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Below you’ll find a round-up of the best marketing campaigns of the year so far, as well as some tips on how you can make a campaign that’ll catch some major attention in the next 6 months.

I used Talkwalker’s leading Consumer Intelligence Acceleration Platform to identify top-performing marketing campaigns in 5 key industries:

22 best marketing campaigns

Check out the list below for killer campaign examples from major brands around the world. I’ll point out what worked and how you can replicate their success in your own ads.

Without further ado, here are 22 of 2022’s best marketing campaigns:

1. Barclays Moneyverse Matchmaking


Rather than creating a video ad to sponsor a TV show, Barclays Bank UK produced a whole mini-dating show. The show, called “Moneyverse Matchmaking”, pairs couples who are compatible in every way but one – their financial philosophies. The show sets out to discover if a romantically compatible couple can find love through quiz questions, despite their financial incompatibility. The tagline is all about making money work for you.


Whether it’s satisfying a harmless hint of voyeurism or a natural craving for drama doesn’t matter. The point is, people love reality TV. This campaign plays off the entertainment value of blind dates on film while remaining on the topic of finance

Barclays provides a link to resources for couples navigating difficult financial conversations, adding the dimension of educational value to the content.

If you want to replicate its success, find an entertaining reality TV concept and inject it with educational, actionable tips for your audience.

2. Cash by Cash App

Cash App dropped a trendy clothing line in hopes of appealing to its Gen Z audience. Considering the success Influencers find through merch, it was bound to work – especially with Megan Thee Stallion on its side.

The clothing was designed specifically for the Gen Z consumer, which means a line filled with sweatshirts, pants, t-shirts, matching sets, and themed collections like the “Hot Girl Enterprise Collection” and the “Cosmic Collection”. You can shop for its latest “Future Nature” collection on the dedicated website: Cash by Cash App. Custom-designed, limited edition pieces = a one-way ticket to Gen Zer’s heart.

Sentiment Analysis for the campaign Cash by Cash App

Results show a whopping 112.1M reach with 90.9% positive sentiment.


Cash App thought outside the box here. It branched out by creating a wearable brand awareness campaign. If there is a product concept relevant to your audience, consider creating a subtly branded version.

3. BitBuy: Kyle Lowry “Again and Again”


You guessed it – another campaign using the power of FOMO to its advantage. In this video, BitBuy pokes fun at Kyle Lowry for missing shots throughout his NBA career as a warning to any potential investors who might be one step away from missing out on the crypto game, again. The ad is very meta (not in the Facebook way, in the theater way). The ad itself is a video representation of the brainstorming process for the next BitBuy ad.

Celebrities linked with the BitBuy campaign

Brands partnering with a celebrity for their #BigGameAd win big.



The power of FOMO is real. If your customers could miss out on something big by not grabbing your product right away, create a video showing them what they could miss out on. And if you have the budget to make fun of an NBA star/ brand ambassador, that wouldn’t hurt either.

4. E*TRADE: Off The Grid


Get ready to be mind blown. There are not one, but two adult babies in this ad campaign. The first baby is a crypto expert, coming out of early retirement to help people who have money sitting around doing nothing. Whether the adult baby is hinting at the fact that crypto could help viewers retire early or it's just something bizarre to catch the viewers’ attention, who knows. The baby and his associates poke fun at people for taking financial advice from memes, they hop on a plane piloted by another adult baby, and that’s that. E*TRADE welcomes the viewer to a new chapter in investing.


Use humor when you can. If you want to be like E*TRADE, try making fun of your viewers for doing something the old way when you have an easier alternative. And if your target audience likes weird, be weird.

E*TRADE Super Bowl Campaign emoji cloud

The campaign’s major themes, in emojis. Emojis are essential to comedic campaigns.

This ad seems random and funny, but there are some hidden themes for those that pay attention. The man-babies could represent people who retire early after investing in crypto and the “off the grid” setting could point to the difficult-to-trace nature of crypto-currency.

5. eToro: Flying Your Way


eToro’s big game ad features a crypto-newbie asking for help. eToro users then “fly him to the moon” by offering advice, ideas, and support.


