Free Twitter Analytics Tools - With Views From Experts

Free Twitter Analytics Tools - With Views From Experts

Twitter produces the largest volume of social data – 500M tweets posted every day! Tweets that include adverts, customer complaints, political rants, jokes, product reviews, and more. This volume of data makes Twitter analytics invaluable. When it comes to social media analytics, Twitter provides more data than other social networks, try as they might compete.

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What are Twitter Analytics?

The insights resulting from Twitter analytics reveal whether your marketing messages are working or not. You’ll have access to data and stats that gauge the performance of your social media marketing, plus that of your competitors. These insights are represented on Twitter with likes, retweets, tweet impressions, favorites, and replies – i.e., engagement.

What are the Benefits of Using Twitter Analytics Tools?

The better you know your Twitter audience, the easier it will be to engage them. Use a Twitter analytics tools to reveal the demographics. You can find out gender, locations, top interests, languages, and who your followers follow. This data will help identify what content to create and share on Twitter and when to share it. Time zones will let you know the best time to post because it’s when your followers are online.

Knowing which content resonates with your audience means you can replicate your success. What was your top-performing tweet? Why did it work? Did it use an image, humor, which hashtag, CTA, etc? Analyze all the data and you’ll be able to create more engaging content for your followers that will boost engagement, drive traffic, and bring new followers.

Free Twitter Analytics Tools

Analyzing this huge amount of data can be tricky and to do it well you need the best Twitter analytics tools available. Obviously, you get the most accurate and powerful analytics from a paid tool. Dare I mention Talkwalker? Yes, I dare! But, if you're a smaller company, a start-up, or you’re trying to work out how social listening can benefit your business, free Twitter analytics tools are very handy.

To save you trawling through the hundreds of Twitter analytics tools out there, we’re going to list the best tools on the market. We’ve also included views from industry experts.

(Note: Many of these tools also have paid versions available)

Twitonomy - Digging Deep

Twitonomy analytic tool

The free version of Twitonomy gives you Twitter analytics and insights. It can analyze tweets and retweets, replies, hashtags, mentions, links, followers, and users you’re following. It also covers tweets per day of the week and hours of the day. As free Twitter analytics tools go, it offers a huge amount of different statistics for your account.

The paid version brings full access to search analytics for hashtags. This Twitter analytics tool shows the evolution of a hashtag from the number of tweets, potential reach, most influential users, as well as most active users. There’s more… you’ll see top related hashtags, an interactive map, and lists of the most retweeted and most favorited tweets using the particular hashtag. The geolocation feature lets you know where your audience comes from. Twitonomy also lets you monitor and collect analytics about your followers and the accounts you follow.

Jack Kosakowski (@JackKosakowski1) - Social selling eBRANDgelist and Regional Sales Manager at @ActOnSoftware, Social Media Advisor for Chill

"Twitonomy App is by far one of the most valuable Twitter analytics tools I’ve ever used. It gives you everything you need to analyze what is working and not working. It gives you everything from mentions, replies, lists, most influential users, and even the time that you get the most engagement. The best part is it allows you to pull all of the data and put it into visual graphs. It analyzes your followers as well so that you can use the data to increase engagement."

Twitter Analytics - Simple, Precise, & Totally Free!

Twitter analytics tool

Twitter Analytics is THE Twitter analytics tool, and one of the best things about getting data from the social network that produces it, is that you can be confident the data is accurate.

Twitter Analytics only reveals data about profiles you own (no competitive intelligence – DOH!) but the breakdown into month by month top-line stats is a great way to track how you’re performing over time. Click on the "Tweets" tab and you’ll get an in-depth view of how your individual tweets have performed.

Kerry Butters (@kesbutters) - Founder and CEO of markITwrite Digital and a prolific tech and digital marketing writer and influencer

"Being a writer who spends every waking moment flitting between writing, researching and tweeting it’s great to have such an easy and accessible tool. With Twitter being my biggest outlet for sharing content it’s vital that I can see which posts are well-received and gain the most engagement so that I can more effectively alter my strategy regularly to meet the needs of my readers. With one click of a button you can see all the metrics you need, which is worth its weight in gold.”

Laura Click (@lauraclick) - Founder & CEO of Blue Kite Marketing

"Twitter Analytics gives you fantastic insight into your audience and the content they value most. It provides data on clicks, engagement, impressions and also offers demographic and interest data on your followers so you can get an excellent snapshot of who is connecting with you or your brand."

Mentionmapp - A Tool with a View

Mentionmapp analytics tool

Mentionmapp provides a different, more visual form of analysis compared to the other Twitter analytics tools mentioned in this post. Although there are some numbers available, the real benefit is being able to see both who’s interacting with your tweets and who’s interacting with the tweets of your top influencers. The idea is to create an influence map of both your own Twitter feed and those that you interact with. This is an excellent way to work out how to maximize the impact of your Twitter activity. Bonus! You can look at the activity of any Twitter feed; this means you can get an idea of the activity surrounding your competitors.

