Twitter becomes X - How will it impact social listening?

    In a surprise turn of events, Twitter has rebranded itself as X, marking a stride towards its future as a super app. Let's delve into the journey behind this transformation and its implications for social listening.


    SpaceX, xAI, - Elon Musk’s portfolio clearly displays a naming pattern, and Twitter has now joined the ranks, rebranding itself as X Social Media, its familiar bluebird logo replaced by a stylized black and white 'X'.

    How will X social media be different?

    For now, the change is limited to the name and logo - the platform remains the same.

    Musk's fascination with the concept of a 'super app' or ‘everything app’, which includes multiple functions on a single platform, suggests that X might only be the beginning. Tencent's WeChat, a combination of messaging, social media, and mobile payment, could serve as a model.

    X's new CEO, Linda Yaccarino, has hinted at this potential evolution in a recent tweet.

    Social listening in the X-era

    Despite any forthcoming changes, X will remain a crucial data source for social listening. The significance of the 'global town square', as Yaccarino describes it, remains intact. X, like Twitter, continues to be a platform where:

    • Consumers discuss their favorite products.
    • Customers voice complaints, which can quickly escalate into brand crises.
    • Influencers share trending ideas.
    • Brands foster authentic connections.

    Essentially, X will continue to be a critical data resource for social listening, just as Twitter was.

    Access to the Twitter / X Firehose

    As a Twitter Official Partner, Talkwalker has access to the full 'X Firehose,' allowing you to tap into all available X data for your social listening needs. This includes up to 5 years of historical data, with essential metrics such as engagement and replies.

    The power of X data

    X data reveals a wealth of consumer insights to fuel your brand strategy. X not only connects the world but spans a diverse demographic spectrum, enabling you to understand your audience, no matter who or where they are.

    Talkwalker's versatility allows for the analysis of videos and images from X to detect logos, scenes, and objects, offering real-time insights into consumer engagement with your products.

    By integrating your paid X data with your social data, you can juxtapose your ads with organic content, helping identify strategies to engage your audience effectively.

    X will remain a critical part of any social listening strategy.

    Are there any planned changes to X data?

    The only foreseeable changes currently relate to terminologies. The large-scale rebranding may lead to Twitter Official Partners becoming X Official Partners, or the Twitter Firehose morphing into the X Firehose. These remain to be seen.

    One question that has sparked considerable conversation is the future name for Tweets. Within just 24 hours, approximately 7K discussions centered on this question. The official suggestion seems to be 'an X,' but often consumers themselves influence these decisions. Xeet has already been suggested 7.5K times, though in a slightly sarcastic fashion.


    X Analytics

    As Twitter embarks on its new journey as X, Talkwalker will continue to be your companion, providing vital consumer insights from the platform. Learn more about how Talkwalker harnesses X data (alongside data from various other social media platforms, blogs, news channels, and more) by requesting a free demo below.

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