This short and sweet ad presents eToro’s community as a place where those interested in crypto with no idea how or where to start can get the help and community they need to succeed. Try out this technique by creating an ad showing a customer’s problem statement being answered and solved by your product.

6. Corona: #PayWithPlastic

Corona gave customers the opportunity to purchase beers almost for free through their “Pay with Plastic'' cause-driven campaign. The campaign partnered with Parley for the Oceans to place recycling machines in Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Spain, and Colombia. Customers got a beer simply for depositing plastic bottles. Additionally, the partners committed to cleaning one square meter of a local beach for each purchase made. They also urged customers to sign up for beach cleanup opportunities throughout the summer months.

“This summer we will take Corona X Parley to their beaches and offer them a variety of ways to be part of a global movement. Everything from attending a cleaning to buying the product itself. Everything helps protect paradise.” – Evan Ellman, Corona Brand Director

“By dedicating its summer campaign to the cause, we are hitting the epicenter of this epic battle [against the plastic bottle]: the consumer mentality. Now, everyone can join the resistance, financing Parley with every purchase.” – Cyrill Gutsch, founder and CEO of Parley for the Oceans 

Corona #PayWithPlastic campaign best tweets

Corona #PayWithPlastic campaign influencer list

In true cause-driven fashion, media outlets and thought leaders alike shared the campaign.


Cause-driven marketing is huge in 2022, especially considering we’ve had one of the hottest summers in history. People who buy beer are going to buy beer. Make them feel like they’re doing a bit of good by choosing your product over the competitions, and back up your campaign with some positive action of your own (like donating to the sustainability cause, for example).

7. Hellmann’s: Mayo Tackles Food Waste


Whoever shopped their brain for this Super Bowl ad idea – a campaign launched in support of Hellmann’s Food Relief Fund, which prevented more than 1 million pounds of food waste – definitely had a buy one get one free coupon.

Not only do we get to see potential food wasters tackled to the ground by former linebacker, and current coach, Jerod Mayo – we also get to see him tackle the “hittable” face of Pete Davidson. If you’re keeping up with the Kardashians these days, you know exactly why most Super Bowl fans were probably happy to see him tackled to the ground. I mean, maybe Mayo freed up a space for Kim to find a new love interest?

In addition to the Super Bowl ad, a secret message was hidden behind the asparagus in Instagram photos and on NYC billboards. It read, “Congrats for seeing more in the fridge. DM ‘Seeing more’ to @hellmannsmayonnaise on Instagram for a chance to win $1,600.”

Not a single DM was sent, giving Hellmann’s the golden opportunity to post “Waste happens when you don’t see the value of what’s in your fridge. But with a little Hellmann’s there’s always a way to make taste, not waste.”

Hellmann's Super Bowl Campaign Sentiment Analysis

Looking for a big-time driver of positive sentiment? Try sustainability commitments.


The first ad used comedy as well as the oddity of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s relationship to spread awareness about the issue of food waste.

If you want to replicate this ad’s success, consider including an element that appeals to each of your target generations. Viewers too young or too old to know who Pete Davidson is still giggle at Mayo tackling anyone who tries to waste food.

The second furthered that awareness by way of FOMO. It’s honestly genius. Your best bet at recreating this is to hide an interactive Easter egg of your own in your next advertising campaign. Give viewers the chance to win a prize if they act in support of your cause.

8. Kia: Robo Dog


Kia promoted its new all-electric EV6 with a video ad featuring Robo Dog, an electronic pup in search of a forever home (and a charging port). The pup races through the city in pursuit of an EV user. Right as Robo Dog catches up to the driver, his battery dies. The dog wakes up, fully charged, and rides away with the EV driver. The slogan: Live fully charged.


This lighthearted ad takes an old concept (puppies seeking a forever home) and gives it a new twist. It mirrors the new electric spin on a regular old car, which is a great way to tie in the product. People fell in love with Robo Dog, and the pup has since been turned into an NFT.

Kia: Robo Dog campaign emoji cloud

When people want to express their emotions, they go for emojis. Here’s a roundup of this campaign’s major themes, in emoji form.

