for Chill

Twitter Analytics | Profile data

Twitter analytics tool

In built analytics tools mean you can be confident the data is accurate.

Twitter Analytics is THE Twitter analytics tool, and one of the best things about getting data from the social network that produces it, is that you can be confident the data is accurate.

Twitter Analytics only reveals data about profiles you own (no competitive intelligence – DOH!) but the breakdown of month by month top-line stats is a great way to track how you’re performing over time.

Click on the "Tweets" tab and you’ll get an in-depth view of how your individual tweets have performed.

"Being a writer who spends every waking moment flitting between writing, researching and tweeting it’s great to have such an easy and accessible tool. With Twitter being my biggest outlet for sharing content it’s vital that I can see which posts are well-received and gain the most engagement so that I can more effectively alter my strategy regularly to meet the needs of my readers. With one click of a button you can see all the metrics you need, which is worth its weight in gold.”
Kerry Butters (@kesbutters) - Founder and CEO of markITwrite Digital and a prolific tech and digital marketing writer and influencer

"Twitter Analytics gives you fantastic insight into your audience and the content they value most. It provides data on clicks, engagement, impressions and also offers demographic and interest data on your followers so you can get an excellent snapshot of who is connecting with you or your brand."
Laura Click (@lauraclick) - Founder & CEO of Blue Kite Marketing

Mentionmapp | Influencer map

Twitter analytics tools - Mentionmapp

Mentionmapp shows connections to user profiles and hashtags that have been mentioned by the central user.

Mentionmapp provides a different, way more visual form of analysis compared to a lot of Twitter analytics tools. There are numbers available, but it's great to be able to see who’s interacting with your tweets and who’s interacting with the tweets of your top influencers. You can create an influence map of your Twitter feed and those that you interact with.

It shows how to maximize the impact of your Twitter activity. Bonus!

You can look at the activity of any Twitter feed. This means you get a clear picture of the activity surrounding your competitors.

Twitter analytics tools - Mentionmapp

Retweetcloud shows user profiles that have retweeted the current user in focus - red = positive, green = negative, & neutral.

"Mentionmapp is an excellent network exploring tool to see how people are interacting and what hashtags they are using. Once logged you can search for a specific Twitter user and then you will see a highlighted map that shows a web on who they are engaging with and what hashtags they are using. This tool is a great asset when you want to find and follow social influencers in a specific industry. It can help you find a community around your product or service."
Shane Barker (@shane_barker) - Digital Strategist and Social Media Consultant, | Analyze competitors

Twitter analytics tools - Foller me

Real-time data about topics, mentions, hashtags, followers, locations, etc., for any public Twitter profile. is a Twitter analytics tool that helps you understand what topics your competitors are talking about. It also provides other statistics that include:

  • Profile of user - join date, location, tweets and followers' stats
  • Topics - tag cloud showing words used by users

Twitter analytics tools - Foller me

Checking out Donald Trump's Twitter profile.

  • Hashtags - used by users
  • Mentions - user profiles that the user has interacted with
  • Analytis of last 100 tweets - replies, tweets with @mentions, hashtags, retweets, etc.
  • Emoji usage - happy tweets vs sad tweets
  • Activity time - based on most recent tweets - when the user is offline/asleep

If you're someone who loves working with numbers and text rather than graphs and charts, is the tool for you.

Like Twitonomy,, lets you analyze the Twitter activity of any account, not just your own. This makes it an ideal Twitter analytics tool for competitive intelligence.

" is an exciting tool that will review a Twitter users profile and latest tweets and put them in “tag clouds” so you review and see which are most popular. This is extremely helpful when you are looking to grow your community and you want to find the influencers that might like your products or services. You can then engage and start a conversation know what that influencers like to talk about and when to engage them."
Shane Barker (@shane_barker) - Digital Strategist and Social Media Consultant,

SocialRank | Find valuable followers

Twitter analytics tools - SocialRank

Understand your Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The SocialRank Twitter analytics tool pulls in your audience and their profiles, then provides analysis so you can understand how they're working. The insights fount about your followers means you can find, monitor, and engage with the best people on Twitter.

Features include:

  • Segment your audience with sorting and filtering
  • Create custom lists and export to CSV or PDF
  • Find most influential followers
  • Find most engaged followers - frequency of retweets, mentions, replies, likes
  • Find best followers - combo of most influential and most engaged
  • Find most followed
  • Filter by bio keyword, hashtag, location, activity

The data that SocialRank pulls from Twitter make it a great analytics tool for influencer marketing.

