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[Webinar] Hubspot and Talkwalker share tips for the data-driven marketing manager

Talkwalker and HubSpot share techniques and resources that can be found in our co-written Marketing Manager Playbook.

This webinar centers on how marketers can use data to inform both short- and long-term strategy across their funnel. Learn the metrics that can help marketers make actionable decisions and see examples from brands’ response to COVID-19 to see how real-time data impacted their messaging.

Some key learnings:

  • 80% of data is unused, but marketers who use data-driven strategies drive 8x more ROI for their organizations.
  • Metrics can be used to define everything -- from audience development, to content strategy, to ad placements, to launch timing, to post-campaign and customer success measurement
  • Using multiple data points to tell a story, and avoid “vanity” metrics that can be easily inflated to look more valuable than they are
  • Brands that are using data around consumer insights and conversational intelligence now during the COVID-19 outbreak are able to better craft authentic responses and will be in good standing with the public on the other side of the pandemic.