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Sink or Swim!
Social media strategy templates for an epic year

on 10/06/2021

Did you rock the first half of the year? No? Not sure? Don't give up hope yet. This eBook, with free social media strategy templates, will help adjust your marketing strategy, and drive traffic, results, and success for the rest of the this year, and beyond.

These templates will help you -

  • Make reporting easier with a simulated social report.
  • Discover the 9 biggest issues marketers face - and learn how to fix them.
  • Identify the metrics that you should monitor, with insights from industry experts.
  • Boost your content plan with our social media cheat sheet.

It’s the ultimate answer to skyrocket your social media strategy.

Get your templates!

What you'll get with our social media strategy templates

1. Improve your social media reporting

Reporting is one of the more challenging tasks a social media manager has to organize. With so much data available, what should you include in your report, and what can be missed out?

In our social media strategy templates, we’ve included a simulated report, to demonstrate how you can layout your reports, and what insights to include to demonstrate your marketing strategy success.

What to include in a report

Here are our top tips for creating a great report:

  1. Show insights, not data. Don’t just display what happened, but why it happened. Find the reasons behind those engagement spikes and campaign successes. Only once you know why, can you replicate those wins.
  2. Tie your results to figures that matter. Does your C-Suite care if one of your posts gained above benchmark engagement? Not really. But they will if you can tie that extra engagement to actual business goals. Your report isn’t just showing what you did, but how your content plan benefited your company.
  3. Add takeaways. Make sure you can summarize how you will follow-up your results. Were there successes you can replicate, or struggles that you need to tackle? Everyone knows mistakes can happen, but a great marketing team will acknowledge them and adjust their content strategy to fix them.

Social media strategy templates report example page

Just one page from our free sample report

2. How to fix your biggest social media issues

Once you've completed your report, you need to identify the issues that held you back from success, and fix them.

In this part of the templates, we look at the biggest issues brands have when it comes to their strategy.

  • Are you struggling to measure your influencer marketing efforts?
  • Are you publishing the types of content that don’t engage your audience?
  • Is your brand awareness as high as your competitors?

We cover these issues, and more, with action points on how to tackle them, and gain real results this year and beyond.

social media strategy templates sink or swim cover

3. The metrics that matter

Great. You’ve fixed your problems. Now you need to create a measurement strategy to demonstrate end of year success (and to make your next reporting easier).

In this section, we gathered analytics experts from around the world, to discuss the metrics you should be measuring to define your success.

We dig deeper into the data, to help you measure more mature data metrics, that tie directly to your bottom line. So you can demonstrate your social media presence drives real business results. And that means sales. One key element you should be monitoring are business impact metrics:-

Business impact metrics

These tie back to the data maturity model as discussed earlier. The metrics that mean results. Sales figures, profits, company value. Even share price. Never underestimate how much social media can impact your company share price.

In February 2018, Kylie Jenner tweeted that she no longer used Snapchat. The ensuing social conversation wiped $1.3 billion off Snap’s market value. To date, the company still hasn’t recovered.

Social listening can be used to manage the aftermath of a crisis, and help you recover from a PR crisis that could destroy a company. The journey from engagement metrics to business impact metrics isn’t that long. Cross-analyze all your metrics to see exactly how your social media strategy is converting to results.

That’s just an example of what we cover in the report. Download it now to see more.

4. Social cheat sheet

Finally, we’ve included a spreadsheet to help you calculate the best times to post, for your different social media platforms. When creating content on a global scale, it’s hard to calculate the best times to post to target audiences around the world.

This helpful spreadsheet will take the headache out of the calculations and save you time.

5. Download your social media strategy templates now

No matter how well you have performed in the first half of the year, there’s always room for improvement. But only if you act fast.

Don’t wait to see if things pick up. Download our eBook and templates now, to help you assess and improve your marketing plans. Make every year a great year!