9. Toyota: The McKeever Brothers


In their Super Bowl ad, Toyota tells the story of how brothers Brian and Robin McKeever worked together to chase their gold medal dream of cross-country skiing in the Paralympics. The ad spreads awareness of degenerative retinal disorders, tugging at heartstrings in the process.

Canadian Paralympian and Global Team Toyota Athlete Brain McKeever needed a guide to continue competing after being diagnosed with Stargardt Macular Degeneration disease at 19 years old. He says there were only four or five people who could have gotten the job and been an effective guide for him, one being his brother, Robin.

Toyota McKeever Brothers Image recognition

Use Talkwalker’s visual recognition feature to identify visual sentiment relating to your brand.



The brand awareness ad is a tale of passion, perseverance, and brotherly love. Recreate its success by implementing stories that spark emotional investment from your audience.

Who’s surprised this inspiring, heartwarming story about two brothers who persevered and accomplished their dreams got so many positive results? *crickets*

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10. Toyota Tundra: #KeepingUpWithTheJoneses


This ad plays off the old “keeping up with the Joneses'' trope by pitting multiple Tundra drivers who happen to be actors with the last name Jones (Tommy, Leslie, and Rashida Jones) together in a race, roping Gen Z into the conversation by introducing a Jonas as the last “Jones”. Apparently, “it’s keeping up with the Jonases now”.

Toyota #Keepingupwiththejoneses Nick Jonas tweet

A celebrity social media presence = big-time reach.


The video manages to be lighthearted and funny while showing off the Tundra’s drive power and playing into friendly generational competition. It does a great job of tying together actors from different generations, showing that we all have something in common – we love to compare and compete.

11. Chevy: Sopranos


This Chevy ad run by Sopranos creator David Chase tapped into our collective love of conspiracy theories. All they had to do to hook the audience’s attention was play the “Sopranos” theme song. The ad started with Jamie-Lynn Sigler (the actor who played Meadow Soprano on the show), driving an electric Chevy Silverado through lower Manhattan and Jersey. She pulls up to the restaurant where the character’s dad supposedly died and then hugs her on-screen brother, triggering another onslaught of fans questioning the show’s ending.

Chevrolet Super Bowl Campaign: Sopranos

This campaign enmeshed the Chevrolet brand with the Sopranos and its actors, resulting in increased exposure for all.


You might not be able to get David Chase in on your next campaign, but you can recreate this ad's success by tapping into a curiosity already established within your target demographic.

12. Vrbo “A Place For Together”

To the tune of Kermit the Frog’s interesting singing voice, this ad shows how Vrbo houses bring families together through the good, the bad, and the ugly.




It was a simple one, especially considering its money spot in the Super Bowl lineup. Still, it got the point across. Vrbo is a place for families of all kinds to come together. Kermit singing “Right Where I Belong” likely appealed to the generation of customers with pockets deep enough to actually book, so its targeting was on point there.

If you want to create an ad like this, stick to your core principle and show customers enjoying your product or service in a visually appealing way.

13. Mālama Hawaii Hawai’i Is Our Home


Book a trip to Hawaii and you might face some controversy, especially considering 2022’s water contamination incident. This Mālama Hawaii ad shows travelers the beauty of Hawaii, enticing them to visit while educating them on ways to respect the land, the wildlife, and the culture. It’s a way to promote tourism while protecting everything that makes Hawaii unique.

Mālama Hawaii Hawai’i Is Our Home Emoji Cloud

Consumers use emojis to convey sentiment and interest in a product.


If people question how to go about becoming your customers for any reason, address that skepticism in an ad. If there is any controversy surrounding your product, create an ad that addresses the concerns and educates customers on how to use your product the right way.

14. Turkish Airlines: Pangea


Featuring Morgan Freeman, the Pangea campaign is one that will send shivers down your spine. It talks about how millions of years ago, the continents we’re familiar with today were just one land mass we now call Pangea. Morgan Freeman says that the pieces of Pangea we now know of as continents are still connected by a force. That message, paired with visuals of the continents reconnecting alongside people reconnecting with loved ones, is a powerful testament to the value of traveling with Turkish Airlines.

