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[Webinar] Chris Penn on Social Media Audience Trends During the Pandemic

on 19/05/2020

Christopher S. Penn, Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist at Trust Insights shared highlights from this new report, “Social Media Audience Trends During the Pandemic”.

This webinar explores the top social networks where people are spending time during the pandemic: YouTube, gaming networks, and niche home-based communities. Learn actionable tips and advice on how to effectively reach consumers on the networks they frequent using social listening, targeted ads, influencers, and content that speaks to their interests.

What you'll learn:

  • Marketers have to retest everything and re-learn what works. Keep testing over the next weeks and months- behavior will keep changing. 
  • Niches hide riches. Chances are there’s a network your audience uses that you might not know about. 
  • The travel industry may be on pause but the consumer is not. Understand what you do as a brand and create an alternative right now
  • Utilize social listening to learn who is talking about the things that matter to your audience and partner with them.