What’s Been Going Down at Yeti HQ?

Before I joined the company – being a typically reserved English person –  I thought the platform looked okay, pretty cool. What’s not to love about a tool that can monitor conversations on social media, then find and analyze the data therein?

But now I get to play with it every single day, and... OMG!!! It goes way deeper than I thought, my opinion has gone from ‘pretty cool’, to – GOLLY GOSH!!!

Let's not forget the team – without whom there'd be no new features or products – whose level of enthusiasm was terrifying at first. How can people love their jobs so much? Now, I’m just as bad!

Yes, I work for the marketing department and I’m paid to say nice things about Talkwalker, but check out my bio – I don’t lie!

Too many exclamation marks? Meh!!

Just whilst I’ve been here, we launched a Facebook Insights integration, integrated Google Analytics, added scenery and object detection to our award-winning image recognition technology, opened offices in San Francisco and Frankfurt. When the product team mooted the idea of our Emoji Theme Cloud, the atmosphere was…

talkwalker statistics top emojis

This is in addition to the giant leaps we’ve made in expanding data coverage and improving performance.

Remember, I'm just highlighting what's happened since I started - seven months ago. Yep, all this in SEVEN months!!! (Oops!) 

Innovation Starts With Lightsaber Fights

All features and products are developed inhouse by our IT devs. They’re leading the field with regard to innovation, knowledge, ideas, geekiness, and passion. Believe me when I say that our IT team have a passion that knows no bounds and – according to rumour – develop in their dreams.

talkwalker team star wars

May Release Highlights

There’s been a real buzz around the Talkwalker office this month – and with good reason. We’ve got a slew of new product features on the way again!

We regularly release platform updates, with superlative product launches – 3-4 times per year. That’s when that office-buzz peaks, as we desperately try to get our hands on the beta logins, so we can play with the new features. To see if features that we suggested, have made the grade.

Here's a sneaky preview of our latest release highlights:

Smart Filters

The out-of-the-box intelligence behind our Smart Filters strides toward a greater categorizing of data. Filters that really are that smart, that they can even detect the emotion behind an online conversation.   

  • Issue filters – be on red alert to 120+ types of risks, threats, and negative elements. Identify previously unknown risks and sudden changes that could seriously damage your brand and business reputation.
  • Product filters – monitor your customers’ comments to identify insights about product perception and what it is they really want and need – including quality, service level, price, and packaging.
  • Emotion filters – understand what triggers customers’ behavior based on the emotions they express online.

Talkwalker for Hootsuite

A lot of our customers rely on social media management platforms and we want to ensure that they have the most efficient and effective tools to succeed. Hootsuite is one of those platforms and we’ve developed the best app on the market that provides our clients with the latest Hootsuite integration framework.

If you’re a customer, log in and have a play. Alternatively, you can sign up for a free demo and we’ll show you around.

Oh, and happy anniversary to me!

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