Shane Barker (@shane_barker) - Digital Strategist and Social Media Consultant,

"Mentionmapp is an excellent network exploring tool to see how people are interacting and what hashtags they are using. Once logged you can search for a specific Twitter user and then you will see a highlighted map that shows a web on who they are engaging with and what hashtags they are using. This tool is a great asset when you want to find and follow social influencers in a specific industry. It can help you find a community around your product or service."

Talkwalker Free Social Search - Yes, it's Free!

Talkwalker free social search

Modesty usually prevents us including our tools and features in these lists but we received a comment from one of our influencers, and it's our blog, so we're sharing. Talkwalker is primarily a paid enterprise social listening platform but we have a free version. It's called Free Social Search. What does it do?

  • Hashtag tracking - research top hashtags and find the best fit for your content and keep an eye on competitor hashtags.
  • Campaign tracking - find out where your campaign is making an impact on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, online news, blogs, and forum. Then allocate your resources accordingly.
  • Event performance - get real-time insights about your event from what's being talked about to the most popular posts using your event hashtag.
  • Brand reputation - reveal KPI metrics that include mentions, sentiment, engagement, and reach over the last seven days, or even minute by minute.

Kerry Butters (@kesbutters) - Founder and CEO of markITwrite Digital and a prolific tech and digital marketing writer and influencer

"I have only recently started using Talkwalker but I’ve been impressed thus far. Talkwalker gives you a lot of features for a free tool (Note: Talkwalker is primarily a paid tool that has a free version) and I love that you can look at different metrics such as sentiment, demographics, performance etc. I will be using the tool for researching other users as well as keeping an eye on my own Twitter account. I really like the visual layout as it provides a quick and easy way to check out various metrics without the need for working with complex data."

Free campaign & hashtag tracking. Try it now! - What are my Competitors Talking About? analytics tool is a great Twitter analytics tool if you want to understand what topics your competitors are talking about. It also provides other statistics that include:

  • Profile data for a user
  • Topics – general topics your competitors are talking about
  • Hashtags – the most popular hashtags used by a user
  • Mentions – user profiles that a particular user has interacted with
  • Analysis of the last 100 tweets

If you a person who prefers to work with numbers and text rather than graphs or charts, is perfect. Rather than the bar, line, and pie charts that accompany most Twitter analytics tools, is more text based, with averages and statistics written out rather than visually represented. Like Twitonomy, it also lets you analyze the Twitter activity of any account, not just those you own, making it an ideal Twitter analytics tool for competitive intelligence.

Shane Barker (@shane_barker) - Digital Strategist and Social Media Consultant,

" is an exciting tool that will review a Twitter users profile and latest tweets and put them in “tag clouds” so you review and see which are most popular. This is extremely helpful when you are looking to grow your community and you want to find the influencers that might like your products or services. You can then engage and start a conversation know what that influencers like to talk about and when to engage them."

SocialRank - Find your Most Valuable Followers

SocialRank analytics tool

The SocialRank Twitter analytics tool provides analysis so you can find your most loyal fans, and understand them. You’ll receive a list of your best followers, most influential followers, and most engaged followers. This information means you can identify and track the best people to engage with on Twitter.

There are paid plans but the Basic freebie is pretty cool. You’ll be able to filter your followers and sort them. Connect multiple accounts, and view full follower profiles. Moving to the Premium plan gives you options to download your reports and share with your team. The Market Intelligence option provides follower data for competitors.

Note: SocialRank launched a comparable tool for Instagram

Anthony Ha (@anthonyha) - Author, TechCrunch

“Users can receive monthly reports on how their top 10 followers in each category have changed, as well as set up filters to distinguish between brands and individuals.”

"The combination of swag and influence measurement might remind you of Klout Perks, but again, SocialRank is less concerned with measuring general influence and more with finding the value in the people who already follow you.”

Bluenod - Visualize your Twitter Community & Find Influencers

Bluenod analytics tool

Bluenod is a Twitter Analytics tool that allows you to see your Twitter interactions on an interactive map so you can easily identify influencers and manage your Twitter community more effectively.

Enter a username or hashtag and you’ll see a global picture of any community related to the user or the people using the hashtag. Used by community managers and PR experts, Bluenod gives you the information to find and target the right people.

Bluenod has pretty stunning visuals and Twitter maps, which can be exported as a spreadsheet and shared across your business, your social networks, your website, and your communities.

Bluenod originally offered a free plan. Unfortunately, now you have to pay. It’s worth a look though; there’s a 14-day free trial. Give it a go!

Lilach Bullock (@lilachbullock) – Professional Speaker, Lead Conversion Expert, Social Media Specialist,

"Bluenod is primarily a tool for finding top influencers in your field. The tool allows you to visualize Twitter communities that highlight influencers, and their networks. It’s a great tool for building a bigger, stronger community."

“101 of the top #Twitter tools - @BlueNod is one of the top #SocialMedia influence apps via @lilachbullock”

Gain Understanding with Twitter Analytics Tools

Twitter is a valuable resource for all marketers and the data produced on Twitter can help you understand the impact that your Twitter activity is having. Using these Twitter analytics tools, you can ensure you’re never out of the loop.

If there are any Twitter analytics tools that you’ve found useful or if you have some tips for Twitter analytics, please let us know in the comments below.

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