“Users can receive monthly reports on how their top 10 followers in each category have changed, as well as set up filters to distinguish between brands and individuals.”

"The combination of swag and influence measurement might remind you of Klout Perks, but again, SocialRank is less concerned with measuring general influence and more with finding the value in the people who already follow you.”
Anthony Ha (@anthonyha) - Author, TechCrunch

Bluenod | Find influencers

Twitter analytics tools - Bluenod

Find influencers with Twitter visualization.

Bluenod is one of those Twitter Analytics tools that works with visuals, allowing you to see your Twitter interactions on an interactive map. This means you can easily identify influencers and manage your Twitter community.

Enter a username or hashtag and you’ll see a global picture of any community related to the user or the people using the hashtag. Used by community managers and PR experts, Bluenod gives you the information to find and target the right people.

Bluenod has stunning visuals and Twitter maps, which can be exported as a spreadsheet and shared across your business, your social networks, your website, and your communities.

Features include:

  • Visualize any hashtag or Twitter account
  • Access all your influencers in one place
  • Manage and export influencer lists
  • Core information displayed in dashboard
  • Analyze custom time periods
  • Export data - tweets, users, lists
  • Share your Twitter map with your communities
  • Embed your communites on your blog or website

Bluenod originally offered a free plan. Unfortunately, now you have to pay. But, there’s a 14-day free trial. Give it a go!

Twitter analytics tools - Bluenod

Take a look at the demo video. It's awesome!

"Bluenod is primarily a tool for finding top influencers in your field. The tool allows you to visualize Twitter communities that highlight influencers, and their networks. It’s a great tool for building a bigger, stronger community."

“101 of the top #Twitter tools - @BlueNod is one of the top #SocialMedia influence apps via @lilachbullock”
Lilach Bullock (@lilachbullock) – Professional Speaker, Lead Conversion Expert, Social Media Specialist,

Followerwonk | Optimize Twitter campaigns

Twitter analytics tools - Followerwonk

Compare your social graph with competitors, consumers, and industry leaders.

Followerwonk - Moz - lets you analyze any Twitter account. Yep, I mean competitors. Find out what's working for them and optimize your Twitter marketing strategy. Identify new influencers in your industry and engage.

Features include:

  • Identify the location of followers on a map
  • Times when an account's followers have been active
  • Search bios for keywords

Twitter analytics tools - Followerwonk

Sign up for unlimited searches, download reports, and compare and analyze larger accounts.

  • Find the social authority of accounts
  • Follower counts

There's a free plan with limited access, plus two paid plans to suit any need.

Followerwonk data gives you insights that'll help you optimize your social online presence, increase brand awareness, and customer loyalty.

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"Some of the best opportunities for link building can be found on social networks." "The first step to using the tool is to find influencers in your niche. After you target these influencers and build a relationship, the opportunity for gaining a backlink is much greater."
Neil Patel (@neilpatel), Co-Founder of @CrazyEgg, columnist for Forbes & Huffington Post

Hootsuite Insights | Analyze social media platforms

Hootsuite Insights will automatically analyze all your social media platforms - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. Also, news sites, forums, and blogs. It'll find insights on influencers, stories, trends, and sentiment.

Twitter analytics tools - Hootsuite

List to conversations about your brand in real-time.

Discover how users feel about your brand, products, and services. You can then filter by location, language, and gender.

You can also monitor by keyword. For example, set up Twitter mentions to show tweets that contain positive sentiment. Use words like - loving it, cool, awesome, thanks, great tool. You can also do the same for emoji - thumbs up, clapping, smiley face.

Twitter analytics tools - Hootsuite

Number of mentons, gender distribution, overall sentiment, conversation map.

"If you are looking for a tool that lets you manage all of your social media accounts and presence in a single place, and collaborate as a team on them, then Hootsuite should be at the top of your list to investigate." "The company keeps investing in enhancements to its platform. Hootsuite just keeps getting better. And that’s not always true with products."
Anita Campbell (@smallbiztrends) | Founder and Publisher of Small Business Trends

A clear picture with Twitter analytics tools

Twitter is a valuable resource for all marketers and the data produced on Twitter will help you understand the impact that your Twitter activity is having. And, the impact that your competitors are having. You'll be able to pull out insights that'll give you what you need to improve your online marketing campaigns. To engage more with your followers. To prove ROI. Using these Twitter analytics tools, you're sure you’re never out of the loop.

Free social media checklist

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