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[Infographic] The Emoji History of Trump's First 100 Days

[Infographic] The Emoji History of Trump's First 100 Days

Using Talkwalker's new Emoji Theme Cloud, we've taken a look at Trump's first 100 days in office and created an infographic to show how people reacted throughout his first few months. 

When it comes to elections and voting, the world is no stranger to strange things anymore. Brexit, the new US president and, most recently, the French elections have all been met with astounding levels of discussion online.

Using the Talkwalker social media analytics tool, the search term “Trump” generated a staggering 67 million results in the last 30 days, and in a normal week, @realDonaldTrump racks up more than three million mentions on Twitter.

So Trump has an undeniably gigantic influence, and his tweets are a much more immediate way of communicating than whatever structures were in place before he took the stage.

After nearly 100 days in office, it’s time to draw up an interim balance - the emoji way.

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100 Days of Trump in Emojis

The top emojis for Trump’s first 100 days are the US flag, perhaps due to his highly engaged fan base on Twitter. Spot two and three are taken by Tears of Joy and Thinking Face.

On day 25, Michael Flynn resigned, leaving behind a trail of high voltage emoji, the Russian flag, and Clown Face, but also American flags and Heart Emojis. We looked at data between 13th and 14th February.

Late in the evening on day 44 of his presidency, Donald Trump fired out a tweet that was widely discussed in the days and weeks that followed. Again the US flag pops up as the most widely used emoji.

When Donald Trump met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the reactions to their non-handshake included mostly the Flushed Face emoji - an embarrassed face for a cringeworthy situation.

Day 64 saw a defeat for congressional Republicans and Donald Trump, when their proposal to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act was pulled by the Speaker at the last minute.

Day 82 came with some trouble for Sean Spicer. Reactions ranged from thinking to eye-rolling to amused, and emoji results for Sean Spicer went up by 9500% immediately after his briefing.

Chelsea Clinton's tweet about Trump's chocolate cake story was the second most engaging one for this topic.

The Emoji History of Trump's First 100 Days - Full Infographic