Google Analytics & Data Integration measuring Social Media ROI

You as a marketer recognize the important role social media plays. Engaging with your audience, increasing brand awareness, and driving traffic to your website. But, is determining social media ROI a pain point?

Pressure from on high is asking for figures, proof of the value of your social media campaigns. You need to demonstrate what’s working and what isn’t; to justify the cost and to show revenue earned.

Because the data sources of social media and web analytics are separate, it'll take several tools to measure accurately and collect all the data you need. Sure, it's tempting to rely on a single tool to measure social media ROI, but you'll only get a small portion of what you need. 

Talkwalker has launched a new feature so you can now find all the business impact metrics you need to measure your social media ROI accurately, and it's in one place. We’ve integrated Google Analytics into the Talkwalker platform. It’s going to keep you, your team, and your CEO happy.

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Do You Need Both Social Listening & Google Analytics to Find Social Media ROI?

Social mentions are unrecognized by Google Analytics. To attribute revenue to social media, social data integration is necessary. Using our new feature, you can track conversations to conversions, measure social media and web analytics.

Talkwalker’s social listening tool will find all mentions and interactions concerning your brand from all over the web. It’ll analyze your audience, track your campaigns, and monitor your competition.



Spike A represents a positive mention in a newsletter article. The spike after shows an increase in downloads from the website in question.


Google Analytics records your website traffic, conversion rates, bounce rates, sessions, and time spent on your site.

Talkwalker & Google Analytics Brings Deeper Insights into the User Journey

Our advanced marketing analytics feature collects multiple sets of data from social media and website analytics. This data provides insights into a potential customer's journey. Which channels are driving conversions? What were the touch points on the way to conversion?  With detailed analysis of each customer journey, you’ll have all you need to measure your social media ROI.   

  • Traffic Sources Analysis: attribute and compare where your traffic is coming from. Traffic including organic, paid, direct, referral, and social. Then develop goals and determine focal points.

  • Blog Performance Analysis: optimize corporate blogs and the intersection between blogging and social media campaigns.

  • Landing Page Comparison: compare the pages of your website by referring traffic, category, entrance segments, bounce rates, keyword analysis, and engagement.

  • Page vs Organic vs Social Traffic: understand the most important sources of your traffic and their differences.


RBS Mentions vs Pageviews - pageviews increased after the release of a big story covering mortgage fines.


Real-time optimization becomes a reality and you’ll have actionable business impact measurements to prove your social media ROI. Why not take a closer look, sign up for a free demo below!

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