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Track Your Brand Health With Social Data

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Thursday, October 5: 10 AM PST -- 1 PM EST -- 7 PM CET

Social listening and brand health tracking have both been valuable enterprise marketing tools for years-- but many companies haven't fully embraced a marriage of the two. Traditional brand health tracking in the form of surveys and focus groups lend structure and allow for directed questions-- but, they also take time and require resources devoted to recruiting responses. Contrast that with social data, which is immediate and contains plenty of content, but can be hard to mine for insights.

Guest speakers Jessica Liu, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research and Devon Ott, Director of Marketing & Communications at Susan G Komen Greater New York City will answer the following key questions:

  • Why is social intelligence important? 
  • What challenges do marketers face when tracking brand health? 
  • How should marketers use social data to track brand health?

Running time: Approximately 45 minutes