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8 essential Talkwalker webinars marketers can’t miss

8 essential Talkwalker webinars marketers can’t miss

From pandemic audience trends to what makes the world’s most loved brands shine, hear tips from the experts in our best webinar sessions of 2020 (so far).

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It may only be six months in, but I’m making a prediction that 2020 will be the Year of the Webinar.

Global events have caused entire industries to shift gears and we’re living online more than ever. “Virtual events” have replaced in-person communing, and a lot of the experiential budgets that marketers set aside in January have been funneled into webinars and online conference investment by July.

For some, the increase of virtual events and webinars has presented the once rare opportunity to reach new audiences in real time.

Talkwalker is no stranger to hosting essential webinars for marketers and communications professionals, so we’ve tackled the pivot to virtual with tenacity. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of unmissable virtual roundtables, presentations, and fireside chats so far this year. From COVID-19 conversations to #SMWONE sessions, we’ve had a roster of industry rockstars partake in some of our most interesting and well-attended webinars to date in 2020.

And we’re not slowing down! After you take a peek at what we’ve covered, check out what else we have in store on Talkwalker's webinar page.

Turn Data Into Action

Are you simply collecting data on your social campaigns and influencer partnerships, or are you turning those findings into ways to boost your overall marketing program?

Back in the pre-pandemic days, Talkwalker CEO of the Americas, Todd Grossman, sat down with Geoffrey Sidari, SVP of Advanced Analytics at WE Communications, to discuss how brands can democratize data and set up their teams for success. This webinar breaks down how you can translate your insights into actionable measures that impact your business bottom line by asking questions, learning what drives purchasing decisions, and selecting the right analytics tools for your needs.

Talkwalker COVID-19 Conversations weekly webinars header

Talkwalker's weekly webinar on conversations around COVID-19 features trend reporting and industry insights.

COVID-19 Conversations

The coronavirus outbreak has been the biggest conversation driver this year, and the Talkwalker team has been using our powerful social listening and analytics tools to keep track of what people are saying. Starting in April we began hosting weekly webinars to break down what is driving digital chatter about the pandemic.

Led by Albane Flamant, Global Marketing Program Manager, and Cara Buscaglia, VP Solutions & Director of Research, each session covers hot topics and industry trends to show how COVID-19 has affected online conversations, current events, and business developments worldwide. Check out our first installment, and visit our webinar page to hear every session to date.

Talkwalker webinar with Neal Shaffer promo image

Neal Schaffer discussed how to use influencer marketing under any circumstance.

Develop Agile Influencer Marketing Campaigns

While some brands may think that 2020’s curveballs have put a wrench in their influencer programs (I’m looking at you, travel industry), there are still many ways that marketers can work with their partners successfully in uncertain, unconventional times. In this Talkwalker webinar, renowned social media marketing expert Neal Schaffer shares how to develop a successful influencer program that delivers even when unexpected circumstances seem to stand in your way. Learn how to create influencer campaigns that are agile, effective, and measurable, with tips for influencer marketing during COVID-19 and beyond.

HubSpot and Talkwalker Marketing Manager Playbook cover

Download the Marketing Manager Playbook from HubSpot and Talkwalker.

How to Use Data for Adaptive Marketing Strategy

Did you know that even though data-driven marketing strategies result in 8x more ROI, about 80% of customer data goes completely untouched? If you learn how to crack the customer code there’s a lot of business potential at your fingertips; by using metrics strategically, you can learn where your audience lives online and build creative, authentic campaigns that help your message resonate.

This spring, HubSpot and Talkwalker teamed up to create the ultimate Marketing Manager Playbook, with all the tips and tricks that brands need to create effective campaigns. In its accompanying webinar, take a deep dive into how data can be used to establish audience targets, personalize experiences, and create agile marketing plans.

Promo image Talkwalker and Boeing session at SMWONE 2020

Todd Grossman and Georgina Goode talked shop at the first annual #SMWONE.

#SMWONE session: Boeing on Social Media

Social Media Week went virtual this year, transforming from an in-person multi-state conference to a month-long online event dubbed #SMWONE. Talkwalker hosted a slew of live demos and discussions with some of the world’s top brands, including Boeing.

In this fireside chat, Todd Grossman discusses how the world’s largest aerospace company has adapted to changing times with its Vice President of Channel & Content Marketing, Georgina Goode. Listen to learn how the Boeing team keeps an iconic global brand relevant, relatable, and human in this unmissable session.

Promo image Talkwalker and Chris Penn audience trends webinar

Chris Penn shared findings from his report on social media network trends during COVID-19.

Chris Penn on Social Media Audience Trends During the Pandemic

It’s clear that COVID-19 will play a huge role in how social media marketers plan the remainder of 2020, but what changes have already taken place that will have a big impact on where they’re investing dollars?

In May, Christopher S. Penn (Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist at Trust Insights) shared highlights with Talkwalker from his report, “Social Media Audience Trends During the Pandemic”. This webinar explores the top social networks where people are spending time this year: YouTube, gaming networks, and niche home-based communities. Get actionable advice on how to reach consumers on the networks they frequent using social listening, targeted ads, influencers, and content that speaks to their interests.

Build Trust from the Inside Out

Traditionally, marketing and communications plans have focused on customers and investors. But today, employees can become vocal advocates—or critics—of the organizations they work for, and that can impact the opinions of external parties. Now more than ever, organizations must engage with all of their stakeholders in new ways to build trust in their brand from the inside out.

In this Talkwalker webinar, Todd Grossman is joined by Antoine Harary, President of Edelman Intelligence, to share insights on how consultancies are working with their clients to help them build trust with customers, investors, and employees alike. Listen to the on-demand session to learn about the latest trends, tools and tactics being used by brands to establish emotional resonance with their audience and build long-term strategies for both customer and employee retention.

Talkwalker Love Brand Week promo image

Love Brand Week was Talkwalker’s inaugural week-long webinar series around what makes brands lovable online.

Love Brand Week recap

Talkwalker’s latest report, Brand Love Story 2020, explores the marketing tactics behind some of the world’s most successful logos and how those efforts have helped them build devoted audiences and loyal advocates. We broke down the most-loved brands regionally and discussed how marketers can emulate them in a webinar series during our “Love Brand Week” this June.

Check out From Like to Love, the global webinar that kicked things off - you’ll hear from yours truly and Twitter’s Senior Manager of Developer and Enterprise Alliances, Greg Maxson, about how brands like LEGO, Four Seasons, and more earn love on social media and turn followers into fanatics.

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So, why are you still sitting there? With the valuable insights from these great webinars at your disposal, you can get moving to create the best marketing strategy for the second half of 2020. And don’t forget to tune back in to see what we’re cooking up next!

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