Turkish airlines social results world map

This campaign united people from many different continents in one conversation, using the internet as the new Pangea.


This ad, like many others on the list, hits at the root of why people use the service. People pay high prices and face the terror of soaring through the sky amidst high levels of radiation for a very good reason – they prioritize connecting with others no matter the distance.

Create a powerful ad like this one by finding and sharing the root of why your customers use your product.

15. Discover Puerto Rico: Pass the Pig Skin


Pass the pig skin, pun intended. This ad played in the days leading up to the Super Bowl, and the creative team most definitely did take that timing into consideration. The video discusses a place where everyone passing the pig skin is a winner, building up to a big game the viewer assumes will be American football.

The video then does a 180 and reveals the pig skin in question is actual pig skin before chatting about the amazing culture and food one will find when visiting Puerto Rico.


If this ad had a motto, it’d be to never let them know your next move. Recreate the surprise by playing off current events and leading the viewer to think your ad is referencing something they’re already interested in. Once they’re hooked, steer the convo toward what you’re actually advertising.

16. Expedia: Stuff


This advert is about trading in materialistic goods for experiencing all the world has to offer. While many pandemic-related travel restrictions were lifted pre-2022, the world is still feeling the weight of the last few years. Over 6 million people have died from COVID-19 to date. If we learned one thing from the pandemic, it's that life is short and never to be taken for granted.

Knowing that most people are still feeling the aftershocks, Expedia created an ad showing its audience how to savor all that life has to offer. At the end of life, we won’t regret the things we didn’t buy – we will regret the places we didn’t go and the things we didn’t do.

Expedia Super Bowl campaign Star Wars social results

Star Wars fans expected the trailer for Obi-Wan Kenobi miniseries when they saw Ewan McGregor pop up onscreen. Instead, they got an Expedia commercial. Turns out, Expedia’s campaign got more comments from Star Wars fans than travel enthusiasts.


Watch the ad and you might just find yourself booking that trip you’ve been putting off for years. Learn from this ad by tapping into the deeper reason why your customers should use your product. For a vehicle, that might be safety. For technology, it could be connecting with loved ones.

17. Dove: #ReverseSelfie #NoDigitalDistortion


Every time we log onto TikTok or Instagram, there’s another filter perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards. Young people on the internet think that if they don’t look like their favorite AI filter, something is wrong with them. The image we portray online is so detached from reality in 2022, and Dove is doing something about it with its #ReverseSelfie campaign.

The video shows a girl getting ready to take and post a selfie, but in reverse. You see the finished image – a conventionally beautiful, heavily edited photo. Then you see the filter fall off. You see the editing of her facial features in reverse, revealing the actual shape of her chin, eyes, mouth, etc. You see the AI makeup fall off. Step after step falls away until you see a strikingly young, somber-looking girl.

Dove ends with a message about how the pressure of social media is hurting the self-esteem of our younger generation. It gives parents a resource showing how to have “the selfie talk” to redefine beauty and help kids navigate social media.

Dove Selfie Campaign Theme cloud

Dove took on unrealistic beauty standards in this uplifting campaign.


If there is a social issue in your industry, make a statement about it. This campaign doesn’t directly involve the use of Dove products, but it tackles a big issue in the beauty industry right now — one that most of its target audience struggles with.

18. Inkbox: #BigInkEnergy


Semi-permanent tattoo company taps into Gen Z culture with this ad that capitalizes on self-expression. The vibes are immaculate in this one. Set to a catchy anthem by Remi Wolf, the video shows a bored store clerk come alive with self-expression, fueled by her newest semi-permanent tattoos.


Fun, catchy music is always a hit. Embody the vibe you’re shooting for in a song, and all you have to do is create a fun music video to seal the deal. Implement artistic elements to help the video better represent the theme.

Wrapping up

Now that you’ve been inspired by successful campaigns across a range of industries, it’s time to start planning your own. You can make the rest of 2022 count by following these five steps:

Ready to get started? Click here to find out how Talkwalker’s consumer intelligence can help you create an ad campaign that could win a spot on this list next time around.

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