IPL 2018: The biggest takeaways for digital marketers

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Wednesday, June 6: 11:00 am IST

This year’s IPL has been one of the most talked-about seasons of IPL so far. Social media has been abuzz with mentions of IPL and related topics - from Anushka Sharma to entertainment brands and sponsorships. But what’s the biggest takeaway for digital marketers?

Social listening during the IPL unveils a treasure-trove of information about different audiences and behavioral patterns. The problem though is organizing and structuring the data so as to generate actionable insights.

Our webinar is designed to show you how to make sense of and extract insights from a large mass of social data. We will use the IPL as an example and show you interesting insights around:

  • Comparison of IPL to the Commonwealth Games
  • Emotion mapping before, during, and after the IPL

  • Top brands associated with IPL

  • Facebook vs Twitter - The nature of discussions on each platform

Running time: Approximately 45 minutes

Our speakers: